Dreams Full of Angels and Answers

This photo is a silhouette of myself under one of my favorite trees.  The tree sits between my running path and the farmland of my backyard.  I know it has stories to tell, so I make ample time to be present, listen, and soak it all in.

This reminds me to share my own stories.  Not “just” the surface level stories, but the ones that comprise my essence.  This is one such reflection.

As I delve into the practice of internal energy movement (meaning I am moving my own energy), I like to experiment with different methods.

Reflection: There is quite a lot to consider in just that one sentence: that we are capable of moving of our energy; that we may experiment from a space of curiosity, joy, delight; that energy movement is a fluid practice, evolving as we evolve.  And where might you apply that within your own life, what is your area of expertise, and how do you practice that internally and allow for expansion? (Do you practice internally and allow for expansion?).

One of the ways that I am experimenting with energy movement is to invite Angels and Answers into my dreams.  I, with intent and awareness, think of an area that my energy is “stuck”, and invite presence into that area.  I call this presence Angels and Answers, but if you consider this within your own life, what I am in essence calling forth is presence— so you might apply that within your own beliefs.

I do believe in symbolism in life, and in dreams, and work with dream interpretation.  I also work with and teach the gift of presence, so I am familiar with these techniques.  However, I had never considered combining them.

Reflection: In your life what has become so familiar to you, that it is almost stagnant, as you continue to practice consistently the same way.  Are you on auto-pilot in this practice, or fully aware?  And, do you achieve the same “results” or have they plateaued?

On the first night (last week), I set my intention and called forth Angels and Answers.  On “regular” nights, I am fully present to my dreams, so I found it interesting that as I slept I was unaware of the existence of my dreams.  When I woke in the morning I was refreshed, but also felt that something was unfinished.  Normally when I wake, I begin my morning routine, but on this morning I was prompted to return to sleep.

I follow my body’s natural sleep cycle which is 9p-4a, very consistently.  For me to return to sleep was out of the norm on many levels.  Perhaps my mind even resisted, but my body fell back asleep.  I dreamt and was present to these dreams, almost as an observer.  While in them, I had the thought that “Yes!” my questions are answered.  The people in my dreams were familiar to me, but I hadn’t seen them in physical life in some time.  I knew these were the “Angels” in familiar form.  While dreaming, I felt a rush of gratitude.

When I woke, I could not remember my dreams, but I didn’t feel panicked, I felt secure that the Answers would be placed in physical life in ways I could best receive and process.  I felt a surge of trust.  And, I had slept a total of 11 hours.

I logged onto Twitter, and in my stream was Tara Sophia Mohr (@tarasophia on Twitter) with this affirmation: “we can think of sleep as a pedestrian thing but it’s really 8 hours of spiritual communion and deep relief from ego #SoulCall”.  If you are familiar with Tara’s body of work, her message is empowerment of women, so this particular tweet is out of the norm for her.  Tara’s message is one that inspires me, so to receive this from her was a divine affirmation.

Now, to explain #SoulCall, Amy Oscar (@AmyOscar on Twitter) hosts a weekly Twitter chat regarding all things Divine, so logically one would expect such a message from Amy.  Amy’s message is another that inspires me greatly (the potent combination of the presence of divine and allowing for empowerment is life changing!).

To share transparency, I had been intimidated to attend Amy’s weekly call, feeling not (what?) enough.  So I look beyond that, which feels awfully surface to me, and I discover my true fear is how powerful it is when I accept the presence of Divine in all areas and how transformative when I practice the presence of Divine in all..a living namaste.  Before my family moved, I used to practice a living namaste daily, yet I practice so infrequently now.

I look beyond that to ask myself why have I allowed this practice to become non-existent?  And, I see (as I am sure you can as well) that I am being invited to begin this practice anew, as I am, right where I am.

Reflection: To practice transparency with others, I practice transparency with self. This requires that I look beyond surface internally to my own inner core; which requires trust and compassion with self.  As I honor organic growth in all realms, I use my gift of clarity with my self consistently.  How does this sound/feel to you?  Are you willing to look at your own behaviors, actions, thoughts, and explore their existence and meaning…to truly know your self as you are?

Which leads me to forgiveness.  To forgive myself for the mistakes I think I might have made (yes, there are no mistakes, but when doubts rise in my mind, I tend to label them “mistakes”).  I wasn’t aware that I  “needed” forgiveness…but there it is…an act of grace as I practice a living namaste.

No longer “stuck”, feeling very refreshed and invigorated…and that was just my first day of inviting Angels and Answers into my dreams!

I share this with you because there seems to be this stigma around the practice of energy movement.  Energy movement is the simple acknowledgement that all things are energetic and with awareness we can alter the frequency of the mass and move that frequency in ways to enhance the fullness of our presence.  When I use energy movement in conjunction with clarity, I call that practice: transformational magic.

And, that is how I choose to live and what I share with you here today (and through my practice).

(And, you may find me on Twitter @joychristin).

What is your takeaway from this story?  I would love to hear what speaks loudest to you :)

Much peace,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.

