A Vision of Health and Wellness

(The one thing that this photo does not capture well is that in the top left photo, there is a phrase that says: “festival of color”.)

Thank you for joining me as I explore the “Wishcasting Wednesday” question:

What do you wish for your health and wellness?

I wish for my health and wellness: simplicity and wholeness.  I wish to be well-defined and centered in structure and awareness.

As the creator of this moment, I use many different tools to affirm to me my heart truth.  One tool I use is a vision book.  This particular vision book is fluid and mirrors how I create in life. I add photos and concepts a few times a week. I often change the page and allow what is on the page to guide my intent for the day (rather than allow my intent to guide the page that I choose). This page (as are the others) is “incomplete” as far as physical space is concerned.  As I create from my truth, my being evolves; as my being evolves, my vision evolves.  The blank space on this page mirrors the “blank space” in my life–I am open to keeping the page simple and clean, as I am open to adding in that which resonates strongly within.

In general, optimal health for me is to invest my energy into all that which is life enriching and spirit enlivening.  At this stage of creating–after a lifetime of movement–I am exploring the idea of stillness.  Of focus within stillness and of the idea of commitment to that which my focus is on.

As I bring this awareness to my physical self, I think of one of my friends who is well-defined: amazingly sleek and toned, minimal excess on the body yet so physically strong and able.  I want that so I am creating that. I have the strength and ability, now I am embracing no excess, toned, minimal–not just for my physical self, but for my entire space.  The mind/body connection is huge for me–so as I gently stretch my body through yoga moves and long beach walks and weight lifting exercises, extraneous layers slough off naturally; I gently stretch into as I simultaneously release layers from all areas of my life.

Through this, came the idea of pushing my limit (edge).  Very new for me because I believe in unfolding, and pushing seemed contradictory at first.  As I explore this, I understand that I may still allow for unfolding as I push past the self-limiting boundaries (my edge) I have around my ability to be fully present and aware (again releasing excess to be still in this moment).  I want to release “all that I know” to experience the state of being.

I believe that life is not meant to be a struggle, so pushing my limit to me is adding color and texture and depth to that which already exists–creative expressions of my heart whispers.  Eliminating the excess in all that I invest energy to–embracing simplicity in new ways. As I explore, it is in no way harmful or punitive to my self, but in fun-loving ways that are new to me such as: a beach walk in the pouring rain (exhilarating adventure!), eating only foods that are live and raw (interesting adventure!), connecting with only like-valued people (not like-minded, because I don’t want cookie cutter, like-valued so I can explore and learn from our differences), or sending out a silent namaste to everything in my sight (expands my world–once I recognize the divinity in everything, everything becomes sacred and my entire way of life shifts!).  As in the photo, I’ve even added some ‘pink’ into my life–a softening of my edges, so that the light I shine is bright but not in a harsh irritating or ‘notice me’ kind of way; magnifies and illuminates the ‘shine’ of others in a comfortable, pleasing way.

All currently in my life reflects this toning and softening; unfolding and pushing.  Mainstream would label this a dichotomy; in general, the belief is a “dichotomy” makes something untrue.  In this case, one might think that I am a person who tones (pushes) or a person who softens (unfolds), but both cannot exist as one.  May I ask us to reconsider this concept please.  We tend to resist that which feels untrue or which we do not “understand”; in doing so, we resist a piece of our self–we create struggle. May I ask us to consider that we do not need to understand our self fully to know our self fully.  When we decide to release labels and simply just be our self, we find inner peace; and that to me is optimal health–and what I wish for us all.

Thank you for sharing with me today; it is a pleasure to honor my truth, and to share it with you here.

And, of course I wonder: what do you wish for your health and wellness?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.




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Comments on: "A Vision of Health and Wellness" (26)

  1. Joy,
    This is timely. I went back to my strength training class today after a three month hiatus! We often forget we are only a choice away from what we really want!

  2. What a wonderful blog! As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you!

  3. Joy, I am so happy that you are again on a physical routine of weight lifting, yoga, beach walks, and whatever else you may choose to invest both your energies into (mind and body).

    On your beach walks be sure to keep an eye out at sea. I watched a grey whale for about an hour last week, and yesterday evening I saw one spouting, but after a long set of waves came in blocking my view the whale was gone.

    As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you!

    • Rand, From the beach, I have the pleasure of watching dolphins jump and play..so graceful and lights up my heart each time.
      Thank you for affirming my wish:)

  4. Megan Bord said:

    Joy, I appreciate the reminders to drop our labels. Thank you. It’s all too easy to think as you pointed out that dichotomy means not possible.

