Present to Possibility


It is a joy to share this message with you here in this space, amplifying and celebrating infinite possibility, together.

I would love to know, as you read the above “Present to Possibility” affirmation, what stands out to you, as your reality and as an invitation to expand that reality?  When you share, we learn. 

Amplifying Abundance with Joy

One of the “takeaways” from my recent time in NY with friends is a remembrance of the joy of celebration.

When we take the time to share the delight of heart whispers returning into our lives as a perfectly placed reality, we amplify abundance.  

Celebration inspires us all to continue to dream and to honor our creative expressions as we connect with joy and gratitude. 

This celebration is also a way to appreciate “self” for: stepping, learning, growing, sharing skills and talents and living on purpose.

So often we continue “pushing through” to create and connect *more* without taking time to appreciate the movements we have taken, connections and creations we have vested energy to.

Energetically, choosing to celebrate increases inner peace as well as trust in self and flow.

Articles in Other Spaces

I am thrilled to share with you a “happy moment” in my career: my first ever ‘published in an online magazine’ article:

Rituals for Opening and Closing Containers of Time published in Meditate Like a Girl.

And…this wonderful opportunity to sit on Lori’s porch at Life for Instance:

The Multi-Faceted Life of a Blogger (<= me *grin*)

If you choose to read these articles, I would love if you would join the conversation in the comment sections of those sites…say hi to the site owners, and share your own reflection.

Thank you for your presence! Knowing I have your support allows me to continue to stretch into new spaces.  

Don’t forget…before you go to read the other articles, may you share with us as you read the above “Present to Possibility” affirmation, what stands out to you, as your reality and as an invitation to expand that reality?  When you share, we learn. (Please know I encourage you to share in the comments, because often what you say affirms and inspires another to think and/or act or create in a slightly different, expansive, healing way.)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Unravel. Unfurl. Unfold.

The Facets June Energetic circle is open now through June 7th.  There are complimentary options as well as monthly and yearly subscription options.  

Pre-registration (including a 20% discount) for I Believe in Magic: 30 day photo journey is open now through June 8th. 

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Comments on: "Present to Possibility" (8)

  1. I love the message of being present to the possiblity and I love the line “Creative Expression nuturally flows” becuase thta is what I expereince when I’m enjoying my present moment and not worry about how to accomplish something. In that space, I just end of joyfully doing it without ever having to figure it out. :)

    • Thank you, Michelle!

      I love this reminder: “I’m enjoying my present moment and not worrying about ‘how’ to accomplish something”. Wonderful space to manifest from, and one can feel depth of inner peace in that affirmation, just as we may in life, when we practice such presence!

  2. This is really a wonderful present, dear Joy, each word consciously set – or just in the flow of love. And yes, what’s seems to be very important for me, is, to let go expectations that always limit possibility. Open, open, open – – making space for everything love brings on our way and embracing it, whatever it may be…. – And what’s most amazing: I can really feel the pink flow of selfless love you create with your words, Joy! It is such a warm and cozy feeling that I relax and let go deeply. VOW! – Thank you, Joy!

    • Thank you, Ephrem, for the enthusiasm overflowing from your reflection!

      This is a wonderful action item: “making space for everything love brings on our way and embracing it, whatever it may be”. I would add an invitation to celebrate that space, to savor and revel in it, and allow that joy to draw to us abundance in all realms.

      I am glad you like the affirmation! I enjoy having a visual reminder of what heart knows to be true, so I thought I would share this in case anyone else “learns” the same way I do!

  3. jean sampson said:

    I love ALL of this, Joy! And I have to share about something that happened to me today that is right in alignment with your post. I have been doing a lot of small oil pastels and framing them with nice but cheap frames from a local craft store. I was out of frames (needed about 20) but was waiting to get a coupon before I went to the store. Well, as I was coming home from an appointment I got the urge to head to the store and not go straight home like I had planned to do. When I went to the frame section, I was delighted to see a lot of stock and also that they were buy one get one free! I was so grateful that I listened to that inner voice! I had NO PLAN to go by and get frames today, but I was led to do it anyway. After buying the frames and saying a prayer of gratitude, I heard myself saying (to me) ” Well, there is one more reason to stop worrying! Maybe I will just give it up since these sorts of things are happening. ”
    These sorts of things are happening more and more to me and I think that you have opened me up to flow and also keep it very present in your blog.
    Thank you, Joy! Just had to share that! Love to you!

    • Thank you for sharing an affirmation of abundance (and releasing worry!), Jean! How powerful and empowering!

      I love this “I had NO PLAN [..[ but I was led to do it anyway”…when I turn that inward, my heart-smile brightens…for I practice unfolding, and this type of synchronicity (magic) happens each moment I allow it to. Sometimes I get caught up in physical to-do lists and feel the limitation on my ability *to be* fully present to possibility.

      I am excited to receive *your next reflection* of abundance and joy! For the more we focus on presence, the less worry we have, the more we feel infinite possibility. Yes!!!

      Thank *you* Jean! Love to you!

  4. Joy,
    This is simply beautiful. I agree with Ephrem’s comment about it feeling carefully chosen. It is such a gift to witness your amplification of joy, peace, love, and presence. Thank you for continuing to encourage each of us to open our hearts a little more each day. My heart is filled with love & gratitude for you!

    • So wonderful to see you here, Carrie, thank you!

      The words are phrases that I use daily, throughout each day, as I move through World, creating and connecting. I felt the nudge to weave them together to create this affirmation, in the hopes that it might resonate with, and inspire, others.

      Thank you for your presence…Love you!

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