You Are Not Just a Number

“The defining moment is only a Now, to light your path and show you the way,

for the Universe will tend to the details of How

when you allow your highest self to live each day.”

Stephanie Kathan

Transparency: I once fell in love with a man, because he had a note by the subscriber button on his website that said something along the lines of: Notice there is not a number count here, I do not care about numbers and you are not just a number to me.  Wow.  Well, okay, that note drew me in….I fell in love with his words and ideas and what he chose to present to world and to share with me.

After a lifetime of “being a number” registering here, standing in line there, waiting patiently everywhere, it sounded absolutely wonderful to me to be recognized for me.

I wanted to believe those words, that I truly mattered for me, so I did.  Believe that.  And believing that allowed me to open my heart through fear and doubt to expand my world.

It didn’t matter if the words were true or not, I believed them to be so I acted as if they were.

Empowering. I allowed my self to be my self, regardless of external circumstances or the path he chose.  I related with full vulnerability by allowing authenticity and transparency.  I looked at my self-limiting beliefs and I released them.  I explored new thoughts and ideas and ways of living and relating. I experimented with stillness and commitment and the power of presence.  I experienced a heart opening beyond what I could have imagined and– in allowing my life to be in full alignment– my entire life changed.

“He” was often peripheral to this process, because the general process of love is not about a ‘him’ or an ‘us’ ; it is about a heart opening and allowing our beliefs to guide our steps.

It is not about a love of a person (although that may be part of the experience), it is about releasing an attachment to any “thing” and allowing love and gratitude to magnify all in world.

So, what if there was a note from Universe to you that said something like: you are not just a number, you matter. Sign up here to be part of this world where your talents are celebrated and your being is encouraged and your spirit is inspired.  A world where you may tap fully into abundance by opening your heart to it.   Every day is a delight-filled adventure in which you want to explore, experiment, experience fully because when you are presented with fear or doubt you just simply open your heart through it and continue to create masterpieces with each moment.

Each moment is a masterpiece. 

Because you are fully present in this moment, you are a masterpiece.

I offer weekly complimentary distance energy movement sessions.  This week, “the week of love”, each participant said they wished for the session to open their heart and magnify their capacity to feel/be/experience love.  Unanimous.

May we please honor this about each other?  We do not wish to simply be “numbers”..we wish to be seen. And in order to be seen, we wish to remove our masks, our barriers.  And, in order to remove these blocks to flow, we wish to trust.  In order to trust, we need to simply believe.

In what? That each moment that we live has meaning and direction and each step is for a reason.  That when we open our heart to share, “it” will not hurt.  There will be no pain.  It will “be worth it”. That we will survive the inevitable “blow” we are conditioned to believe will happen when we open our hearts. That all will be well.

“Whatever shoes you are walking in right now, I can guarantee that someone else walked in those shoes too.  Walked that same path, made the same mistakes, felt the same despair.  And believe it or not… they survived it.  Survived that pain, that mistake, that despair, those thoughts and feelings.  Because things ALWAYS get better.  They do.  Honest.  There is always that rainbow after the rain.  The sunshine after the darkness.  Things DO change.  Every single day you wake up is a chance to make a different choice, a better decision… and put on a new pair of shoes.”Cindi

In the story I shared with you, I believed the words to be true, I trusted in that truth and created from that trust so my world was expanded.  Yes, there were times that my heart hurt, and maybe I was ‘just a number’, who is to know really.  But, my heart opened and I blossomed. Because I trusted.

We choose what we believe, and we choose what we trust.  It is my wish that you check the Universal box that says “sign up here”: you are not a number, and you matter to me, Love Source.  And that you trust that truth, and that you choose to open your heart through external to create from that trust.

What shall you find in such a spot?  Peace.  Freedom.  Bliss.

I choose to believe . Do you?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.


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Comments on: "You Are Not Just a Number" (10)

  1. So much truth, Joy. Yes, to be recognized for who we are is a beautiful thing.

    • Hi Talon,
      Happy Day!

      When we connect through truth–even if (maybe especially if) we feel vulnerable as I did in sharing this– we are magnifying that connection through love. A beautiful thing, indeed:)

  2. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy. In a world where EVERYTHING is related to a number or series of numbers, it is so refreshing to return to the human side of things—–and to realize that numbers are useful for our convienience, but they do not define, catagorize or control us. One of the most touching things to think about is that there is no one else like us. I am the one and only “me” and, though I am connected to everyone in the world, I am unique! When I am gone from the earth, there will be no one quite like me ever again. I think that is such a touching thought and one which makes me just appreciate everyone I meet. Think of all your friends ——they are all precious and unique, and when they leave the earth, you will not have anyone in your life that is exactly like them. To me, that is a very touching thought and I want everyone to really “get” how special they really are and that nobody can ever take their place on earth! Love you, Joy!

    • Hi Jean,
      Happy Day!

      May we release not only “numbers” but everything that may ‘define, categorize or control us’; all limiting our ability to create and to open our hearts fully.

      All that you share in your words is so life affirming. Thank you! We “are all precious and unique” and it is my wish that instead of hiding that fact behinds barriers and clutter and layers, that we celebrate all that makes us ‘unique’. That we choose to connect at this place of unique-ness and allow that freedom to inspire us in our creative expressions in life and in world.

  3. Hi Joy,

    Thanks for another inspiring and heartfelt post!

    The part I most connect with is opening and allowing. To me that is the key to a more loving, flowing life; opening and allowing. We must be in synch, I posted about love & flow today with willingness to open as 1 of the keys! And I like numbers, but obviously, we are much more than numbers.

    Great reminders that we all want to be acknowledged as loveable and special.

    • Hi Brad,
      I love synchronicity..especially within flow:) Your article has such beautiful tips on connecting with spirit.

      I *love* numbers…they are concrete, logical, I can fully understand them…but I *love* people because they are not concrete, nor usually very logical..and understanding is best done through heart space–I love the joy of exploring through connection! Numbers allow me to create anything I wish in the “tangible” world, flow allows me to create anything I wish in all realms..

  4. i chose to believe as well Joy
    thank you :)

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