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Comments on: "Dreams Full of Angels and Answers" (16)

  1. rosemary said:

    Good Morning Miss Joy,
    just wanted to let you know I sure enjoyed reading your post today…As I read this one I could hear the “Joy” returning to you and your blog on a deeper level since your move. Congrats and angels and answers!

    • Thank you, Rosemary, for your presence to this piece; I find it “fitting” that you are first to comment and with such an astute observation! Instead of resisting this “new land” I have been exploring and opening my heart to all around me. When pressed for words, I feel I am “becoming joy”; thank you for the affirmation!

  2. What a beautiful way of approaching the spaciousness, of opening the heart. I love the idea of inviting ‘angels and answers’ into your dreams, and into your life.

    This summer, I’ve been feeling, in a similar way, for resonance with this same presence. Presence to what is already there when I get out of the way with my agendas and checklists and concerns about who will like me or won’t like me.

    For the past few nights, I have felt the return of those ‘familiars’ to my dreams – and I’ve been so grateful. I miss them when they’re gone (or when I, with my busy, earthly concerns, go away from them.)

    Thank you for this post – it touched me. And thank you for honoring me with a mention of my work and of #SoulCall.

    • Thank you, Amy, for your presence to this piece through your message that inspired me to experiment and your comment here :) I very much look forward to participating in #SoulCall.

      Your words affirm my feelings of this morning ‘when I get out of the way’…everything truly is possible…I *love* the creative process, yet something fret over how my creations will be received; knowing that my needs are met in all ways allows me to share the love and joy instead of the fear and doubt.

      Inviting Angels and Answers into my dreams this week has been powerful…a poignant reminder that Presence is transformative, when I allow it to be :)

  3. Joy it is comforting to know that Uriel “Light of God” is still with you. I am happy other Angels are with you and also reside in your dreams. That you feel better during the day.

    I dreamed a tremendous amount last night :) My brother, who is now an angel has touched me today.

    Thank you for sharing…

  4. …I realized with the closing word “sharing” in the above comment left by me, happened to be the *generator* of all my dreaming last night.

    I went to bed thankful for the loving and gracious family that I have for neigbors.

    As I layed there I thought it was so caring that the wife sent her husband over with two tostadas that she made for me. They know I am alone here. They are apreciative for how I have helped and *shared* with them. I was at the grill when he brought her gift. I sent him off with two yummy grilled Mexican onions :)

    So I went to sleep with gratitude and the memories of another family that shared similarily with my parents, my ‘brother’, and sisters when I was a child. I had many *Angels* with me last night…thanks be to God.

    • As I read this reflection, Rand, I am reminded that ‘angels’ and ‘gifts’ are perfectly placed in custom ways that we are best able to receive in order to experience divine love. May your gratitude infuse all of your creations and connections, enlivening them as you continue to share :)

  5. jean sampson said:

    More and more, your life and your focus seems to be about “presence” and being fully present in your life. Angels are about truth, as I see them, and you are intending to live your truth, so you are living close to the Divine. In dreams, the veil is very thin between who we really are and other realms. I have always thought that we really expand into our dreams because there are no limits, really, to what can happen in dreams. We can also expand into our daily lives, if we allow it, and that can mean no limits in our lives! That is exciting to me!! Love and hugs, Joy!

    • Thank you, Jean, for the observation of how important presence has become in my life :)

      I hadn’t thought about ‘angels as truth’…reading your reflection is such a beautiful affirmation, my heart feels this is completely right, thank you :) As you know, in recent months, I had immersed myself in flow and focused my awareness upon alignment, so perhaps before then I was unable to ‘see’ as clearly as I do now what is around me nor would I have been as comfortable as I am now connecting with Divine in such a way

      This is what speaks loudly to me: We can also expand into our daily lives, if we allow it, and that can mean no limits in our lives!

      Absolutely beautiful, thank you…my heart smiles…and here is an energetic :)

  6. Namaste- love you will begin this practise again, Des and i do this every morning and have been doing so for 10 years now, a beautiful practise and I will start now doing an internal namaste :)

    My take away from you beautiful sharing is the gentle reminder to call forth the Angels and answers before I go to sleep and be more present when i wake. I rarely remember my dreams now, something I will change.

    love the twitter affirmation- how in sync:)
    with love

    • Suzie,

      Thank you for your presence to this piece! I love the wonderful reflection that you and Des together shine on World (and me!).

      I would love to hear how the practice of Angels and Answers unfolds in your life…

      Love to you :)

  7. I will let you know Joy hoe The angela and answers practice unfolds- so far silence :)

    • Hi Suzie,

      Thank you for this first reflection from your practice! Perhaps silence is “the answer” in this moment…and it occurs to me that perhaps “angels and answers” feel or look differently than what you ‘expect’…maybe within the silence is the opportunity to experience *divine*.

  8. I think you might be right on this silence again. My angels are giving me messages through my journaling and the cards :)

    • Suzie, Thank you for this affirmation that Angels and Answers offer presence in myriad forms…ways that we are familiar and comfortable with :)

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