Jodi Chapman: Coming Back to Life

Today I am delighted–thrilled beyond words!–to share energetic space with Jodi Chapman.

Jodi is the founder of two sites: Soul Speak and Soulful Journals; the titles drew me right in.  Jodi’s message and style resonate strongly with my own.

From Jodi’s “about page” on Soulful Journals:

“Rather than attempting to hand down wisdom from on high, we strive to create reminders of what you already know, questions to reawaken your own inner wisdom, and prompts to reignite your passion for living the life you were born to live”. 

From Jodi’s “about page” on Soul Speak:

“I am passionate about helping each of us listen to and be guided by our soul”.

Jodi Chapman is the author of the popular Soulful Journals series, the upcoming book Coming Back to Life, and the inspirational blog Soul Speak.

Joy: Thank you, Jodi, for sharing energetic space.  Let’s start with the basics if we may. 

The name of your site is Soul Speak.  Can you share with us a little about the meaning of these words and your vision for this site?

Jodi: Sure! Our souls are speaking to us all of the time – usually in whispers and gentle nudges. But my default setting throughout my life was always to ignore those whispers and push the nudges aside. I either didn’t have time to listen, or I didn’t think that what they were saying was convenient. Whatever the case, I wasn’t ready to really hear what my soul had to say.

But, what I found over the years, is that when I continued to ignore my soul, the whispers became nudges and the nudges became yells and the yells became full-blown chaos. And I realized that my soul was not the enemy – far from it. It was actually the voice of reason and the voice of love and the voice of never-ending support from an all-knowing part of myself. I didn’t have to fear it or fear anything, really. As long as I let my soul speak, I knew that I would never be steered in the wrong direction.

And so I began to listen and take action on what I heard. And my life has completely changed because of that.  I began blogging about my experience with slowing down for long enough to hear my soul. I wrote about not letting fear stop me from truly living. And along the way, I began to open up to others who were also in similar places. My blog has become a refuge for those of us who are tired of running away from ourselves. It’s for any and all of us who are ready to embrace our lives authentically, openly, and lovingly. And I am grateful each and every day that it continues to be a safe haven for so many of us.

Joy: When you are creating and doubt surface (does doubt surface?), what resources do you rely upon as you continue to create?

Jodi: Great question! Doubt definitely surfaces – but only when I leave my soul and drift into my head. I’m always okay if I allow myself to stay in the flow. That’s how I usually create – in sort of manic pushes where I’m taking dictation from the universe and just trying to keep up. Books flow out, ecourses form, and art is created – all so quickly that I can’t believe it. It’s usually after the creation that the doubt creeps in for me. I worry that it’s not what the world is waiting for – that there won’t be a yearning for it. But then I remember that it wouldn’t have flown out of me for no reason. So my resource is my faith and my certainty in my belief that everything is working out exactly how it’s supposed to. (And also, if something just doesn’t work – I can always choose to try something new. And knowing that this route is perfectly okay helps me create without judgment or fear.)

Joy: Absolutely beautiful, Jodi!  If I may ask, may you share a bit more with us about what would you consider is the source of your power?

Jodi: My soul, which is connected to the universe, which is connected to all of life and all of the love in the world. This love energy is amazing. We all have the ability to tap into it. Once I’m there, I never want to leave – I want to stay in it all of the time and take it all in. It’s so powerful and so there. I love being in it and with it and a part of it. It’s beautiful and real and palpable. And it never leaves us. Sometimes we may choose to step away from it, but we’re always just a breath away from stepping right back in.

Joy: You are offering an ecourse called “Coming Back to Life” that begins October 1st.  May you share with us a bit about your vision for the course?

Jodi: The Coming Back to Life Ecourse begins on 10/1 and lasts for 6 weeks. It’s a helping hand, a set of concrete tools, and a loving support system all wrapped up into one heartfelt course!

This course is for those of us who have ever felt disconnected from life – from our soul. It’s for those of us who have felt our light dimming. It’s for those of us who know that there is more to life than simply getting through the day.

This course is for those of us who are ready to plug back into this magical universe, reconnect with our soul, and open our hearts again. It’s for those of us who are no longer willing to just “get by” and sleepwalk through our days. It’s for those of us who are ready – truly ready – to start living fully.

Joy: What can someone expect to learn from this course, and how will it change their life?

Jodi: I do want to mention that this course can’t change your life unless you are willing to change the way you are living your life. You have to be open to it and you have to be willing to put in the work. That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. I have read tons of self-help books throughout my life and was always disappointed when nothing changed. Well, it was because I simply read the book but didn’t apply any of the teachings to my own life. I read them like I would read a novel – simply for enjoyment rather than to learn and REALLY change and grow.

If you sign up for this course and simply watch the videos and read through the workbook but don’t apply any of the exercises to your own life, I’m sure you will enjoy everything but I would bet that nothing in your life will change. You have to make the choice to take action. You have to be so fed up with your current way of living that you are honestly ready to make a change. And if you are, then this course really can help you. It’s based on what I went through in my own life, so I know that it works.

Once you decide to wake up and start living fully, you will begin to examine why you stopped living and then you get to figure out how to heal from that, forgive yourself and anyone else that needs to be forgiven, open up to the universe, and begin embracing your life again.

And no, it’s not always as easy as this makes it sound. But once you begin and once you feel that glimmer of hope again – that feeling that you probably haven’t felt in a really long time – you won’t want to turn around. You’ll want to keep moving toward the light. I guarantee it. This course will start you on a beautiful journey that you will continue for the rest of your life.

Joy: Thank you, Jodi, for sharing a bit of your beautiful spirit here with us.  And, dear reader, if the course resonates with you, please check it out…registration is open now.  It is important for you to know I am not an affiliate, but Jodi’s message and style resonates strongly with me.  If this interview prompts you to sign-up for Jodi’s class (session beginning October 2012), please email me your receipt and I will enroll you in a complimentary session of my Gift of Presence Affirmation ecourse. 

My question for you, dear reader is:  As you read through this interview, what speaks most strongly to you…what is your “takeaway” and what is one action step that you might take to apply it within your creations/connections?

Thank you, Jodi!  Thank you, dear reader! *Excellent*, indeed!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.

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  1. Oh Miss Joy, I did enjoy this post and I found Jody’s site a while back and hop over there as well from time to time. My takeway from this is how there are so many women that that struggle to listen to their soul. We all are saying the same thing in our own words… and it is such a beautiful picture to watch unfold. Thank you.

    • It is so wonderful to “see” you here, Rosemary! Thank you for the heart smile :)

      I *love* this affirmation: “we are all saying the same thing”.

      As we connect and create, men and women together, we tend to “worry about”/focus upon our differences, in a way that limits us rather than inspires us. Your affirmation invites us to create and connect *together*, amplifying the message (whatever form that is in) simply with our presence to it. What a celebration of life! Beautiful, indeed :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing our words here, Joy! I’m so excited to be a part of your space! I loved answering your questions – they were so soulful. We definitely see the world through a similar lens.

    I’m so excited for this course to begin! So many beautiful souls have said yes to life again, and that’s just such an amazing thing to witness.

    Hugs to you!

    • Thank you, Jodi, for all that you share and reflect! I appreciate your generous nature and radiant spirit!

      This speaks strongly to me, as it is the sole reason I share as I do through my work and in life: “so many beautiful souls have said yes to life again, and that’s just an amazing thing to witness!”

      A huge energetic hug full of warmth and gratitude :)

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