Kara Rane: Being The Ocean of You


When you open your heart and allow Universe to delight you,

You will be delighted beyond anything you could ask for.

As an empath, I live through my senses.  I love the element of delight, and I love the element of surprise. When I open my heart to express love and gratitude to World, in return I often receive an experience that thrills my entire being.  This requires that I release self-limiting beliefs (in my past, surprise equaled drama, so I learned to deflect all surprises) and to embrace the vulnerability of allowing for the unexpected.  One of my daily affirmations is quite simply: when I ask Universe to delight me, I will be delighted.

When I found these words written by Kara Rane accompanied by an incredibly powerful painting, my entire being was thrilled!  I felt the words spoke right to me, and the painting captured my vision of the words:


Seeing in the Darkness,
not with your eyes and definitely not by thinking.
Feeling the moon has wings,
to show the stars
irradiate Our Heart.
Your inner Sun,
more powerful
than any earthly thing,
leads to Kindness
for each and every One.

Please click the above link to view the painting.  Absolutely amazing!

So, it is with great pleasure, that I share space today with Kara.  May the words and the collage of paintings that she chose to share here speak to you, thrill you!, as they do me.

Being the Ocean of You

by Kara Rane 

Our bodies are composed of nearly 70% water.  We are the elements surrounding us, the sea, the sky, the earth, air and fire.  What we do to our environment we do to ourselves, there is no separation.  All are One.

Salt water covers approximately 70% of the Earth, this is not a coincidence it is a direct reflection of You.  Yet, only 2% of the water is fresh water, thus suitable for drinking.  It is one of the most precious, vital, elemental resources we have, without it we will die.

Contemplate something so simple, pure, and essential as not available.  This is a reality for many people currently living today.  They do not have access to clean drinking water.

This is overwhelming.  How can I affect change, to mend the wrongs that have been occurring?  Can I take personal responsibility?  Will we value that which is a living right for all?  What can we do?

Balance.  This is what we are seeking.  The pollution that is evident everywhere is a symptom of our own disease.  It is an emergency that needs attention now or the consequences will be detrimental to all living beings.  As a society we have the ability to make choices every day, from small to large they can amount to change.  What we do matters, our actions are important, and they are founded in our beliefs.  As we think and feel so do we act.

Find it within yourself to be kind, nurturing, truly centered in wholeness.  Believe that You are Love.  As you learn to love yourself, it is impossible not to love the elements that you are.  This is a challenge, how do we love ourselves?  It is the same way that we express love to the ocean.  We do not buy the sea a new pair of jeans, an over-sized house, or another tech gadget.  Instead, we feel an unconditional love that surpasses all material longing.  We cherish the soul that is within.  We are transformed and re-newed simply by being in the presence of nature, Our Nature.

People are feeling this.  There is a growing dissatisfaction with mass produced stuff.  The United States is a materially wealthy country, yet its’ people are one of the poorest spiritually.  Many people are unhappy, over-weight, sick, stressed, and polluted with things that have no meaning, with point-less plastic trash and toxic chemicals.

Now it is time to live your life in accordance with value.  I love the Ocean.  Many people do, this gives me great hope, faith, and courage.  It brings joy to my heart.  Surround your self with all that is good and right.  Support the beliefs that come from a place of balance.  As You heal, so too will Our dear beloved Ocean.  One by One we can be the change we want to Live.

Thank you for being you, Kara, and for sharing such beauty with us!

Kara Rane is an Artist working in a variety of materials and media.  From oil paintings, to sculptures, to large scale installations on glass, each project is contextual, unique.  She has had solo and group art shows in galleries, design boutiques and artist collectives from San Francisco to New York City.  She has won several awards, most notable from “American Women Artists” in outstanding portraiture.  Kara Rane is a Yoga to Meditation guide, an Ocean Swimmer, an Eco-Lover, an Entrepreneur and a person of ideas.

