Cultivating Your Voice: An Ebook Gift For You


When I listen to my heart whispers,

I am allowing the voice of my soul the freedom of creative expression.

From such a place, this ebook “Cultivating Your Voice” was created.

It is my pleasure to share this complimentary gift with you, no subscription or sign-up form required.  It is my genuine wish that something within inspires you to honor stillness and silence so that you may hear your voice; to honor transparency and excellence as you hone your voice; to honor your own path as you share your voice.

If you may proceed to the “Cultivating Your Voice” ebook page, all of the information as well as the book download is found there.

While this book was conceived to coincide with International Women’s Day; it a book for all women and men who have a voice.

So, Happy Day of “Cultivating Your Voice”!

Much peace,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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Comments on: "Cultivating Your Voice: An Ebook Gift For You" (4)

  1. rosemary said:

    thank you so very much for the kind gift… and of course there is a story that goes with it…but it will need to wait for another time… thank you.

    • Hi Rosemary,

      Thank you for supporting this wonderful project. I know you listen to your voice…and it is my wish that you continue to allow your heart whispers to draw to you wonder, delight, joy…I love your reaction each time you are in receipt of something *joy*-filled! Warms my heart:)

  2. hi Joy~
    it is so simple & profound that “Cultivating Your Voice”
    is a collaboration of many voices,, a perfect way to express our together~ness & responsibility to our selves.
    Lovely community.

    • Hi Kara Rane,

      I am absolutely delighted to have connected with you!

      Yours is a voice that speaks directly to me, inspires me to eliminate any ‘edges’ I feel and to allow for full creative heart expression. I feel that knowing you shall expand my little world to include something tropical, and something incredibly new…

      Thank you for your presence here and your kind words:)

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