Conscious Creation


As you contemplate the meaning, and absorb the feel, of this invitation, may you also consider these recent #sixwords phrases….

intricately interwoven heart whispers celebrating freedom

I trust you to love me

lovingly and tenderly / folded into grace

People often ask me “how” I create, for this site and in life.

I cultivate whole-body wellness in various ways; most significantly vesting solely in that which is enriching and enlivening, nourishing and inspiring to my entire being.

I have a few daily practices in the morning and evening–such as writing morning pages, meditation, walking at ocean’s edge at sunset, and sharing gratitude in a journal or notes.

From this space, full of clarity and trust, I create my life–my connections, movements, dreams.

I take long walks in nature (the above is one of my favorite spots) exploring the hills, ocean, and gardens.  I honor ample time and space for these walks–this particular one was in between a creative session for Facets and school pick-up for my two children.  There was an hour between picking up one child and another, and I chose to use that time at this park and walk the trail in the hills.

(I could have chosen to run errands or read a book or speak on the phone).

On this walk, I took the above photo (and others).  I breathed in fresh air, felt my fingertips chill in the cold, saw bold colors, was a bit afraid of the freshly placed “caution: rattlesnakes” sign.

I felt World through my senses, feeling very refreshed and enlivened.

From this space, full of the feel of abundance and connected-ness, I create “my work”.

I turn the photos from each walk into either a photo essay or affirmation and use them in my articles, the complimentary “A Daily Whisper” series, one of my online programs, or social media.

This is a concrete example of the concept working with ease.

My colleagues wonder why I spend so much time offline.  My friends wonder why I spend so much time in nature.

I don’t differentiate between work and play.  To me, it is all a celebration of presence to lifemanifesting through myriad creative expressions and connections, evolving as I evolve.

I feel utter gratitude for the gift of each moment.

(This means I am not feeling “all that I do not have”, I am celebrating the abundance in this moment, and allowing that gratitude to amplify the reality of infinite possibility as I move through World).

We have different ways of moving…this is “my way” (presence to unfolding within organic growth).   I share it here, to shed a bit of light on who I am and how I move.  This energy infuses all that I do…it is “how” I create, practice, move, love, share.

I would love to know how do you create? If you may share one of your practices of creating, and how does this practice feel? (and creating could mean a specific project or an entire way of life).

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.


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  1. Hi Joy, A lot of people will tell you that you should have a scheduled calendar of what you’ll be doing on the blog. Maybe we “should”, maybe that way it would be “better”, but so far I simply write each week when I feel called to do it. It kind of “comes over me” and I feel compelled to write. I have days where all I want to do is write and at other times weeks go by and I am too busy to want to do it. But I always “know” when I have a hit on my hands because the urge to sit down and write simply won’t be denied. Many times I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to write about. Even when I think I know, something else usually appears!

    • Hi Julie,

      I heard “should” my entire life, from childhood on. I love guidance, but when “should” is introduced I no longer vest presence.

      I do have a “loose” editorial calendar, which I find essential when collaborating, but feels restrictive to my personal creative process.

      So, I love, and completely identify with, your reflection! I love this “when I feel called” and “the urge to sit down and write simply won’t be denied”. It feels abundant and enriching and enlivening…which is how I feel when I read your work, and why I love your site. I never know the specifics of “what I will get” but I know when I read your message, it will resonate and either affirm– or invite contemplation of– my heart truth.

  2. Like Julie, I don’t stick to a schedule, and I’m amazed when bloggers tell me that they know what they are going to post weeks in advance. Ideas come to me from a variety of sources. My current post was inspired by a beer commercial! You never know. Like you, I like to spend time off the computer and in nature. In the summer, I need go no further than my back yard. All year long, I love going to my cabin in the mountains, right in the forest beside a creek. Most of all, I free myself from most “shoulds.”

    • *grin* “inspiration from a beer commercial”–I love it, Galen, because it shows “how” the process of living life can be inspirational. This authenticity is what so many in mainstream are “seeking” and I believe is the reason your message resonates with so many!

      In my life, my experience with “should” has been fear-based, so I have eliminated ‘should’ from my vocabulary…it is affirming to know that you regard it in a similar way!

  3. Joy,
    Thanks for the reminder that I want to walk in nature more. Nature helps me to create, too. But a good conversation over coffee in the morning with my husband. Sometimes it’s a TED video or other inspirational video, too.
    And today it’s your blog post!!

    • Hi Betsy,

      I absolutely agree that inspiration comes from a variety of sources! As you have mentioned, connection with love may be empowering and videos may contain material that enrich and enliven. What a wonderful feel when external invites us into the experience of abundance!

