Clarity: The Current of Life

When you surrender to the truth of the moment,

you are tapping into the current of Life.

The mere presence of the word “surrender” seems to cause resistance. What is it about the concept of surrender that elicits the reaction of fear?

Within my life, as I practice unfolding, I find that surrendering my will/my insistence upon a certain way or a specific outcome allows me the experience of expansive freedom within creative expression.  When I honor my commitment to live within alignment and to create from truth, I am able to surrender my doubt and fear because I know that I am tapped into the current of Life, and there isn’t a wrong or a right way, there is quite simply “way”.

My clients often ask me “how”–how do I surrender my will and allow for way, and how does surrender then lead to empowerment?  There isn’t a detailed plan–step 1 leads to step 2 leads to inner peace and fulfillment.  There is, however, the desire for inner peace and fulfillment; our ability to experience  the abundance and depth of which is dependent upon our willingness to surrender to the truth of the moment.

Here are two simple examples to illustrate this concept.

Clearing Space: When I create in life, I set an intent, clear the space, celebrate the space, and allow gratitude to fill that space. I then remove my self  (my attention to and awareness of) from that space as I allow for placement.  When I receive the prompt, I return my presence to that space to experience and celebrate that which has been placed.

It sounds counter-intuitive to remove presence from that which is growing; but if you may gently stretch with me for a moment, please.  If while planting, I prep and nourish the soil, I choose the seed and plant it with care, and then allow it the space to grow; it blossoms without me hovering and fretting and nursing it along.  Every intent in my life is that seed.

For instance, my children and I are moving to a new living space this month.  I am packing our belongings, and visioning the feel of the new space; even though I do not have a specific space to move to.  As I pack, I know the “perfect space” will rise.

Looking at our belongings, I am choosing to bring with us only that which is life enriching and enlivening.  If it no longer fits (literally or figuratively) it is not coming along for the rest of the journey.  I am fully aware that as I clear and clean in this physical realm, I am clearing and cleaning metaphysically and I know that as I release layers, there is lightness and joy to a depth I have not yet experienced.

One afternoon, my children came home while I was sitting in the midst of huge piles to throw away.  My son took one look and said, “Whoa, Mom. That is a lot of ‘old’.  You know that means a lot of something good is coming, and it will probably be very soon. I’m so excited for you!”

Discarding and packing (symbolic of releasing and embracing) is now a joyful experience as I feel overwhelming gratitude for all of the moments leading to now and curiosity and wonder as to what adventure, connections, experiences will be presented.

Empowerment: The bell at my children’s school rings at 8:50am–if you arrive at school after the bell, you receive a tardy.  My children have not experienced a tardy this year.

Our drive to school consistently takes twenty minutes.

One morning, as we loaded into the car, I noticed the clock said 8:35am.  I said “Wow guys, I think we are going to be late.  I think you better prepare yourself for your first tardy”.  My children simultaneously said, “Mom, please do not manifest that.  Why don’t we just get in the car, sing and laugh and enjoy the drive as we usually do and know we will get there on time.  If you are going to manifest, why don’t you manifest that?”

My mind said: impossible!  But, I wish to encourage dreams not dash them, so I went along with their wishes.  I thought at least they will be in a good mood when they get their first tardy.

I did not speed or feel rushed; instead we sang and laughed and talked and enjoyed the drive.  We arrived at school at 8:49 and they walked to class with their friends and had a wonderful day.  No tardy.  And we had a drive of ease and joy.

Simple example, but powerful…where in life does my mind say no way, impossible! and Universe says let’s see, if you surrender your will and are open, I will get you there, with ease and joy.

Unplugged. Transparently, then: A while back, I recognized that my life had become a bit “stale”– my photos began to look the same, my life began to feel the same– so, I planned one week of being completely unplugged in a new environment of forest and crisp air.  The timing is this week–my mind says: impossible!  How would it make sense to remove my self from my business, my home, my packing, my connections right in the midst of this life changing growing season?  I have business opportunities and I am *moving* in all realms. My mind says: I “need” the money to move, I “need” a place to move to, I “need” the inspiration from my connections; I cannot step out of my life for one week. (Can you feel the sense of urgency and the lack of peace and trust in those mind-based questions?).

