Stepping Into New Space


Temporarily holed up enjoying an unexpected week in a hotel room during a significant transitional time (moving homes), my heart asked for a treat.

One of my accountability partners, Lisa, has just returned from a vacation in Italy; she mentioned gelato quite a few times, and my heart said ‘yes, please‘. (Well, my heart said ‘yes, please’ to Italy–currently gelato is as close as we can get! And hi to Jody, my other accountability partner.)

With the intention of stepping across the road to my favorite local gelato place, I instead stepped into the Local Rock Picnic – an all-day event within Ventura Music Week.

(Literally in the park right across the street from my hotel!)

I *love* live music, especially rock music–an electric guitar riff played ‘just so’ stirs my soul.


As you can see in the photo, it was an overcast, very chilly for Southern California day.

But, I didn’t notice, because I had kicked off my shoes and begun to dance a bit; I stayed there for several hours–listening, dancing and people watching.

I think I was literally smiling. 

(Last week, on the day I left the old space–completely packed up with no new space to move into– I didn’t think whole-being smiles would be possible anytime soon, but I kept re-centering into possibility.)

I stepped out for gelato and I ended up at the local rock picnic. 


I have received many emails inquiring about our move.  (Thank you!  My children and I appreciate your love, support and generosity!)

So you might ask, why would I choose to share this story with you?

Because this move was one of miracles.  It’s one thing to say that–it’s another to show you a real-life example of “how” opening my heart to be present to possibility specifically looks, so you may understand the energy and tap into it to create with in your life if you wish.

Each day something was perfectly placed, enabling me to feel the reality of infinite possibility.  

My heart asked for a treat, so I listened, left my ‘comfort zone’ and unexpectedly stepped into utter joy could be the theme not only of the day I described above, but this entire move (and my life *grin*).

Understandably, while in transition, I could have pulled the covers over my head and railed against the Universe.  But, that only draws to me chaos and pain and how could I possibly manifest wonder and delight from such a space?

Instead, I kicked off my shoes, felt the earth under my feet, and I allowed Universe to move me in all ways, with ease and joy. 

house-hillsWe now live in one of these homes–renting an apartment with a view of the ocean we lived near and played on.

So, I ask you: As you step with intention and awareness, what is the new space (energetically or physically) waiting patiently for you to step into?  What is the first step you may take to get there?

The best timing ever (I can either cry or laugh, so I am choosing to laugh!): Pre-registration (including a 20% discount) for Dancing in Divine Dust is now open.  When I originally created the structure for this class, I had no idea I would be dancing in the divine dust of a huge move! Here I am, about to launch this new class, after not having had internet for one week, having loaded up a new space in a new area with boxes of our stuff. Feeling my way through all of this newness. I wouldn’t have known this is how it would unfold–I thought I would be facilitating, and participating in, this class from the comfort of what I knew–ha! Oh, yes…let’s dance! We will be learning together!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Unravel. Unfurl. Unfold.

About my reminder (above). I began using this intention to unravel, unfurl, unfold inner knots–and there were times in the last few weeks I could kick myself *grin*. You see, if one sets the intention to unravel a knot…one might then “expect” the knot to unravel…when one is intending that in life…one might then expect the structures around them to…(you guessed it!)…unravel!

So, while this move was unexpected, I can see with clarity how and why it came about. I am writing this after having spent the first night in our new space–what I wanted was love and light and the ability to stretch–exactly what was manifested! I will share more about this process in the future.

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  1. congratulations Kindness Dancer~ beautiful Light!

    • *grin* Kara Rane I *love* when you stop in to Facets with an affirmation…Your energy brightens my heart-smile. Your blessing affirms this was a wonderful, heart-opening move! Thank you!

  2. Love love love this and your trust in the process of abundance. the power of infinite possibilities- Joy you are such an inspiration
    namaste xxoo

    • Thank you, Suzie, for sharing such kind words! When I create / open to something as significant as this move, I center fully into presence, which means I am quite removed from much swirling around me. We were all born with such trust; I think our journey is learning to re-member, celebrate and create with it!

  3. Love this story and the reminder to unravel, unfurl and unfold. Those words feel so good to me. Many blessings to you and your family as you settle into your new place. :)

    • Michelle, I am smiling from ear to ear…because unravel, unfurl, unfold felt wonderful to me…until for a few moments things began to unravel *grin* and I always joke my new intention will be to sample as much gelato in Italy as possible…

      Thank you for the wonderful blessings. I spent my down-time from unpacking yesterday, sitting in the open doorway, bird-watching in the backyard. It’s all so new and different from what I have known for years. (ha! as I write that, I see how true it really is!)