  4. ‘Love Me Tenderly’

    Intricately freedom folded into


    Trust interwoven to


    Grace whispers lovingly


    You and I celebrating



    …yes…18 words ‘moved’ around differently :)

    I will be ‘moving’ in the Opera tomorrow exactly 6 months to the day that I injured my hand. I am grateful to be finally back to work.

    Yes watch out for the rattlesnakes as they do come out during the winter on sunny days as seen in the photo. I had to jump over two Pacific Coast Rattlesnakes on a 10 mile canyon run some years ago (nice sunny day).

    Thank you Joy

    • Hi Rand,

      Thank you for sharing!

      As a note, my heart whispers in this article are not around a “person”…they are experiences I have as I explore nature. I leave them open and generic enough that others may ascribe their own meaning and vision to them. Thus the “freedom” around them.

      I am glad to hear that you are back to work, after having incurred injury…a testament to the power of healing in all realms!

      (The only rattlesnake I have seen on the hiking trail in So Ca was almost 20 years ago during my first hike here. I do believe in, and honor, signs–especially when they are literally guiding!)

  5. this sounds like such the ideal life! good on you for creating it. And know that I’m on my journey too.

    • Thank you, Janet, for the kind words.

      Presence is a process, so internal is ideal and external is as “ideal” as I allow it to be. If you would like to share a bit of your creative process, I would love that! When you share, I learn!

  6. I tend to create spontaneously for my blog although I also take into account requests from my reader. The inspiration or idea bubbles and I capture it as quickly as I can. I have whole notebooks of ideas for posts.

    How do I create in life? I need to reflect on that one!

    Thanks for sharing your process. I’m struck by the spacious feel of your life.

    • I am struck by your reflection of spaciousness, Sandra, thank you! Having spent five years on a 40ft sailboat and our time on land since then in one room spaces, one might be astounded by the feel of spaciousness my children and I experience together and individually. That we feel World provides our living “parameters” (for example, sky is our ceiling, hills our backyard, ocean our floor, Earth our playground) has much to do with that feel!

      I love this: “inspiration or idea bubbles”…feels so lively and *fun*!

      May I ask, what do you do with your notebooks? Do you read through them, or “how” do you cultivate material from them? I’m curious.

      Thank you for sharing your process! I love your work, each message speaks so strongly to me!

  7. If there is one thing I’ve come to realize, it is to avoid doing something solely because I “should”. Mostly it is not fair on me and the activity. That does not mean I avoid it totally. :D I often have to change my attitude towards it to a positive one. As far as blogging goes, my best ideas come to me when I am in the kitchen early in the morning, or when I am out cruising on my bike, especially when I am not in a hurry to get anywhere. Then, there’s the time I spend on the terrace, watching the skies. That’s a glorious time of day for me.

    But – when I have time to spare between two things outside, I do catch up on chores or read a book, as I have a long list of to-dos.

    Still, I can confidently say that I savor my days and let go of thoughts that pressure me. I keep thinking – oh, there’s only one life to live, (as I know it, meeeow!). So appreciation would be my key to happiness.

    Hugs. Your words are magical, Joy. They instantly transported me to the place in your photo. So beautiful!

  8. Your creation process seems so different than mine.

    When I look at many of the works I’m most proud of, the word that comes to mind is relentless. It’s a dogged pursuit of a vision–something I loved enough to struggle for. And I mean struggle in a good way–reaching to the limits of my powers and energy and then some. It demands my whole body/spirit/energy.

    Somehow I suspect that we are not as different as it appears. :)

    • Thank you, Joshua, for your presence to this piece.

      I absolutely love your observation! Our creation process seems so different, and probably is externally; internally we both push reach our limit–might I suggest a point of faith–and create from there.

      I love that you chose to share; when we connect through similarities we amplify them, when we connect through differences, we learn. Thank you for your reflection!

  9. Beautiful post. I too, am not moved by “shoulds”. I find “shoulds” to be stifling and inauthentic. I blog when I feel I have something worthwhile to share.

    My process typically begins with a phrase or thought that is held in my consciousness for a period of time. I work from that thought (or in the case of my art, that image) and build the post around that.

    I settle in with a cup of tea, some relaxing music and allow my thoughts to flow freely. Editing comes later.

    • Thank you for sharing your process, Paulissa!

      I love the feel of sitting with tea, music and free flowing thoughts – honoring space, time and energy for your creative expression to unfold…sounds delightful! I do believe that our “products” absorb the energy they are created with then draw to them resonance; your intention sounds refreshing and enriching!

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