Tips and Practices to Move Through Stuck Spaces as You Manifest


There are times when you are in the midst of manifesting something, and it just won’t happen for you – you are feeling frustrated/discouraged/anything other than pleased with the results you are getting (or lack of result).

If you stay in that energy, you continue to draw to you “less than” what is you are intending.

Here a few practices and tips to move through the space of “not quite manifesting what you’d intended”.

1. Center back into the feeling of your intention.  This allows you to release the “doing” which is most likely stressing your body’s physical and energetic systems.  How you choose to center back into your intention is solely up to you; may you choose a way that is resonant with your personality and style.  A few ideas: journal, paint, play an instrument, take photos, meditate.

2.  Acknowledge and appreciate the steps you have already taken. This invites the energy of gratitude into the moment.  Gratitude naturally draws to it trust, abundance, joy, peace, fulfillment.

From this centered space of intention and appreciation, moving forward is now with ease and joy.  Infinite possibility feels “real” and do-able once again.

3.  Surround yourself with all that affirms and supports your energetic intention, vesting energy to all that feels enriching and enlivening.

4. Celebrate the feel of that affirmation and support.  

5.  Physically move in a way that appeals to you / invites whole-being joy.  Whatever movement makes your heart happy and delights your being, whether this is: a walk around the block, dancing to your favorite music, stretching to sun, climbing a tree, ice skating, making love….

6.  Thank self  for centering, vesting energy with awareness, celebrating and moving. 

7.  Do something new and different or something familiar in a different way.  As you physically try something new, your energetic patterns also “stretch”/ open to newness.

Moving With Ease, Joy and Gratitude

As your mind is engaged with the details of centering, vesting, appreciating, celebrating, moving, creating it is not engaged with worry, fear, doubt, trying to externally manipulate external to fit an expectation.

(So worry, doubt, fear, struggle, strain, tension naturally dissolve).

This allows heart-space to open fully, with ease – even in external that is unfamiliar.

Because you choose to focus your energy on the feel of your intention and on supporting that intention, your vibration begins to naturally match that of your intention. (Following me?)

Because heart-space is open, you are ready to receive.

This is the space that which you wished to manifest is perfectly placed.

With ease, joy and gratitude. 

A Fun Example of Energy Movement

If you ask me what I am afraid of, I have a fear of falling.  Physically and energetically.

I like to acknowledge and play with my fear (in a way integrating it as I move forward). I play with my energy in fun ways.

Knowing I am afraid to fall and that sometimes stops me from trying something new, I decided to play with the concept of falling, in a fun way.

I decided to join my children on our friends trampoline.

We titled this video: Family Perseveres Through Epic Trampoline Fail. (If you are unable to view the video here, please click the title link.)

You will notice that at first I am thinking it out and I have an epic fail.  I wipe out.  Energetically the “worst” has happened.

So, I center back into my intention of feeling the joy of accomplishing this sit-to-stand-move.

I breathe and thank myself for trying.

I am experiencing this with my children who are extremely supportive and also adding laughter to the celebration.

Because I am so busy laughing, I forget to be afraid.

I do the sit-to-stand-move.

I am cultivating this experience with the awareness that teaching myself to enjoy falling will inspire me to continue creating and connecting in new and different ways (necessary to enhance growth in the areas of my life I am concentrating in).

Your Turn

I share this with you because sometimes we think of inner work and presence and energy movement as boring or a chore, so we don’t do it. But, we also don’t manifest. And we sometimes feel frustrated. You can take these tip and practices and custom them to fit in your life-moving through an area you may feel stuck in, tapping into the energies that enrich and enliven; feeling peace and joy as you move.

As you consider these tips and practices, what is one area you feel stuck in?  And what fun and creative way of moving are you willing to vest presence to experimenting with as you manifest? (When you share, you affirm and inspire).

August is *manifesting magic month* so please share your manifesting tips as they apply to each article!

(If you like the video, please go to the video on Youtube and click like.  The kids are having a blast watching the number of viewers rise.)

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "Tips and Practices to Move Through Stuck Spaces as You Manifest" (4)

  1. jean sampson said:

    What fun you guys had! I want to bounce too! :)
    Interesting that this post is today. I have made the decision to fill my mind so full of whatever I want to manifest (and gratitude, of course), that there is no room for worry! I spent the morning listening to some CDs from a wonderful on-;line coach (she sent them to me free) and now I am all charged up and positive and energized! I just love how all of this feels so I am going to decide to listen to those CDs whenever I need to remind myself that worry and fear interrupt the process and slow it down—–and I do NOT want that!! I am already thinking about who I want to share the CDs with and also the information with. Can you tell I am jazzed up?
    The video was so much fun and you did great!!! YEA YOU!!! <3

    • Thank you for the wonderful affirmation, Jean! The video was fun, I think because it was spontaneous (the jumping and the filming)…had we thought about it, I might not have done it!

      I love that you are jazzed about manifesting! That is *the best* space to manifest from! As for listening to the CD’s I do something similar when I am creating something new – I listen to teleseminars and meditations that have to do with removing blocks, creating in new space, and/or sharing stories of people who have done whatever it is I am creating – or I keep it completely silent. I am either listening to spirit or listening to manifestations of spirit (no room for “nay-sayers” in there!). I think this, along with the power of prayer, is one of the practices that allows me to dance on the edge as often and as joyfully as I do.

      I would love to know, what did you manifest after listening to the CD’s?

      Love to you!

  2. *Love* this message Joy. It’s so funny that the most important thing we can do…the inner work…is something that often gets put on the back burner. Whatsupwiththat? Says she, who’s been known to do the same.

    Great tips and techniques for the procrastinators amongst us…and so called recovering procrastinators like moi.


    • Thank you for visiting, Elle- I find your presence to be quite the affirmation!

      Yes, the inner work is something that often gets put on the back burner; I think because we don’t always see instantaneous external results, and in general our society is about quick external results.

      As you know, manifesting can happen *just like that* when we are centered and focused–but it is learning to trust the process enough to center first that can be the challenge!

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