Opening a Door and Sharing the View

As we honor our own unique style by allowing our voice full creative expression,

our dreams will become our reality.

My personal journey is one of a heart opening.  The two messages I received this week were loud and clear: surrender and allow for.  Surrender that which you think you know as you simultaneously allow for that which you have not yet known. (passage from my Transformational Magic letter shared in an article this week on Story Charmer: Awake in a Love Affair with the World).

As I surrender that which I have known, I am finding that internal layers, barriers, and self-limiting beliefs naturally slough away; leaving me with clear heart whispers and a very on-purpose voice.  This is incredibly new for me.  Clarity and purpose have always been readily accessible to me but, without the internal blocks, my inner core is now my surface.  I believe in infinite possibility, I realize this is a wonderful opportunity to live it.  In the article referenced above, I describe how it feels to me; beautiful, yet surreal.

When we take the time to know our voice, and to allow it full expression, we are not competing against anyone, we are creating with everyone.  I share more on this thought in an article I wrote for Jess Morrow’s site “Invincible Summer”: Allowing Your Heart to Sing. (I also donated a complimentary one-month email clarity session for a raffle ending this Wednesday, so leave a comment there to enter to win).

This article is one of my personal favorites; my first thought was I wish to keep it for my own site.  However, I wrote it with the intent to gift Jess with it, so I followed through with my intent. It is one of my personal favorites because it captures the heart and soul of my journey; as I allowed this particular expression, I felt I was opening a door.  A door to somewhere new.  Whatever was on the other side of that door felt beautiful and refreshing and alive with possibility.  I could almost breathe it in.  In honoring my intent, I gifted that to Jess.

And I kept creating within my own life.

The door opened; I cannot speak for Jess, but I do know she received that energy and was busy creating this weekend.

The words I chose to share allowed for healing and growth and ignited creative sparks among the readers.  I received numerous emails sharing exactly how that precise message touched people in ways I could not have imagined. In sharing my own voice clearly, I received back into my life the inspiration to allow the direction of my site to align even more directly with my heart whispers.

In giving the gift of heart and soul, I was in return handed a dream.  Priceless.

May I ask for you to please visit Story Charmer and Invincible Summer and if you may take the time to share your thoughts, please know that I cherish what I experience with you.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.




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  1. Wow Joy this resonates for me it is so important to surrender and release that which you think is/might be you path.
    This week I have made the breakthrough to truly embrace my creativity and you article Awake Your Love affair with the world inspired this quote “Creativity opens my intuition and hence my heart” and has from that has inspired the Start of The Creative Healing Journey and a new series of paintings. I love my opening heart and this week I will make more time to listen to my heart.
    thank you

    • Hi Suzie,

      Thank you for sharing! Your paintings capture the essence of your heart whispers so well–I love following the sometimes bold colors softening (or vice versa), the layered texture versus the simplicity, how each is distinctly different yet all from the same source.

      What a beautiful affirmation: “I love my opening heart!”—reflects to me joy, abundance, faith, celebration, peace. As I read your words, my feeling within my own space is I love my opening heart, too, and may we allow world to love it as well—for a love affair is a beautiful flow of giving and receiving, joyfully and delightfully:)

  2. I loved your post.
    I never felt creative in any way. I never felt I could do something, produce anything.
    My first try was during this month, when i tried to write and created my blog.

    • Hi Nikky44,

      Welcome to my site:)

      Thank you for allowing creative expression through your site. An open door for you…I can only imagine what abundance shall be presented as you continue to create and allow for new and different in your life!

  3. Hi Joy, this post is beauty. “In giving the gift of heart and soul, I was in return handed a dream. Priceless.” Absolute beauty! I can totally see why you receive emails from your readers regarding how you have touched their lives. Actually, this is the one of the many results of the infinite possibilities being realized. Imagine the many others who have not contacted you??? Again, beauty! .

    • Hi Ajen,

      Welcome to my site and thank you for your kind words:)

      I appreciate the reflection that you share. I do believe that we draw to us that which resonates to our vibration; when I choose to trust the truth of infinite possibility and live that truth, I draw to me infinite possibility. It is the choosing to trust and to share from such a vulnerable place that opens doors:)

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