Ah, but Universe says: if you surrender your “need”, and you allow your self to “be”, imagine what will blossom as you unplug from insistence upon and plug into the current of life.  What is important will be there, waiting patiently for your return; what will blossom in your absence, and what answers will be perfectly placed as you allow gratitude for life to permeate your entire being?

So, I will be offline until April 6th; unplugged from mainstream and plugged into nature.   Imagine, indeed :)

May you consider within your life, where might you tap into the current of life by clearing space and surrendering will?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience


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Comments on: "Clarity: The Current of Life" (15)

  1. Joy- this is simply beautiful.
    I can’t wait to meet you and your children someday.
    Simply marvelous!
    The urgency you mention was the same voice I heard while recently unplugging myself- and it was amazing how insistently it came up every time I wanted to “just be.” And now, returned to “plugged in” the urgency rises again, to “figure out,” “make it work,” “get it done,” “make it happen.” Your way sounds much more peaceful and your trust in process inspires me to believe that magic is real.
    Enjoy your unplugged time.
    You inspire with every word and thought and feeling you share. Thank you.

    • Hi Molly,

      Thank you:)

      The urgency I mentioned was my little world falling apart 9and allowing it to) as I honored the importance of re-moving myself and re-centering into my heart truth.

      Magic is absolutely real…and if you have any doubt, email me and I will remind you…

      My way is indeed peaceful because I intentionally choose it and my trust exists because I consistently surrender what I know to allow the experience of all that I do not know…

      A wonderful way to live through flow :)

    • Hi Molly,

      Thank you:)

      The urgency I mentioned was my little world falling apart 9and allowing it to) as I honored the importance of re-moving myself and re-centering into my heart truth.

      Magic is absolutely real…and if you have any doubt, email me and I will remind you…

      My way is indeed peaceful because I intentionally choose it and my trust exists because I consistently surrender what I know to allow the experience of all that I do not know…

      A wonderful way to live through flow :)

  2. Joy–as always, so many wonderfully gorgeous reminders and messages in this post. I love it that your kids say stuff like “Mom, don’t manifest that!” It gives me so much hope for the future. Enjoy your time offline. I am sure it’s much needed, and much deserved. xox

    • Hi Jess,

      Thank you:)

      My children are a joy…consistently reminding me of the power of love and infinite possibility. What I find heartening is that in parenting I have been able to release conditioning and past patterns to embrace guiding them and exploring with them in ways that were not available to me when I was their age. My heart overflows with gratitude at the blessing of being their mother.

      May we always allow for hope to infuse our moments…that is allowing magic to be real and opportunity to be ours :)

  3. Megan Bord said:

    Ahhhh, I LOVE this! I’m at the same point right now of reminding myself that I create the best magic when I’m already feeling blissful and as if I have it all. That idea of detachment from outcome – or as you put it, “no urgency” and flowing with the current of life – I have an example similar to your children’s (which was awesome, by the way!).

    A few years back, I had to fly to San Francisco from NYS to interview that same day for a “once in a lifetime” job opportunity. I would be meeting with the president of a 500-person company and trying to “wow” him into giving me the job. Well, when I arrived at the airport that morning, the security lines were twice as long as what they normally were, and they were moving at half speed. I had 20 minutes before my flight took off; there had to be 1,000 people ahead of me in line. All around me, people were complaining, but I just stood there, with a smile on my face, envisioning that I suddenly was moving effortlessly through the line. What’s more, I saw myself walking onto the plane with time to spare. Five minutes went by and I hadn’t moved more than ten feet. I calmly held onto my vision, along with the idea that “…it’s not the end of the world if I miss this flight.” (Yet we convince ourselves of that, don’t we?!) Suddenly, a woman – or dare I say an angel – appeared out of nowhere to open a brand new security line for some flight attendants. She then motioned to me… TO ME! … to join them. The people in front of me who’d been complaining about being late didn’t get motioned to. The few people immediately behind me who had been calm like me DID get motioned to, as well. But there were only about 20 of us they let through that new special line (and I’m telling you, there were a thousand people waiting if there was 1).

    So indeed, I walked onto my plane with time to spare (about three minutes!). Oh, and I got that job – offered to me on the spot!

    Let go and let God. Such brilliant advice!

    Enjoy your reprieve!

