Free Falling Into Liberation

I woke this morning with a prompt to receive.  Something like: allow World to love you as much as you love World.  Tell your stories, allow World to *see* you, and revel in all that you receive.

The first entry I read on Facebook was from Sandi Amorim: “First word that came to mind this morning was audacious! How will this show up for you today?”

So, I looked up audacious via 1. Fearlessly, often recklessly daring, bold. 2. Unrestrained by convention or propriety; insolent. 3. Spirited and original.

My answer to Sandi: “Wow…*my* first word was ‘receive’…so I looked up audacious (thank you!) and I will release self-limiting, share my stories, and allow World to love me as much as I love World.

(Reflection: I find connecting through social media to be great fun and very enriching. I only subscribe to sites that reflect inspiring and enlivening to me, or offer opportunities for me to expand.  What I receive from these connections is the invitation to explore, experiment, and experience with resources I might not have otherwise been exposed to).

And, then I received the gift of this message: The Soul Juice Manifesto.

So, I have a story to share.  (Thank you for listening!).

In the sailing world, there is a huge difference in technique when one chooses to cruise or to race.

In general, cruisers pick a destination, wait for “nice” weather conditions, and leisurely make their way.

In general, racers are given a course, regardless of weather conditions, and are extremely focused on sail-trim and boat handling.

As an avid sailor, I am adept at cruising and racing.  Cruising allows me the delight of experiencing abundant peace and joy as I feel the wind pattern and current and see the beauty all around me.  Racing allows me the rush of adrenaline, the direct focus of my energy, and the quick application of my skills within competition.  I love both cruising and racing.

(And might we use this as a metaphor for creating in life: liken cruising to unfolding and liken racing to manifesting).

Once, while on a race, the captain was using a very advanced computer system.  He was used to winning first place, he trusted his system, and  his orders were curt and precise. Adjusting to his technique required that I release what I thought I knew and listen attentively.

I could have bristled at the tone of his voice, or his disregard for connection; instead, I listened to his guidance and adjusted the sails accordingly.

When I heard: adjust the jib one/eighth of a millimeter, I temporarily froze.  What exactly is one/eighth of a millimeter…and really, if I could accomplish that, would it make a difference? But my fingers were already calculating what did I feel one/eighth of a millimeter was, and letting out the sail accordingly; imperceptible to my mind, but felt through my fingertips.

That moment stays with me always. (and yes, we won the race).

Fast forward to this *now* of three years later.

Having released the boat, the pup, my full-time offline job, and quite a few special connections, my external today looks and feels far different from even three months ago. (Yes, the children remain *grin* but they have *grown* to almost unrecognizable!).

While my mind cannot fathom understanding, my being knows with clarity and acceptance “why” it happened.  What I know metaphysically is that when I release internal layers, external follows, so all of this was to re-align.

What I also know is that when I release metaphysically, physical follows, and vice-versa. It is a common practice for me to release layers to make room for new to be perfectly placed.

My physical being of self felt quite stale.  So, I made the decision to chop my hair…I released my long pony tail, my golden locks, layers of past. literally.  Which then allowed me to release them metaphysically.  Any residual pain, confusion, and discouragement transformed to gratitude, trust, and curiosity.  My heart whispers are soaring, I am tapped fully into flow, and my soul is celebrating this space.  Such joy, relief, freedom!

This small, but significant, (one might say one/eighth of a millimeter) change invited my spunk, my verve, my moxie, my zest, right back into my life.  (I didn’t know it was missing!  It was!).

My external circumstances remain the same, but I find that there is an abundance of laughter, magic, love, light in my life.  Not to sound “polly-anna-ish”, but truly the sunshine lights my heart, the moonbeams soothe my soul, and the World is a glorious place to be. Yes, my heart still hurts, but it’s healing; and my steps might still be a little timid, but I am stepping; and my smile is one that reflects knowing that one can jump into the precipice of unknown and allow Universe to catch you and absolutely enjoy the free fall into liberation.

Much peace and abundant love,

Reminder: Experiment.  Explore.  Experience.

