Of Steps and Whispers

After writing about my son’s dream becoming a reality, I was unexpectedly offline for seven days.

What happened, you ask?

I created the visual affirmation: “Keep your vision, align your circumstances” for that article yet also as a personal reminder to myself to allow my heart whispers to roam free. I looked at the example my son provided and I turned that inward (as I do with every clarity reflection) and I asked my self where am I constricting my heart whispers and why? As I watched my son literally soar, I asked my self where do you wish to soar?  Let’s do it, then.

As an empath, I feel.  As a heart-led reflector, I love. If life feels anything less than magical, if my heart feels anything less than open…that is my sign to put some oomph back into my step…

And, so, I did. I made ample time and space to celebrate feeling love…with World…with Divine.

(May we pause here for a quick second?  So often, once we identify that life feels stale, we acknowledge it, yet keep creating with the same patterns; soon ‘stale’ begins to feel comfortable because it is consistently in our environment.  Once I identify it, I take the time to explore it, lean into it, and expand through it with the intent of enlivening my environment.  We do not need to change external to feel enlivened–although we may–we may just need to change how we engage with external).

The photo above is a self-portrait of my feet in the midst of a solo two-hour barefoot hike through the woods.  I used to hike barefoot very frequently, and then I stopped.  I think those around me kept cautioning me to wear shoes, and so I would.  I put their comfort before my own.

And, soon, my feet became tender again…as they were during this walk.  I felt every stone, every twig…but the point is:  I felt them..and I celebrated that ability to feel.

You see, it is customary to wear protective layers…in clothing, in masks and barriers, in connecting and creating.  It is not so customary to show up, completely present to the experience, wearing a radiant heart smile…which is how I tend to show up..pure *joy*.

I am very uncomfortable in layers, so I live in a warm climate where I can physically be as naked as legally possible and my essence thrives in the midst of people who choose to connect through transparency and vulnerability.  The best visual example of this (that I know of) is by Brene Brown I’ll Show You Mine (Vulnerability Style).

It was easy to live in such a way, to honor alignment fully, when I lived on the boat for so many years.  Now that I have been living in the midst of mainstream on land for a few months, I find that I was beginning to buy into the story that World is layered, people are layered, life is layered.  And, so I best layer, to “fit in”.

Fortunately, my son interfered by simply mirroring to me the reality of infinite possibility, and I used that reflection as the nudge I needed to step out of a story that wasn’t working for me, into a brand new story of *magical manifestation* (being written daily!).

(You will love this part!)

Upon my return home, I logged onto my computer, very excited to connect and create.  Ha!  The server hosting my site was down.  It did occur to me that perhaps it had been down the entire seven days I was offline!  But I couldn’t change it, nor fix it, I could only accept it.

So, I did what any online solopreneur whose connection wasn’t working would do: I went to the beach! (Is that what they do?  I am not really sure…I am thinking they find another way to connect!).

Here is the miracle:  because I had ample time (again/still/don’t we always, when our hearts our open to the moment?), I read Dave Ursillo’s book “God Whispers on the Wind”.

My heart celebrated every word…I literally smiled, cried, laughed, thanked Universe and Dave and all that is wonderful in this world, and then I read it again, just in case my reaction was purely surface emotion.  It wasn’t.  During the second reading, I was able to savor the words, the message, and to feel beyond that to this wonderful affirmation of the gift of life, the ability to love and feel and experience all that we choose.

I cannot pick a favorite poem, they all resonate strongly, but here is one that speaks to me very clearly…Dave’s words describe so vividly why I live and connect and share as I do.  Reading this gives you an understanding of my essence, and I bet your own as well.  (My photo of my favorite beach, Dave’s poem from God Whispers on the Wind):

You Do Something Tragic

You do something tragic

when you hold back your love

and the ones you are with

cannot breathe in

The True you.

You do something tragic

when you close yourself up

and prevent your soul

from shining through.

Let me see you!

Oh, you do something so tragic,

dearest friend,

when you do not cry your truth

for fear that the world

might judge you.

It is so tragic when you do not bear openly

your love, your beautiful story, your brilliant


and all your enlightened gifts

on every whim and chance

that you’ve been gifted.

Perhaps the greatest Quiet Tragedy,

one that we can so easily avoid,

is when you wait for tomorrow

to sew your heart

to another’s.


stop this tragedy.