    • Hi Megan,

      I must have been channeling you! On the way home, it unexpectedly took 22 hours–one “mishap” after another…it was almost comical, except that after a bit, I found I truly wanted to go home:) However, as each ‘challenge’ was presented I kept affirming joy in the experience of I was given joy in abundance (and lots of time to read *grin*).

      My “lesson” from the entire trip: release layers and embrace spaciousness to allow for abundant magic to be perfectly placed…wonderful affirmation that I am excited to continue to experience and create with :)

  4. jean sampson said:

    Hey, Joy, can I borrow your children for a few days? I think I have a whole lot to learn from them! How grateful you must be for them every minute of every day!
    Yes. it is so important for us to not be rigid, not demand that things be a certain way or else! I have seen some miserable people who are tying themselves in knots because of how they think things have to be and how, of course, they aren’t . I couldn’t even interrupt the stream of language about what “had” to be to say that it doesn’t have to be any one way —-there are SO MANY possible ways things can be. It is like we are living inside a prison and we don’t know that the door is really unlocked!
    I loved your story and Megan’s account of how time is really at our command. this is something I need to learn! Well, all things in their own time. :) Your children have certainly learned a lot of real wisdom and are applying it! How wonderful!

    I know you are going to enjoy your time off and that you will come back so full of joy and grattitude that it will be overflowing! Have a wonderful time, Joy!

    Love and hugs!

    • Hi Jean,

      You may borrow my children anytime you wish..they would delight you and definitely enjoy infusing your household with magic and laughter:) My heart overflows with gratitude at the blessing of being their mother!

      And, wow, you must have known something I did not, because I came back so overflowing with love and joy and gratitude, I came back with a renewed love affair with World. I didn’t know it was possible, and indeed it is:)

      As far as time…while away, there were entire days that passed by in the blink of an eye, in leisure and refreshment and creative expression…the power of intentional living integrated with the gift of presence allows one to live comfortably in *now* where time truly have no relevance. I hope to continue to cultivate that:)

  5. Hi Joy,

    Thanks so much for describing your processes. Perfect timing. I’ve been wrestling with some challenges around work & purpose, feeling like I NEED to figure it all out. I’m going to surrender, open my heart, create space and allow.

    I appreciate your clarity in living and describing this delicious way of living that I’m inching towards ( or more accurately starting & stopping in fits of resistence!).

    hugs & chuckles, Brad

    • Hi Brad,

      Thank you for receiving my message so warmly and openly. I very much appreciate the words that you share as you describe a bit of your own experience. It is wonderful to be understood and accepted and to know that we each have such different ways of living, and can experience so much through our willingness to be vulnerable as we share and explore through our differences.

      Thank you for the chuckle…my heart smiles in return:)

  6. Hi Joy, what a refreshing post! I, particularly, love the comment by your children regarding manifesting the positive in life. You truly are a role model in their lives. What a gift you have given them…. and us :) For the last four weeks I have been in the process of letting go of a few responsibilities as I am preparing for an intense internship. It is amazing how as soon as I let go of something, something else presents itself saying “add me into your life!” Yes, the virtue of being detached is needed in this process; however, the presence of “clarity” is also essential. We need to be very clear about our intent to “be” in this world. May it be positive…. Thank you for posting, Joy!

    • Hi Ajen,

      It is a wonderful blessing to be my children’s mother…they infuse my life with magic to the ‘nth’ degree:)

      An intense internship allows room for expansion in so many ways…I wish you joy as you explore and experience…

      Having just experienced (during my week unplugged) the potent combination of intentional living with the power of the gift of presence, I can genuinely affirm the wonder of living with clear, positive vision…magic is real and infinite possibility invites us to explore:)

      Thank you for sharing:)

  7. Joy,

    You’ve kicked this off with such a thought-provoking question: why do we have such a knee jerk reaction to the idea of surrender when that’s precisely where freedom lies! That’s a juicy one for contemplation! Thanks. I see you have a luxurious, relaxing week.

    • Hi Sandra,

      *grin* juicy is absolutely delightful to me…so now I shall consider contemplation juicy and perhaps spend more time in it :)

      We tend to think we are in control, although we truly feel that we are not…thus, the push/pull cycles that so frequently manifest within creating and relating. As I explore commitment, I find that surrender is actually expansive, resulting in utter freedom and pure bliss. Who knew?

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