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  1. Hi, Joy!! I’m SO thrilled The Soul Juice Manifesto came through for you just when you needed it! I gobbled up your story and am cheering for you as you breathe and release limiting layers from the inside out! :)

    Stepping into your power is all about recognising the signs and trusting them enough to follow them. I’m glad it’s working out that way for you. Many thanks for linking back to my post, :)

    • Hi Otiti,

      I am absolutely *delighted* to have found your site! Each word resonates so strongly; your message is an affirmation of my heart truths, a beautiful gift packaged in a way I can receive wonderfully well!

      I have always recognized signs, yet for so long had been hesitant to step into my full power. It is lovely to discover that each step truly has led to this one, and to allow integration of those steps to form a strong foundation from which I can soar when I choose :)

  2. jean sampson said:

    Wow, Joy, what a delightful post! I love to watch you grow and unfold and let go! Your description of the difference between cruising and racing sounds like what I teach in my Drawing for Chickens beginning drawing class! It sounds like the difference between the Left Brain (the racer with an agenda who doesn’t give a hoot about the scenery along the way, just wants to get there as fast and as efficiently as possible) and the Right Brain ( the cruiser who doesn’t talk or plan or have an agenda—-just enjoys the trip, wherever it goes, doesn’t give a hoot about time). We are mostly in our Left Brain Mode in this culture—it is all about getting there and accomplishing that and not even stopping to enjoy wherever one gets to! The Right Brain Mode is where the artist resides and it is that Right Brain that we seek to encourage in the drawing class. So we do exercises to slow way down and really begin to look and SEE, something the Left Brain does not do and is not supposed to do. So, I think, it is what you are saying—–it is good to be able to use BOTH the racer and the cruiser when you need one or the other. And it is nice to be able to come out of race mode when you want to. I am surprised at how many people are not able to let that go—-a lot of that is what we value in this culture—-although folks like you are bringing enlightenment to that! And I think that is a good thing! Love and hugs, Joy!. .

    • Oh Jean, a Drawing For Chickens class is the one I would be in *grin*! Sometimes when mind tells us we are unable to do something, we cannot. My mind says I cannot draw, so I don’t even try.

      When I use words like “feeler”/”thinker”, I realize that I am limiting myself to one category or another, when actually I love linear thinking as well as feeling my way through world. I am experiencing freedom as I practice integration. I might have released layers but first all that was essential (in the example of cutting my hair, my roots then) remained for me to continue to build upon.

      When I practice integration, I do not have to fear loss or connectedness, because it is part of unfolding in an organic way.

      Love and hugs to you, too :)

  3. Hi Joy,

    What a delight to share your journey of awakening to more of your true self and life. You seem to be embracing audacious very well! Go girl. Sail on however you feel, testing winds against inner conditions and allowing your self to race or cruise as guided.

    Sail on!

  4. Dear Joy,
    I love the new look. It’s so “fresh” and free! You look beautiful!

    I also love the idea of being “audacious” too.

    Cutting your hair, cutting out things that you no longer feel attached too or interested in and cutting out people from your life are all perfect manifestations of the full moon in Capricorn we just had!

    While I didn’t cut my hair. I too feel ready to divest of what no longer serves me.

    It’s time to be “audacious” and leap headlong into what feels right in your life. I’m leaping with you!

    • Hi Angela,

      Thank you for the kind words :) That you are leaping with me makes exploring audacity a *great adventure*!

      While I follow the cycle of the moon, I hadn’t actually researched the meaning of this full moon until the prompt from your words–thank you for sharing!

      This week, people have asked why I look so *radiant*…the simple action of removing layers and celebrating space invites radiance from all realms as energy is moved..*very* fresh and free :)

  5. Hi Joy,

    I love the life metaphor of cruising and racing! I appreciate how you were able to tune into that moment and not get lost in your the arisings of your mind. Such a beautiful example. I’m delighted to see that your physical is coming into alignment after your shedding and that you got your verve on, girl!

    • Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for your kind words…*grin* I do have my *verve* on, full capacity as I create and connect :)

      I find that allowing the process of alignment to be fluid…allowing the internal shift to unfold externally…and the external shift to unfold internally…is a delight. There isn’t “an end” and “a beginning”, there is the experience of life as expressed in this moment. Such freedom in that!

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