28 Days of Love: Making “Mistakes”


This photo affirmation was inspired by an experience today.  I had a hard copy check in an envelope– a pretty large sum–to be used for necessities such as groceries and gas.  My car was on empty and my cupboards were quite bare, so this check felt important.

(Here it is).

I ripped the envelope into quite a few little pieces to put into the recyclable bin. The check was still in the envelope.

Right. One might call that a mistake. (I did!). I threw money away! 

I did not: criticize, judge, berate myself.  That only brings negative energy into the space and paralyzes me from taking action.

I did: stop and take one full, centering breath and energetically ask for guidance/the best possible solution to be presented.  I told Money that I did not mean to be careless or disrespectful and to please continue to trust me as we move forward together.

You see, for me, money is energy, and I wanted to make sure money knew that yes, indeed, love was in the space, even if my actions did not show it, and I wished to move through this space together.

I put the pieces of the check together and taped it.  It looked umm…interesting.

I called the bank and the customer service rep said they probably could not take it, but to bring it in anyway.

I brought it in.  The teller cashed it.  (You didn’t think that would be the ending, did you?  Ha!  Me either.  And, that is an example of infinite possibility!).

And how does this have to do with Love?

Money and Love energetically are in the same frequency–in the chakra system they are both in the second chakra.  What we believe about Money, we also tend to believe about Love.

Many of us have been in a space with Love, where we gave someone our heart, felt it was “ripped up” beyond repair, and then labeled that a mistake.  Many of us stop right there.  And, it doesn’t feel very good.

Yet, if we have practices in place, we are able to trust and that moves us into the space of infinite possibility. 

People ask how I apply clarity to myself, this is an example of “how” I apply it to Love, relationships, and the concept of “mistake”.

When I choose to explore, as I am with this 28-day commitment to Love, I journey to a depth energetically that is then somehow manifested as an experience in the physical world.

One can imagine, then, that when I journey in Love, I follow my heart whispers and I am led to some pretty magnificent places.

When fear arises (either in me or the person I am relating with), I process my part in it.  I’ve learned so much about presence and trust in flow and gratitude for the moment that I now process within vulnerable spaces that I might previously have walked away from.

So far, I have yet to connect with anyone who has the faith and desire to  journey to that depth and range with me consistently.

If I turn that inward (which is what I do when I apply clarity to my self) I apply that reflection to mean that I had yet to have the faith and desire in myself .  

When I apply clarity in such a manner, I am not criticizing or judging; I am observing and opening to awareness.  This awareness allows me to make conscious choices of connection and creation.  

With this insight, I do not look back upon the relationships in which I chose to share my entire being and think ‘oh what a mistake’.  (I might have initially, but really, that is placing external blame, and is a barrier to moving forward with gratitude and love).

What I do think is ‘thank you for your presence’…thank you for what I have learned and experienced and who that is inviting me to become, right now in these moments.  This opening to gratitude allows all of that abundant joy and delight and passion to infuse my creations and connections, now.

If what we focus on grows, and we think of a mistake as something negative, it is extremely difficult to then grow something positive in that realm.  So, if we are going to use the label “mistake”, let’s recognize that each time we choose to share from a space of Love, we ignite the energy in that space in a positive way….

When we amplify positive energy, we open the door to infinite possibility.

If you are reading this, this message is for you then:

I promise with every fiber of being, every ounce of knowledge that I have, every bit of what I have experience and who I am, that Love doesn’t hurt. Sometimes Fear steps in and distracts us but, when you choose to open to it, Love is still right there, waiting patiently to be cultivated and celebrated.  

And, if you felt the depth of that as Truth, would it change how you choose to connect as you move through World?  Probably.

(This essay is one I might have to read quite a few times to allow the full message to sink in…quite a powerful affirmation if we allow it to be…oh, yes, I said we, because even if you are silent in the comments, having read this you have now walked a few energetic steps with me.  And, I thank you for that.  More than words can say!).

One more thing.  If you consider an action of sharing Love a mistake and you wish it away, it’s a barrier in the entire realm of Love; so the opposite of that is true as well…if you step into Love, even though you are feeling vulnerable, you are dissolving barriers in all realms– in essence, inviting infinite possibility into your Life.  

Pretty powerful stuff..

Thank you for your presence. 

If you would like to share, what is your “take” on mistakes?  When you share, we learn!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger.  Savor. Relish.

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  1. Joy,

    Talk about sharing space with your message- as I read this, a song came on my pandora station in the middle of my reading… The Susan tedeschi version of “loving you is sweeter than ever.” As if to reinforce your comments on looking back on love relationships in which you have given your whole being not as mistakes…your words coupled with this song made my heart sing, “loving you has made my life sweeter than ever…” I know you understand what a timely message this is for me. Thank you for sharing it. :)

    • Thank you, Molly, for your presence in this vulnerable space!

      “Loving you has made my life sweeter than ever” is a beautiful affirmation.

      ..and, if you would like to stretch with me a bit, let’s imagine Source singing that as enthusiastically to us, as we would to those whom we have shared with! A symphony of Love!

  2. Hi Joy,

    Thanks for being so brave in both going to your depth and sharing how you do so. May you find the partner who is willing to go to the depths with you.

    I sometimes practice looking for the blessing in challenges, but it’s more mental. I’m sure an energetic opening to gratitude for the experience would be more powerful.

    blessings, brad

    • Thank you, Brad, for your presence in this vulnerable space, and your kind words.

      It might seem “different”, but I move through world with presence to resonance within unfolding, so I’m not “looking” for anything, it is all perfectly placed. With this practice, then, my journey to depth is to increase the clarity and vibration within that resonance…if that makes sense?

      I love your practice of looking for the blessing within challenges…it is mental, yes, and that is the joy of it–because mind is engaged while heart celebrates–thus, we are vesting presence with “whole-body integration”..quite powerful. That *is* energetic movement, gratitude ignites the energy.

      I am so glad you “stopped in”…thank you!

  3. “To love God through and across the destruction of Troy and Carthage—-and with no consolation. Love is not consolation, it is light.”

    ~ Simone Weil
    Gravity and Grace

    …and so here I am Joy…’Dancing in Divine Dust’

    …much love

    …thank you

    • I like this (my typo said I live this, which I do) “Love is not consolation, it is light”. Thank you for sharing, Rand!

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