Sharing the Harvest of October

May we appreciate all that we “have”; allowing  gratitude to guide us as we move through World.  

Together, may we bless the spirit of October; typically known for harvest.

As we honor the process of organic growth within unfolding, may we move through World with joy and ease.  Vesting full presence in all that is enriching and enlivening allows us to enjoy our connections and creations as we explore and experiment within them. 

The flow within organic growth invites us to embrace life fully. As we honor this process in all areas, we find that we might be preparing the soil (ah, I made a typo..soul..*that* applies as well!) in this area, while planting a seed in that area; nurturing here, while enjoying there.  We find that there isn’t a “beginning”, middle, “end”…stages that many people fear and often become stuck in…there is just this wonderful cycle of flow.

May we take the time to sit, in solitude or with another, to appreciate the process of planting and reaping the abundance.  May we take the time to appreciate and enjoy the harvest.  May we receive graciously.  May we share generously.

From such a space, we honor full creative expression; gratitude transforms resistance to passion and purpose. 

May we carefully consider the types of seeds that we are planting.

We tend to think “we have nothing to plant”, yet a well-placed smile or kind word nourishes being far beyond physical abundance. 

We tend to think “we have nothing to receive”, yet others are offering to us the smiles and affirmations that encourage and inspire. 

As you vision this month, this season…may you consider the building blocks of Facets:

Clarity:  When we vest full presence into knowing our heart truth, our actions resonate with this truth.  The materials that we choose, the techniques that we use, the support that we accept, all contribute to the ease of the process and the abundance that we feel. When we, with awareness and intent, lovingly invest in the process, what we cultivate is often far beyond what we can fathom. Infinite possibility becomes our reality.

(How does that feel?)

If it feels like a magnificent invitation to allow your heart whispers to become your reality, then may you vest fully in this process.

If you feel resistant, may you look inward and identify your reluctance to accept this invitation.  When we do the inner work, as we move through World, we are affirming our commitment to live fully.  If we feel resistant, yet continue to plant, the work feels challenging and the harvest rarely resonates; leaving us feeling exhausted and unfulfilled.

Gratitude: Organic growth offers us the opportunity to experience the full range of cycles with Spirit on Earth. When we vest full presence in appreciating that which we have, the moment is full of abundance.

When we honor our heart truth through our connections and creations, we are in essence, through the process of creating and connecting, sharing gratitude for that truth.  Aligned with truth, creating and connecting is a joy to be present to, this moment, as we are.

Love: This season offers us changes in weather, produce, and daylight hours. When we choose to engage our senses, to allow World to delight us, these changes delight us. (Where in life might we apply this concept?).  

I personally enjoy the feel of the crisp air, the boldness of the colors of October (orange and cranberry), the taste of squash, the feel of my most comfortable sweatshirt, the fragrance of pumpkin and cinnamon, the song of the birds in the pre-dawn, post-day darkness (perhaps because I cannot see them, their song sounds especially exquisite).

Peace: As we honor organic growth, vesting full presence in that which resonates, moving with alignment, we are cultivating peace.  In such a way, peace is not something to “attain”, we already have it, through the action of being.  Peace is a choice.  If we don’t feel it in the moment, we may look at what we are vesting in, and re-center our choices.

I love the feel of walking at ocean’s edge in the evening in Fall.  Evening offers darkness, so the smells of dinner cooking, and the feel of people being home, is peaceful to me…I feel as if “all is well in the world”.  Living on the boat,  and now at the harbor, October begins the ‘off-season’ mode–this new emptiness offers silence and stillness that invites contemplation and celebration.

Simplicity: When we think of planting, and harvesting, we think there is so much “to do”.     When we choose to vest full presence with love and gratitude, the “act of doing” becomes the joy of being. This is possible when we focus on what is in the moment of *now*. Instead of multi-tasking, we cultivate the abundance of the moment by choosing to be present to that which we are creating/connecting with *now*. There is time to revel in, savor, enjoy, because we appreciate the elegance of the experience. 

Trust: As creators of this moment, vested in truth, we are present because we choose to be.  We understand that what we vest in grows; when we vest in enriching and enlivening, the moment is as fulfilling, as magical, as delightful as we allow it to be.

Thank you for exploring the possibilities of October with me!

Might you share with us, what is a seed that you are planting, and/or what is the abundance you are currently experiencing?  What is your “best” of October? 

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.

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Comments on: "Sharing the Harvest of October" (9)

  1. I am planting the seeds of love, gratitude, mindfulness, creativity and joy. October always feels like a fresh beginning to me, a brand new phase. Probably because we’re out of the warm weather and the overall cooler ambiance helps us relax better and without stress.

    Lovely post.

    • Thank you, Vidya, for sharing such a reflection full of abundance! May you thoroughly enjoy the daily harvest of the seeds that you are planting!

      As I practice organic growth within unfolding, I notice that following the seasons invites an overall ease to each part of the process; investing in flow naturally dissolves struggle.

      October is typically one of the warmest months for us here..with temperatures reaching well over 90F in neighboring cities…so our Fall is the last “hoorah” of sailing season and Ocean related activities..a reminder to enjoy the harvest as we reap it!

    • Vidya, nice to see you here :)

      And I totally agree :D

  2. I have this huge amount of spring energy going up, up, up.
    We must be visiting the same circles if we are choosing the same classes! :D Let´s see where these take us. :)

    • Thank you for your presence, Paula…here on this site, and also in the wonderful classes that allow us to explore creative expression!

      I love the visual of “up, up, up”…allowing our heart whispers to soar and return a reality!

  3. What a truly beautiful post, Joy. (and a great name for your site :D)

    I am totally, utterly, open and ready to a harvest that can, should, will, is meant to, and is already Setting Records and New Standards.

    That type of harvest.

    Feel me? :)

    • Thank you, Jason, for taking the time to stop in and say hello :)

      I love your affirmation: “I am totally, utterly, open and ready to a harvest that can, should, will, is meant to, and is already Setting Records and New Standards.” I am excited to see how it manifests in your life, and how you choose to align your external circumstances with such a powerful internal affirmation.

      I feel you. Nice :)

      And, Facets allows room for individual expression, growth, and expansion…the only boxes here are the ones we use to hand-balance on :)

      • lol, Joy! You’re right, that *is* an affirmation…

        …but to me it’s just a fact, a reality, something I’ve come to through a life of intense experience that I barely describe.

        I came out the other side just KNOWING that I AM READY for that RECORD-setting harvest.

        In fact, the way I’ve been feeling lately, I’ll have that, or let this ‘body’ go.

        As for no boxes — I love it :) Feels good to share here.

        Thanks again!

        • Thank you for the heart smile, Jason! Yes, I feel your intention of readiness…and the strength of your declaration. So, I turn that inward, and I ask myself, where in life am I willing to declare so strongly that I am ready for abundance…and then to receive it as confidently as that).

          As you receive this harvest into your life, it would be wonderful if you would come back and share some examples…I learn from and am inspired by such experiences!

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