And turn every chance you have






Dave UrsilloGod Whispers on the Wind

It is absolutely amazing to be*back*.  Let’s see what magic we can create :)

And, please, check out Dave’s book..it is not an affiliate link..and I can promise you, your heart/soul/being will thank you.

Much peace,


Reminder: Experiment.  Explore.  Experience.

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Comments on: "Of Steps and Whispers" (10)

  1. How sweet. There are many times when I feel stuck – and a simple action or word from my son suddenly opens up and unravels my feelings, making everything look bright again. Glad you took time to go off to the beach (you belong there, you know? Free, unfettered and joyous).

    That’s a beautiful poem. Thank you for introducing it to me.

    Much love and hugs, Vidya

    • Thank you, Vidya, for your refreshing candor…because, yes, sometimes *we* get stuck, and I love knowing there is a ‘we’ in all of this :)

      In the last seven days, I went to the beach, the forest, the hills, the city…*all* of it…to “lose myself” and to open my heart to World, to re-commit if you will..to being love. And, here I am :)

      To then read Dave’s book was (and is) a heart opening that continues to remind me to stand in, and create from, vulnerability. my vision was to share my heart space on the web…so share I shall…Freedom to the “nth” degree in living my purpose…and not allowing “how” to trip me up….

      If you do read Dave’s book I would love to hear your feelings about it :)

  2. jean sampson said:

    Oh, Joy, I am so in awe of you! You do live right there in the moment, shoes off and all! What an inspiration you are!

    The poem and the photo —–both were beautiful. I will check out David’s book! Thank you for sharing that poem!

    I will picture you walking barefoot in the woods all day long!!
    Hugs to you!

    • Thank you, Jean, for your exuberant energy…love it! Yes, I’m the barefoot one…always have been..so I should have known when shoes became a requirement that I was a bit out of alignment…so so glorious to re-discover the feel of it again!

      I would absolutely love to hear how you feel after reading Dave’s book…quite a heart opening for me…very affirmative in so many ways :)

  3. What a BLAZE of beauty this is! YOU are! And barefoot! Who doesn’t LOVEEEEE barefoot?!! I’m sending you LIGHT Joy! On this path! Your son—is your Teacher! And you–His! What a GREAT life–yes—yes—what a GREAT GREAT LIFE!

    • Thank you, Steve, for LIGHT…and affirmations and all that you share! Barefoot is about as *real* as it gets in my world…

      And, yes…what a *great*, great, life this is…as magical as we ALLOW it to be!

      As for teachers…oh, man, there is a reflection in everything and this little heart is wide open receiving it all and creating from this overflowing well of love and gratitude…:)

  4. Jeanie Witcraft said:

    I can see how the title would so easily call to you! You speak frequently of whispers…and the wind is intertwined with the Ocean, flirting with and swirling sand, hair, and ripples. This is making me miss the beach again. *wry grin*

    It was an honor to contribute to his book…I certainly wasn’t expecting my poem to be accepted.

    • Hi Jeanie, it is wonderful to see you here in this space..it has been a long while since your last visit :)

      I choose to live my heart whispers, so, yes, it is a wonderful gift to have found Dave’s words bundled in this invitation for a heart opening book..a message that affirms my life experiences and continued explorations.

      As you share, when we create from our heart space, we are then blessed with perfect placement of far beyond what we could imagine or ask for..magical to the *nth degree* :)

      No need to “miss” the beach, you carry it in your heart (I moved inland quite some time back, so this I know!).

  5. “So often, once we identify that life feels stale, we acknowledge it, yet keep creating with the same patterns; soon ‘stale’ begins to feel comfortable because it is consistently in our environment. Once I identify it, I take the time to explore it, lean into it, and expand through it with the intent of enlivening my environment. We do not need to change external to feel enlivened–although we may–we may just need to change how we engage with external).” This spoke directly to me. Thank-you! Lately my life experience has been electrifyingly awesome, so no staleness. However, it’s as if my “self” is saying, “keep this in mind for future reference.” Peace & Love to you Joy ~ Ricky

    • Thank you for your presence, Ricky…your reflection is so light-filled it brightens my heart smile! *Electrifyingly awesome* speaks directly to me…the feeling in that is wonderful…

      I woke to a huge power outage this morning (another thing that wouldn’t affect us on the boat as we ran on separate batteries off the grid)…and my mind immediately wondered how would we progress through this day with limited resources…but the sunshine pouring through the windows reminded me of unfolding and natural cycles…and this day will certainly be as magical as I allow it to be…naturally so :) And isn’t *that* symbolic of so many choices in life….

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