I Believe in Magic: Complimentary Long-Distance Energy Movement

I am thrilled to share energetic space today because I often speak of “heart whispers becoming reality” and this is one of mine.

Thank you for your participation in this special moment; I very much appreciate your presence!

Beginning this Thursday, February 2, 2012 I will be offering a weekly session of a thirty minute complimentary long-distance energy movement.  These sessions will be held once a week, every Thursday from  6:00-6:30 am (PST).  All of the information you need to sign up is found here Energy Sessions.

To give you an idea of the feeling of being “wrapped in” love and light, I am sharing with you this essay originally published on my previous site.

A Walk on the Beach



Thank you for joining me here, on my comfort beach..the stretch of beach I walk when I want to praise, pray, meditate, allow my heart whispers freedom to roam…The stretch of beach I lay it all down..and allow Mother Nature to fold me into her arms and Love on me..The stretch of beach I allow God to guide each step and show me all that I shall See..

I am very glad to see you here.  Thank *you* for joining me..May we walk a bit together?

First, though, it would please me greatly if you could remove your shoes and walk barefoot with me.  I’d like you to feel the sand between your toes, the chill of the water as we walk at water’s edge…May you allow Earth to relax you so that we may enjoy this time together..

The sunshine is brilliant, playing off the water as the waves wash to shore….Mmm the sunshine warms my skin, so I turn my face up to it..Let the sunshine into my heart..May you allow the sunshine to warm your skin, to shine through into your heart?

May I look at your face..so radiant, so lovely as you bask in the sunshine..A gentle breeze blows your hair, tickles your face..a hug from Mother Nature..Thank you for reflecting radiant and lovely to me..

May I hold your hand as we walk?  I love the feel of your skin, the surge of energy as we connect..Thank you for allowing me to hold your hand..thank you for walking this stretch of beach with me..one of my favorite places with one of my favorite people…What a glorious walk–my heart is so very happy!

You are one of my favorite people you know.  That is why you are here.  To revel in this glorious day with me..Being to Being.  We connect on a soul level, beyond our physical shell, beyond our barriers and shields, beyond this realm of all that we See..It makes my heart happy to see you here..I do See you..Exactly as you are..Precious One that you are.  I See straight through into your inner core..your essence..and I Love You.

I Love You for all that is in your inner core..not what you present to me, not what you manipulate external to be, not what you show to the world. I Love You for all that is You.  You think that is impossible, but is very possible, because *I Love You* in such a Way…

Thank you for allowing me to See you.  Thank you for allowing me to experience you as you are.  Thank you for allowing me to Love you. It is my pleasure…

Oh my heart is so happy..thank you!

May I show you my hills..the hills that I enjoy hiking through..

The sight of these hills brightens my smile.  So much joy in these hills..Some of my most precious lifetime moments have been experienced in these hills.  Some of my fears have been aired, some of my tears have been shed..just as on this very beach, in these very ocean waters..so much joy in this area..I feel so safe and loved here.  Thank you for walking with me..Thank you for holding my hand..So much strength in your hand.  So much love in this connection..

May we stop a moment?  I’d like to look into your eyes.  Such beauty filled eyes as you take in the ocean, the beach, the blue of the sky, the majesty of the hills..I love your eyes and all that they See..Thank you for allowing me to Look into your eyes..Thank you for reflecting such beauty to me..

You are so absolutely precious.  Can you feel your preciousness?  In the warmth of the sun, the chill of the ocean water, the majesty of the hills, the beauty of the beach and all that we see.  Absolutely precious.

Oh my Love.  A Tear.  Let me gently wipe away your tear.  What happened?

It has been such a long time since you’ve felt precious..beauty filled…strong..awe-some..

Please release those tears, for you are all of that and More.  As your tears flow, let the space in your heart fill with sunshine, beauty, love, peace, joy, delight, wonder..hope..dreams..let your heart whispers reach to the sun as you raise your face and let the sun dry your tears..Mmm…let the ocean waters show you the expanse of grace, compassion, care…and let the hills show you power, beauty, glory…

May I hug you?  I Love you and I want you to Feel it.  Stand at water’s edge with me..let the water lap your legs, close your eyes, feel my arms wrap around you..as the sun warms us..together..

There isn’t anything you may do to earn this love, there isn’t anything you may do to lose this love.

And I wrap my arms around you and hold you oh so close, so you may feel the love pouring from my heart as Mother Nature allows you to experience Her..

And we slowly step apart, thankful for the moments we have shared here on this beach..ready to take the next step of our individual ventures..

May you take the Love you’ve felt here home with you?  May you allow this peace to envelop your Being and rest securely in your heart where you may access it at anytime?  May you allow the smile in your heart to touch your face?  To put a twinkle in your eye.  Man, I love that smile..my *reward* for Loving you so..Lights my own heart, my world, the Universe..Your Smile does that to me..

Thank you for your smile..

Thank you for trusting me enough to walk with me..

All is well..you are precious, you are safe, you are Loved..

You have just been wrapped in Love and Light..

May you use that energy to create something fresh and new.

If you would like to join me for this Thursday’s complimentary long distance energy movement session, please click here. Let’s share some magic!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. jean sampson said:

    Oh, Joy, you knew just when there would be some tears! What a beautiful way to start this day! Thank you for that lovely walk on the beach with you today, Energetically, we did walk together and that is so wonderful that we can do that!

    I have done the calculations about the time difference between Virginia and California, and, unfortunately, at the time you are offering this wonderful treat , I have to be at the Art Center to lead a life drawing group, part of my outreach to the community which I do twice a week..I am so blessed to be able to do this (I get to draw for free and sometimes I even get to model when the model doesn’t show up), but it does sometimes interfere with other valuable things I’d like to do!

    I am trusting that, when the time is right, we will get to work/play together in some wonderful, love-filled way!

    Thank you, Joy, for the walk and for the generous offer of your time and love! I know that whoever is able to join you will be tremendously enriched.

    Big Hugs to YOU!

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