Every Breath is a New Beginning

Every breath is a new beginning.

An opportunity to live the experience of infinite possibility.

As you are, in this moment.

Nothing external “required”.

You are enough, you have enough,

in this moment…

to celebrate the gift of life.    

I wished to share a short video message–I have a quiet voice, so you will need to turn the volume up:

If you are unable to view the video here, you may follow this link: This Moment is a Gift.

I feel the words in this poem capture the essence of exactly what I wish to express in this space:

Love Right Here and Love Right Now by Tanya Levy

My friend says, “I can’t let go

No one gets closer to my heart”

I say, “letting go can take a long time

Love now, especially if it is there to find


I sit in the car and my son asks

“What would Daddy say if he could tell me

One more thing?”

Where are the words for my son’s grief?


He would say, “I love you, I watch over you”

Letting go takes a long, long time

It spirals up and down

All the way to the moon and back


It never really leaves us

People live on in our hearts,

In our kitchens, in our conversations

In our habits, in our frustrations


It took me so long to put up my tree

Every one held a memory

Some of pain, some of glory

Each round orb held a story


Now here is what I am trying to say

Love now, love today

Look around at your daily view

Do you see all the good that is coming to you?


Things appear in perfect timing

No rushing the journey of seeking blindly

And when good things do appear,

Hold them close and let them near.


Love right now and love right here.

“Tis the truth, it’s crystal clear

Soon this day will disappear

Breathe in deep, for it’s still near.

As you absorb the feel of the photo and affirmation, the message of the short video, the meaning of the poem, what arises within?  It is my intent to invite you to consider that external (anything) is absolutely wonderful if it amplifies joy, enriches your being, enlivens your spirit.  Yet, external (anything) is not *necessary* for our healing, growth, connection, or creative expression.

So often, we get caught up in the ritual of celebration, which can sometimes feel weighty and dissuade us from vesting presence.

When we choose to celebrate the moment, as we are, as it is, we are affirming unconditional love.

I would love to know, in the comment section below, what is something that you are choosing to celebrate today?  And, is there anything you are willing to release or embrace to amplify that celebration

And, thank you, Tanya, for allowing me to share your precious words here…what a beautiful collaboration with love!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger.  Savor.  Relish.

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Comments on: "Every Breath is a New Beginning" (10)

  1. Hi Joy: What a wonderful message. It was a blessing to share my poem with you. Today I am celebrating the gift of a sick day as I recuperate quietly and slowly at home. I let go of work that will not be done today and trust I will easily complete it next week. May today be a day of joyful presence for you. xo Tanya

    • I appreciate that you allowed me to share your words in this space, Tanya!

      Sending you a huge energetic hug full of refreshment, peace, and love. Synchronicity: trust was my key word today as well…wonderfully expansive when we allow it to be :)

  2. Thanks Joy and Tanya!

    That is a wonderful poem that touched me & opened me to move love now! I’ve noticed many bloggers writing about love lately, including my own Ode to the New Year.

    To more peace, love and joy for the new year!

    • Thank you, Brad, for sharing your kind words. Isn’t it interesting how so many were writing about fear at year-end, and now love at year-beginning..yet another reflection that when we open to connecting through fear, love is there patiently waiting for us!

      Yes! to more peace, love, and joy (as you so eloquently wrote in the poem on your site)!

  3. The poem and the people, of lost, ‘truth’ of letting go, and ‘truth’ the absence is very real…’henceforward it is his way of appearing.’

    So beautiful Tanya… I feel your words and message.
    Thank you…


    To answer your two questions Joy…
    Before I read this post I said to someone “I am so grateful and happy that my daughters made so much time for me over the holiday’s”. What do I release regards this? Not sure?? I am going for a barefoot run on the beach…I’ll give it some thought…

    • Thank you, Rand, for your kind words!

      The time spent with your daughters required your full presence as well..so, yes, they made time for you, as you did for them…what a wonderful feel or presence to connection!

      There isn’t a ‘need’ to release anything…the prompt was along the lines of sometimes we limit the celebration instead of allowing it to completely unfold as is…

  4. HI Joy! I came over from Vidya’s page and so glad that I found you! Your message is perfect! I will return!

    • Welcome, Jodi! Vidya is wonderful in all ways–I love her message and her spirit!

      I am glad you like the feel of this space, and look forward to connecting :)

  5. jean sampson said:

    Thank you, Tanya, and Joy for this beautiful post. I am really concentrating on seeing where I can be more and more loving, where I can transform the energy of a situation if I just let fear go and look for love in its place. It really makes life feel fuller when I do that, and I don’t think that is surprising at all that is should be that way. For some reason, I seem to be going back through my life and seeing all of the miraculous meetings, connections, creations, mistakes, failures, everything that has brought me to now. It seems that I have been supported by a scaffold of love all of my life and that I have been unaware of it a lot of the time. I think that I am finally seeing how love has been my constant companion and I am finally becoming aware of it, finally knowing that, even without trying to, I am parts of that scaffold for other people in my life. We are all that for one another, whether we realize it or not. So, yes, each breath is so important both to us and to someone we love.
    Thanks for being parts of my scaffold of love! :)

    • Thank you, Jean for your presence, and the kind words!

      “A scaffold of love”…now there is a wonderful visual for a piece of artwork! Or a poem….

      I know that many can identify with your words, so I thank you for sharing. In my life, there have been moments I have chosen to be love, moments others might not have agreed with, or even criticized me for, yet in hindsight I can see how very right those decisions felt and allowed love to blossom in ways I couldn’t have fathomed.

      I love this” “I can transform the energy”…yes!…what I have experienced these last few days of presence to collaboration with love, is that when I breathe into fear, it somehow transforms to love…I don’t know “how”, but it is consistent. So, I keep breathing *grin*….recognizing that my heart space is expanding. I also know that when I am afraid, I hold my breath, and my heart space feels constricted. The unscientific version (where is Evita —evitaochel.com with the scientific stuff??).

      Thank you for being part of my scaffold of love…really if someone would like to create something around that, I would *love* to receive it!

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