28 Days of Love: A Real-Life Fairy Tale


When your heart smiles, World responds.

(I took this photo as I was walking through downtown to my favorite little mom and pop bakery–my “office”.  With a heart full of love and gratitude,  I can find sunbursts everywhere!).

I write for this series much like I create in life:  I center into flow, listen to my heart whispers, and share.  As I listen to internal prompts, and receive external affirmation, I don’t know “why” something rises, yet I weave it into my creative expression.

I don’t know why I had the prompt to share my love story with Ginger with you. Having shared many experiences of infinite possibility, this one with Ginger is my most precious.  I know you might have thought Making Love in the Moonlight was number one (and it was wonderful!), but it wouldn’t have been possible had I not experienced Ginger first.

That is the joy of following heart whispers.  You know doors are opening, you know you are cultivating something, you just don’t always know “what”.  Life is full of wonderful surprise!

If you wish to deepen your experience of infinite possibility, you “simply” choose to open your heart further.  

And, I ask, if you do follow this route, please don’t settle.  So often, we cannot “see” what is being placed, and we stop (believing, stepping, opening, cultivating).  I understand.  And, I promise if you breathe into it–one deep, full cleansing breath, and you take one more step, that the miracle you wish for, will be perfectly placed.  The moment you open your heart to it.

I spent so much of my life settling, pleasing others, and only the last several years living infinite possibility, so I am quite new at this “living miracle” stuff…but it’s such an essential part of our life that to my children, it is what they know.  They don’t know to settle, they just know to live it.  Wonderful to see.

However, this fairy tale is not about us.

It is about Amy Clover.  I am sharing it here in this space because it is an affirmation of what I know to be true, a real-life example of the concepts I practice and share.

Here is my little part: I had read a few of Amy’s articles–her message, energy, vibrancy is wonderful and resonates well with me.  Her spunk matches my own (probably surpasses it!), something I can say of very few people.  So, when she speaks,  I listen; when she moves, I observe.

On Friday, I saw that it was the last day of her 30×30 indiegogo project. Although she was far from reaching her monetary goal, her enthusiasm and spirit were soaring.  I loved that! She was online celebrating each contribution. She was not “complaining” about what she didn’t receive, she was sharing encouraging words and gratitude as she was celebrating all that she was receiving.

Toward the end, when it was apparent she wouldn’t reach her monetary goal, she tweeted she “is not giving up because I’ve had loved ones who did.  If you are tired of stories ending early, please contribute”.

And, that hit home for me.  In so many ways.  If I turn that inwards, in what areas have  I “given up” or not moved into? And, now that I’ve been “opened up again”, how can I best use it, those raw pieces, to inspire and encourage others through my work? That’s the crux of it.  I know I will remember the feel of that evening for a long time.  All that I create now is infused with *that*…sparked by Amy.

And, here is the thing.  I went to sleep that night knowing with full certainty that someone would make up the different for Amy.  I know this is how energy and faith works, with certainty  I know that…I believe it, practice it, live it.

I was so confused when I woke Saturday and checked social media and didn’t see that Amy had received a check.  I knew it would happen.

My weekend was full of everything but my work.   I knew seeds were planted, I feel this energetic something blossoming within, and I am making space for it, as I keep creating and connecting with what I have now.  I know these steps matter, I just cannot see “how”.

As I moved through my morning, getting the kids off to school, centering into faith, I read this update from Amy “We Made It: Journaling the Last Day of the Campaign”.  Spoiler alert: Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income “out of the blue” contacted Amy and donated the rest of the funds. Amy tells it best, please read her article.

My eyes filled with happy tears.  Because infinite possibility is *that real* when we allow it to be.  I have been that angel for others (as Pat was for Amy), I have been touched by angels (as Amy’s reflection *is* to me) and I know this is love. Can you feel the flow of abundance from Pat, to Amy, to all of the people whom Pat’s generosity and Amy’s message and energy touches in myriad ways?  Love.

As you read these words, and Amy’s article, may you consider an area in your life that your heart whispers clearly “yes please” and faith swoops in and moves you far beyond your comfort zone into the land of infinite possibility.  Would you like to share?–when you share, we learn!

The experience of infinite possibility is yours to live, when you allow it to be. 

(I knew this series would bring me to a vulnerable space. Here I am.  In it. Knee-deep.)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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  1. That is an awesome story! I love that you reaffirm your message in different ways through your site – it really helps me to stay on track! I said “yes please” to teaching the summer compost course, as well as some other wonderful things, and now I’m swimming through all sorts of unfamiliar territory that is pushing my buttons and stretching my comfort zone. I am communicating with a gazillion people, trying to get things set up and working, which is something I was never ever comfortable with before – I absolutely hated communicating with people. And really, everyone responds in friendly fashion, so willing to help me out. It’s wonderful to receive their help when I’m in a vulnerable space. I think that is my big lesson right now – that venturing into foreign territory will put me in a very vulnerable spot, in which I will need to ask for help – a lot of it!

    • Thank you for sharing, Lynn…I am *so excited* for you! We tend to think of “foreign territory” as full of danger; when we check in with our energy and state of being, this territory is often thrilling, exciting, fun. The threat is a response, the exploration is a conscious creation, a space that invites us to use our skills and talents in ways we never thought possible.

      And, I *love* that you chose the word “swimming”–synchronicity! Yesterday I was checking in with my self, asking what is the feel? And, I was glad to discover the feel is “swimming” versus ‘drowning’ or even surfing…I know “how” to swim and I enjoy swimming!

      If we look at it energetically, foreign territory is symbolic of a heart opening, thus the feel of vulnerability; that feel transforms to creation and connection–abundance–as we continue to explore.

      You *are living* your dream, Lynn…you “go”…how inspiring!

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