¿Have you ever seen a Buddhist monk yelling ‘Lucky to be You’*!?  This statement is the foundation for her life, translating the core message to the miracle of Being, to breathing in this moment fully with Peace, Bliss, One-ness, Y?U.

Please visit her websites for more information.  www.kararane.com  &  www.Lucky2bU.com

Images (clockwise) “Vieques” , “Gringo Beach”, “Being”, &  “Live in Peace”.  available here –>  http://www.etsy.com/shop/kararane

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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Comments on: "Kara Rane: Being The Ocean of You" (14)

  1. Kara, you have a lovely voice. The paintings are so gorgeous. Especially love the trees and the child at the shore. I found it absolutely soothing to read this post.
    Very beautiful.

    Thank you, Kara!

    Each time I click through to your blog, as the page loads, a feeling of happiness fills me in anticipation, as I know I am about to read something I will enjoy.

    Thank you, Joy!

    • Hi Vidya,

      Your words make my heart so happy, thank you! This space is an extension of my heart space, so if something within pleases you, that delights me:)

      Kara’s voice is so beautiful, her gift with words and her skill in painting is a wonderful combination that, as I shared, absolutely thrills me. As you feel about my site, I feel about hers–as the page loads I wonder what gift she will present :)

      And Vidya, you have such a way with words and photos–I *love* your Sunday pieces–allows me to travel from the comforts of home:)

  2. Joy,
    The ocean is very important to me, too. I always feel rejuvenated when I visit. If we can’t make it to the ocean, then following a stream or spending time at a lake is wonderful, too. And I love the Buddhist statement: Lucky to be you! I’ve never heard that before!!

    Kara’s artwork is gorgeous!! I especially like the shells on the beach. I am heading over to her etsy site right now and the lucky2bu as well.

    • Hi Betsy,

      Thank you for your lovely words! I choose to live by the ocean because it is essential to me, so it is prominently featured here, but the same feelings and truths here at the ocean, can be experienced anywhere we allow them to be. I do understand the healing properties of running water, but all things in nature have healing properties as well. I just hope readers feel included in the general idea :)

      I’m so glad Kara’s work resonates with you…I think you have the same beautiful essence:)

  3. Kara’s paintings and words and wisdom are just beautiful, Joy. I can see why you were transfixed!

    • Talon,

      Thank you! I *love* the word transfixed!

      Your words and photos captivate me–allow me to journey and explore in ways I wouldn’t otherwise. Thank you for all that you share:)

  4. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy—-Thank you for this inspiring and intriguing post. I love the idea that when we love ourselves and treat ourselves with love, we will treat the ocean with that same love because we are the same! Beautiful!

    The paintings are lovely—–of course I had to root around in all of them! Wow, What a talent and the paintings exhued such energy! Kara is SO gifted in so many ways! Thank you for introducing her to your readers!

    Love and hugs to both of you!

    • Hi Jean,

      Of course, as a painter, you were interested in Kara’s work *grin*.

      Thank you for receiving Kara’s message and the wonderful reflection you share:) We are one, but how often do we “forget” and allow our differences to divide us instead of connect through them.

      Love to you, beautiful spirited one!

  5. Thank You~ Joy, Vidya, Betsy, Talon, Jean & All in the community,, it is such an honor to share with You, it truly is my happiness… wishing kindness and peace.

    • Hi Kara,

      Thank you for sharing in this space. Your message and your essence is beautiful and *brilliant*. Thank you for being you:)

  6. Thank you, Kara and Joy, for an uplifting and exciting post. And ohmygosh, what gorgeous paintings. I know the computer does not do them justice. I wish I could see the colors and textures in person.

    • Hi Galen,

      It is lovely to see you here:) Thank you for your wonderful reflection: colors and textures and *gorgeous*…the abundance we find in the joy of opening to each moment:)

  7. What a beautiful message intermixing the ocean, water, balance, compassion, and beauty! I absolutely love Kara’s paintings. :)

    • Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for your lovely words:) Kara’s message is one I am pleased to share, I am glad that you enjoyed it!

      And, thank you for all that you share :)

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