28 Days of Love: Honoring a Heart Whisper


Moon woke me.

Through the window.

And said, “Please, come play with me”.

At night, I open the window

and ask the moon to come 

and press its face against mine.

Breathe into me. 

Close the language-door.

And open the love-window.

The moon won’t use the door,

only the window. -Rumi

I felt a surge of joy, my entire being flooded with affirmation. “Yes, I will come and play”.

Then, my mind kicked in.  With valid reasons why running outside in my pajamas in the pre-dawn chill to take a photo and write in my journal, was not a “good idea”.

Something within me knew with clarity that if I listened to my heart whisper and went outside, it would change the feel of my day, perhaps even the specifics of the ‘plan’ of the day.  I knew I would be energetically opening a door.

I didn’t feel “ready”.  And, I really didn’t want to be “surprised”.

I remembered my intention to collaborate with love, put on a sweatshirt, went outside and breathed in the fresh air, and took the above photo.

It reminded me of when I lived on the boat…all of the moments that Moon shone through the hatch above my bed, bathing me in moonbeams as I slept.

The magic was palpable and I appreciated the gift, receiving it graciously.

As I allowed my spirit the joy of soaring through precious memories, I wasn’t thinking of what I had lost, I was full of gratitude for all that I had experienced.

From this space, my heart said “Please write about love.  28 days of love to honor the energy of February”.

And, I said no thank you.

Who am I to write about love?  Where is my credibility?  I figuratively crashed and burned big time and spent last year healing and growing and now here I am, and I really want to create in safe spaces and share what I do know of presence and energy and sunsets.

And, then, I remembered one of my favorite comments from the amazing project of curating messages from within this Facets community for our eBook.  (Can you believe it has been one month since we launched that eBook?  How amazing!).  I heard in various ways, what a wonderful opportunity for the readers to share, instead of the “experts”.

If we look like “experts” it is because what we (bloggers in general) tend to share is from a base of knowledge we have experienced and studied, then polished and edited, to present to those with whom it resonates.

And, I tweeted this morning: “When we strive for perfection, we remove character from the experience”.

What I do have is character, trust, moxie, spunk..and a desire to explore those spaces that have no parameters…spaces of presence to love and gratitude.

So, here I am, committing to 28 days of love.  My fear is that I will feel ultra-vulnerable, and wish to withdraw, but even bigger than that, my fear is that I will feel ultra-vulnerable, wish to withdraw, breathe into it, and allow for expansion.

To where…I have absolutely no idea!…simultaneously thrilling and scary.

And, really, when we speak of Love…whether it is toward self, another, a creative expression of our heart whispers, family, romantic, World, a process…wherever we choose to vest presence to Love…aren’t we sometimes a bit hesitant because we truly don’t know where it will lead…but we do know it will be life-changing.  And, all we can do is trust, and hope that the changes are “positive, feel-good” changes, not gut-wrenching, what the “F” did I do changes.

We don’t know.  We can’t know.

Yet, there comes a moment when we choose to vest anyway.

This is that moment for me.

I’m in.  28 days.  It is my hope that you will join me, either in the comment section, or via email responses, because in all honesty, I ‘need’ you in this.  Your voice matters. It’s not about subscribers, its absolutely about connection.

I trust you to love me.

(And I don’t write ahead, so I have absolutely *no idea* “how” this will happen, just that it is).

Here we go!

If you turn this reflection inward, you might ask yourself, is there a heart whisper that you are burying or avoiding because it will bring you into a vulnerable space?  And, beyond that…when we speak of Love, are you “in“?

The complimentary energy circle for February is open through February 7th.  To add your energetic intention, simply register here: complimentary energy circle-February.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger.  Savor. Relish.

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Comments on: "28 Days of Love: Honoring a Heart Whisper" (8)

  1. Joy~
    hello beautiful one!
    Love is our connection to everything & nothing,, we are intimate with all,, one-ness is what You are.

    • Oh my heart cannot contain my surprise and gratitude at your presence to this particular piece!

      Somehow your presence affirms the “step and Universe will meet you with joy far beyond what you can imagine or ask for” principle. Thank you.

      I love this beautiful affirmation…may everyone who reads it experience it: “Love is our connection to everything and nothing, we are intimate with all, one-ness is what You are.”


  2. I smiled. I love the moon. Joy, we’ve had so much cloud (and snowy nights) that I didn’t get to play with February’s full moon though I knew it had to be somewhere having some fun. :)

    • Oh my…another surprise from a friend whom I hadn’t “seen” in a while! Thank you, Talon, for stopping in! Your presence, too, affirms the ‘step and Universe will meet you’ principle.

      I am glad Moon gave you a smile. As you have given me!

      This exploration of love is already so magnificent, and it’s only *day one*! Goodness. *grin*

  3. Looking forward to your 28 days of love! What a beautiful commitment to make :)

  4. jean sampson said:

    Well, Joy, it is so obvious to me that only goodness can come from you, so your commitment to this 28 days will be filled with lots of goodness and love! I cheer you on and love that you started with the moon (I LOVE the moon and love that it comes in my window too). Your willingness to be vulnerable invites others to take chances and be vulnerable, too. Lots of love to you and to this community you are gathering to open to love!

    • Thank you, Jean, for your presence and wonderful affirmation!

      Yes, Moon, seems to have energetically infused this exploration…and I see how that resonance brought this group to this piece…I *love* that!

      It is my wish that my willingness to be vulnerable inspires others to explore in whatever area they wish to grow in their life.

      Love to you!!

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