    For my health & wellness, my one wish is that I (quickly) learn to appreciate that I have – and have had – them since the day I was born. I’d like to celebrate the fact that I am healthy and well, rather than looking for things to improve about myself. Celebrate the “is!”

    Lots of love to you, sleek & toned one!

    • Thank you, Megan…when I release labels, I find I am releasing “expectations” based upon those labels, as well as self-limited beliefs associated with those labels..which means that I am investing in empowerment and flow. Cultivating strength, as Tess reflected.

      “Celebrate the is”…is a resounding yes! to allowing gratitude to magnify the abundance of what is!

      A huge energetic hug to you:)

  5. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy. What an inspiring post!
    I wish for more balance, ease and flow. I have always worked out a lot, but am letting go of the compulsive aspect of having to accomplish a certain thing each day. I would like to find new ways to enjoy moving rather than having an agenda for each workout period. I want to find things that work to keep me healthy as I age, things that won’t be harmful. I notice that, as I become less compulsive, I do lose the excess, even without trying.

    I know that you will receive and create all that you want—that is who you are! :D

    • What a beautiful affirmation…you have said you are “releasing you agenda”..I *love it! Thank you for the reminder. As I shared with Megan, when I release labels, I release expectations (my agenda if you will) which allows for flow and empowerment. Synchronicity in flow!

      And I love this: “things that won’t be harmful”–as I explore the idea of “pushing within unfolding” I am receiving many messages (and yours is one) that this does not need to be painful to me or to my body, but a sense of tapping into flow more readily, a release of something rather than a slamming through something…thank you for allowing me to explore through your words.

      Thank you for affirming my wish:)

  6. As you wish for yourself, I wish also for you.

  7. “I believe that life is not meant to be a struggle, so pushing my limit to me is adding color and texture and depth to that which already exists–creative expressions of my heart whispers.”
    — WOW. Now I’m speechless. Really. This resonates so much. So so much. It’s like you have said everything in 1 sentence… why should we walk in the rain, eat raw foods, connect with people. Oh my.. I think I will print this blogpost out and keep in in my journal as a reminder why I should keep my raw diet too! So inspiring, thank you.

    Besides that, for wishcasting,
    As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you.

    • Lindsay, I love your enthusiasm and spark…thank you for reflecting that to me! As I walked outside last night, I took a photo of the palm trees with the moon in the background..and I realized that all of my photos are the same color. Lots of blues and blacks and sunsets/sunrises…I need more color in my life…And your comment reminds me of that. New and different colors..and the courage to mix my own colors…in all areas of my life.

      I love when we inspire each other..such a beautiful process to experience:)

      Thank you for affirming my wish:)

  8. “I want that so I am creating that,” yes! As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also.

    • Hi Jill, I am so used to creating for and sharing with others that for me to declare for me is pretty big…thank you for reflecting that.

      And, thank you for affirming my wish.

  9. A very thought provoking post. I enjoyed it.
    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  10. I am creating my life also. It just seems so hard sometimes. I have signed up for message from the Universe. Thanks for signing my wishing blog. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

    • Your creations inspire many, Lucy, because you share so transparently. Thank you for that. And, thank you for affirming my wish:) May the notes from the Universe guide you to create many magical, colorful, delightful moments:)

  11. It´s interesting teh way you create boards in phases instead of all in one go.
    As Joy wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

    • Yes, Paula, I create my boards as I do with life…not one static page, but in a fluid movement throughout many pages, always leaving space..as I practice unfolding. It is a different technique, but one that honors my peace filled foundation and ever evolving creative expression:)

      And, thank you for affirming my wish:)

  12. It’s wonderful to seek that balance, Joy. It’s what I strive for every day – having a real connection between mind, body, spirit and celebrating living a life as presently as I am able.

    • Thank you, Talon…I love to live in alignment, tapped into flow..pretty incredible! What a beautiful affirmation: “a real connection between mind, body, spirit, and celebrating living a life as presently as I am able”…magical indeed:)

  13. Dear Joy

    These are outstanding messages and I second what stood out for Lindsey above:
    “I believe that life is not meant to be a struggle..” oh how this too rings so true for me!

    Life is as beautiful and easy, and wholesome and enriching, and peaceful and magical, as we make it!

    Loving your journey and your inspiration! And I also second that for me, optimal health is only putting into my body, onto my body and surrounding myself with foods, things and people that are pure, enriching, invigorating and do not take away from my health and happiness, but add to it and nurture my state of health and wellness on a mind, body and spirit level.

    • Evita,
      My friend you model for me optimal health in all realms…thank you for all that you reflect:)

      This is a beautiful affirmation: “Life is as beautiful and easy, and wholesome and enriching, and peaceful and magical, as we make it!”

      A huge energetic hug to you:)

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