  4. This is beautiful Joy and it reminds me of the last big move I made 10 years ago. Wherever you go, there you are.

    So happy to see you embrace this new adventure!


    • Thank you for the wonderful affirmation, Peggy! When I awoke yesterday morning, in the new space, most everything still packed, I felt the newness as something a bit overwhelming…and my mind began with ‘how’….but I brought it to my heart space and all I feel is gratitude…”thank you” is on repeat all day!

  5. I hope you and your children continue to grow and stretch and fit into your new space with pure pleasure, Joy.

    It is truly amazing that when we open ourselves up to possibilities, they seem to present themselves with no fuss, no muss and no bother – but with tons of pleasure. :)

    • Thank *you*, Talon, for your beautiful words and affirmation! Yesterday we would all check-in with each other and ask what we were feeling: peace and joy. Yes!

      I am going to borrow this affirmation: “When we open ourselves up to possibilities, they seem to present themselves with no fuss, no muss, and no bother!”…and so it is…thank you!

  6. I am so happy for you and your family! What is the new space waiting for me? I’ll need to reflect on that one!!!!! Much love and joy.

    • Thank you, Sandra! As I read your words, I recognize, we didn’t even *know* this space existed for us, so we wouldn’t have known to ask for it, but we all felt what we wanted and manifested it together. I think this is why we feel so joy-filled…we *had no idea* and here we are living in it!

      If I turn that inward, where else might I apply that principle?

      My practice is to appreciate and celebrate that which is in heart-space while that which resonates in physical world is placed. It could be that you are in your new space…or perhaps there is something for you to step into…keep celebrating and it will be shown! Love to you!

  7. jean sampson said:

    I love how you live your life, Joy! You just refuse to see any circumstance and anything but a gift to be grateful for. You don’t know what a anchor you are in my life. I think differently because of you and therefore, I live differently!
    Thank you, precious Joy!

    • Thank you, Jean, for the wonderful words and affirmation! I do practice that this moment is a gift…and I know if struggle exists in my life, it is either conditioning I can release or re-train, or an expectation that popped in that I may release. And flow into infinite possibility happens when I cultivate gratitude and celebrate with joy!

      I am delighted that something has shifted in your life….thank you for sharing!

  8. i am sitting with tears in my eyes because of how beautiful this is. to let the universe guide your feet…there has been a theme of “letting go,” of trying to release my need for control and to open myself up to a new path. thank you for this reminder to let go and dance.

    • Thank you, Alisha, for visiting this space and for sharing your reflection! The theme of “letting go” seems to be widespread–I understand it is in part seasonal as half of the world is celebrating the feel of Spring (the energy of Spring typically invites release). May I ask you to share, do you currently have a practice that amplifies your ability to surrender and open? When you share, we learn…

  9. May your home be firmly ‘rooted’ and secured with a
    ‘Lover’s Knot’.

    May all who dwell there greet each new day practicing ‘resurrection’.

    May all who dwell there end the day with gratitude and

    • Thank you for the blessing, Rand!

      (I would flip it around a bit…in our family, we begin by centering into presence with love and gratitude, which opens energetic doors and amplifies faith and trust—then “rejoicing” naturally happens all day long, regardless of external.)

  10. Congrats Joy! I definitely know this feeling having found some pretty amazing places to live the last year or so. Each time I think about the places I’ve been and am at, I thank the universe for bringing forth such beauty, comfort and adventure into my life. It didn’t always seem like I would end up at places like this which went beyond my imagination and desires!

    Each time I went from ‘i need a place’ to ‘wow, i can’t believe i live here’!! the universe is so magical.

    Looks like we are Southern CA neighbors:)

    • If we are Southern Ca neighbors, Vishnu, it would be a joy to meet!

      You capture the essence of possibility with this affirmation: “Each time I went from ‘I need a place’ to ‘wow, I can’t believe I live here!!!’ the universe is so magical….”

      We can apply this to each connection, creation, and our celebration of the gift of this moment…gratitude grows everything!

      Thank you for sharing the feel of wonder, awe, delight and possibility!

  11. Oh wow but a beautiful expression of complete trust and fluidity. I love love love your photo with your feet and the words Faith + Joy = Infinite possibility. Thank you for your questions. They helped me gain clarity. My answers… wholeness. trust. much love to you!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Carrie!

      It took me my lifetime to learn faith+joy = infinite possibility–it is with wonder, awe, delight, gratitude that I am embracing and exploring this concept.

      Stepping with, and into, wholeness and trust, sounds absolutely wonderful—may you celebrate each step you choose to take–my heart will celebrate with you!

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