Would You Consider This a Waste of a Day?

What if I spend this entire day present to the sunshine.

Choosing to open my heart fully to the moment as it is presented to me.

Opening my eyes to See all that is around me.  Honoring silence so that I may Hear.

Honoring flow with big, deep, full breaths.  Breathing in love.  Peace. Joy.  Breathing out gratitude.

What if, for this one day, instead of moving my physical self in a rigorous manner, I choose to honor my body by stretching gently to the sunshine.    I gently stretch in all ways, knowing that the mind/body connection is viable for me and that there is great joy in completely stretching..fluid movements full of grace and ease, strength and power, flexibility and balance.

What if I sit in silence in the sunshine, allowing my spiritual self to be moved.  What if, as I sit in silence and feel something move within, I feel fear and instead of hurrying to discard it or bury it,  I patiently allow fear to surface and as I breathe in love and breathe out gratitude, that fear naturally, without effort, dissolves into love and gratitude and allows me to sit more comfortably.

I am full of the magnificence around me, so I do not feel the need to arbitrarily stuff food into my body, but I carefully choose nutrients that will fortify me and allow me to grow.  I drink clean water, knowing that is absolutely enough to nourish my self.

As the moments pass, I am unhurried, as I am fully tapped into flow, the concept of time is not in my space.  I feel no pressure to move, no strain within my body, no place to rush to or be, except for right here breathing in love and breathing out gratitude.

What if, as I sit, I feel the energy course through my body..I feel empowered..and as I sit longer, I become gratitude. I become love. I let the sunshine, the air, the silence into the depths of my heart..and I become the sunshine and the air and the joy and the peace.

Would you consider this a waste of a day?

Or a gift to your self, to world.

Sunshine, allow it in.

Silence, attune to it.

Stillness, sit in it.

Simplicity, be it.

Surrender to the moment.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.


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  1. I would consider a day like this a precious jewel. I wish you many more days like this.


    • Shea,
      What a beautiful reflection: a precious jewel…the image of cherishing and savoring and sharing it with everyone..and the entire experience lights up one’s eyes. Thank *you*.
      I wish for you many such days:)
      And I send to you a warm, energetic hug full of warmth and all that glitters!

  2. Joy,
    This sounds heavenly to me! I want to do more “soaking up the sun” and dreaming and just “being” in my life. I’ve been on a non-stop treadmill these last two years and I’m ready to get off!

    When we slow down our life becomes more expansive. We find more to enjoy and savor than when we’re zooming by at 100 MPH.

    Thank you for reminding me that this is what life is about. Hope you’re doing well,

    • Angela,
      I have recently been experimenting with stillness. In my life, movement is “easy” for me, it is stillness that I had been ‘afraid’ of. What I have found, though, is that in stillness I may “savor” as you say, but beyond that, stillness allows me the ability to grow a structure of roots that enables me to blossom fully in one area rather than a few sporadic blossoms here and there.
      I understand the treadmill–I had been on it as well (the whole movement is “easy” thing). It was my decision to step off it which recently changed my life. I couldn’t have imagined how transformative that one step would be!
      I personally find 100 mph exhilarating–so I honor that in my life, then balance it with lots of beach time:)
      Love to you!

  3. jean sampson said:

    Sound like a day in Heaven to me, Joy! I am always trying to catch up with my life which always seems to be running ahead of me several steps. I think I do need to find some silence and listen to what I am saying deep inside. I keep thinking—-” Someday, I will have the time to just be”. I really would like to make a day like that right now—-and not spend it on the computer! :) I need to look at that addiction. Thanks, Joy!

    • Jean,
      Your comment brought the biggest smile..even as I respond, still smiling–thank you:)
      May I share this, please. I choose to spend long days outside, in “nothing” if you will. It is what nourishes my entire being, allows me to center, allows me to be “me”. I find refreshment in nature, so I live in a natural way. Mine is a different way of life, and I share pieces of it as a reflection for “another way”. However, as lovely as it sounds to many, this way will not ‘suit’ everyone..perhaps a few moments off of the computer would be all that you “need” to find refreshment.
      (And I am smiling, because I think of the people in my life who say it sounds like heaven and then I ask them to join me and they are needing sunscreen and a hat and layers and beach toys and their cell phones and this whole production of “stuff” and they grumble because sand is everywhere— and that takes away from the simplicity of it all–I am sure it doesn’t feel very heavenly to them).
      And, perhaps computer time is not an ‘addiction’ to you, but an *enjoyment* :)
      Huge hug to you!

  4. I like the tension between being and doing, and I enjoy both at different times.

    When I find a moment to savor, I make sure I stop and smell the roses. It’s the little moments that color our lives.

    • I *love* your style J.D!
      You project this focus and presence that I admire greatly. When you are working, you are working. When you are savoring, you are savoring. *That* sounds heavenly to me:)
      Thank you for sharing such a beautiful reflection–a huge energetic hug to you:)

  5. Joy, I love days like that! I love to just soak it all in! Thank you for reminding me of that peaceful feeling that transcends time and space when I can conquer all the fear and worries that well up and ride the wind of freedom. Hugs, Melis

    • Melissa,
      Such a poetic response…I love the feel of your words…thank you!
      This “peaceful feeling” that transcends time and space” speaks loudest to me; we each experience that peace in myriad ways.
      A huge energetic hug to you:)

  6. Hi Joy,

    I shared your site and Tara’s with my eldest daughter and she found both “interesting”.

    I have two youtube songs that I wish to share with you.

    The first is full of “sunshine” at the end and is from a *time* when I was my daughter’s age:


    The second song is one that my daughter sent me in the email regards finding your site “interesting”:


    All the best…

    • Hi Rand,
      Thank you for sharing the “sunshine”.
      I *love* the second song–I think Adele sings it best, but I also listen to Karmincovers version when I am writing online. I know she sings of heartbreak, but the music and lyrics remind me of impermanence and the importance of being fully present to experiencing this moment. Everything we invest in is eventually released.
      Huge energetic hug to you:)

  7. It sounds like anything but a waste of a day! To be mindful and feel sunlight and renew your spirit. That could last you a whole week! Where are your beautiful pictures taken?

    • Hi Betsy,
      The photos on my site and through Flickr are all my own from the marina that I live in and the surrounding harbor, beach, and hills. My “backyard”.
      I choose to live here so that I may nourish my being as easily as walking outside to breathe in the fresh air:)
      Very refreshing, every day, when I am mindful to be present to it:)

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