What is Possible When You Remove the Armor (Hint: Everything!)


my shoes at the end of this experience

He looked at me and said “You don’t believe in stagnation, so what are you doing?

(In context, he meant my website and my business – he had no idea Facets is my heart space and how very right he was – all of it buried under protective layers of armor.)

I breathed into the meaning of his words, releasing my frustration (who are *you* to question anything about me?)…because he was right.

I will remember the tone of his voice and the way my heart felt as I heard those words (barriers shattered) for a very long time.

It is one thing to truly listen, quite another to turn those words inward and allow them to inspire. 

I slept on it.


this morning’s sunrise over the dunes

When I am manifesting, I shine Light on my shadows, naturally amplifying joy and dissolving fear. 

I cleared my schedule to make time to see the sunrise.  I stood there, patiently waiting as sun slowly began to illuminate World…eventually evolving to this magnificent display.

(Isn’t that kind of how hope growsyou feel a little ray of sunshine deep within; you cultivate it, making room for it to grow…and voila! your entire being is full of sunshine…)

I decided to walk a bit.

We have only lived here three months, so this stretch of beach is new to me.  I decided to challenge myself to see if  I could walk to the end of the stretch (which is 2.3 miles – doable) – something I had wanted to do since we moved.

While walking I was, of course, processing and being and basking in the sunshine…talking to Universe/God/Source…

I am usually barefoot (everywhere) but today I had my running shoes on; my thinking was to protect my feet from the elements (odd for me, but true, here).

(I think Ocean was wondering why I, who pretty much skinny dips, was wearing a protective layer and sent a few waves to cover my feet *grin*.)

One of the things on my mind was my manifesting money miracles class that is currently in session.

The students are sharing their money manifesting stories and I know the process works, I use it often and share many of those stories here, but it had stalled for me.

Because my practice of presence is energy based, I also know that when I am expecting something external and it is not showing up, there is an internal block. While I am doing the work to understand and remove that block, external waits patiently for that space to be cleared. So, the process is working, even if I can’t physically see results.

Basically, as I was walking, I was asking for clear affirmation / signs….show me I am on the right path…in general, in life and with Facets….


sand dollars from this morning

Almost immediately, I saw a sand dollar peeking up from the sand.

(This is big for me, because normally my daughter finds them for me….rarely do I find them myself!).

I smiled inside, then asked for “more, please” – a technique we use in the money class.

I really didn’t think I would find more.  However, I found three more “just like that”.

I could look at this literally as in *dollars in new spaces* (get it?).  I could look at this energetically as in:

The spiritual meaning of the sand dollar is that the Lord is watching over us and cares beyond what we can comprehend. It is seen as holding the truth of life and that there is hope and love for us and others. Sand dollars are like the Lord’s eyes in the sea. from Ask.com


My mind kicked in with the thought if I complete this walk, I will then have to walk back…and how I really don’t have the time/energy/resources…

(The whole ‘new space/fear enters/not enough thing’ – applies to moving out of stagnation as well.)

My heart said, we are walking. 

So, I walked.  Past some of our favorite parks…all of the way to the end of the stretch, which is this little cove where I used to anchor the boat when we lived on it and picnic and swim.

(Brought me right back to my most powerful, pre-barrier, phase – got that lesson, too! Remember what is possible, Joy, because you lived it!)


We know I love to play with my shadow (physically and energetically)…here is my shadow in the cove…

On the way back, I made each step a gratitude step. I covered World with all of the good energy overflowing from my heart!

I said, on a whim, it sure would be nice to find a heart stone.  (Because my friend Tanya, who is also a student in my I Believe in Magic class, sees hearts everywhere and she would find a heart-stone on this beach, so I wanted the experience, too.)

I really didn’t think it possible, it was kind of a show me what you got, Universe…thing….


I do, very much Believe in Magic. 

I don’t always share my stories, because they feel sacred to me and it feels incredibly vulnerable to share “how I choose to live”.

But, if I don’t share…you might not know how presence and possibility truly work in daily life...

So, here is one example…

Thank you for receiving it!

I would love to know, what speaks directly to your heart from this experience…what do you feel as you read it and what do you think about the way it unfolded?  And, what magic are you open to creating?  When you share, you affirm and inspire!

Much peace and abundant love,


Pre-registration (with a 20% discount) for I Believe in Magic: 30-day Photo Journey is open through September 30, 2013.  I do hope you choose to play with us – it’s a lot of fun!

Tanya is now known Heartlady on Facebook. 

My “takeaway”: you gotta remove the armor…and the moment you do…your entire world opens up…just like that!  And, maybe it will get messy, but shoot, it will be tons of fun…if you allow it to be!

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Comments on: "What is Possible When You Remove the Armor (Hint: Everything!)" (15)

  1. My first thought had to do with stepping into new spaces/experiences and trusting that, just as your shadow showed when you were in the cove, I can be larger than life if I let myself be. Like anyone, there are times when I’m afraid, and when “new” feels too good to be true. So I almost try to shrink away from it … but what I really want to do is trust, just like you did, that every resource I need will show up before I even ask, in abundance, and that I’ll not only appear, but actually *be* larger than life…which is how I always dreamed I could be.

    • My manifesting goddess friend, Megan, now I know I’m “back” (because you are visiting my space here and soon will see my home, too!)

      I love this “I can be larger than life if I let myself be”. I have always chosen to love larger than life men, because I didn’t know I had it in *me* …so your words touch my inner core…thank you!

      This is a powerful affirmation: “Every resource I need will show up before I even ask”…yes!!!…and when we trust this affirmation, we create along with fear, all that our hearts desire, and we living that dream inspires us to keep stretching into new space….Love it!!!

      What is possible…why *everything*…when we allow it to be…

  2. jean sampson said:

    Love those shoes, Joy! Love that you are taking off layers when you discover them! And YES, it does feel raw and vulnerable, but the alternative is to dim down your life and life energy. So, you go, Joy! I am always dealing with the desire to not be quite so public—-BUT if I were not so public, the decorator who sells my paintings would not have found me! So I am having to stay “open” and also vulnerable, too. I am so blessed to have the life I have created (and that is hard for me to take credit for). Talk about manifesting, I had to wait 20 years before getting into the art center where I could have my own studio and finally use oil paints! I guess my secret is to never give up if I have a dream. And that is really what I teach my students, As you know. 20 years was just enough time for me to get prepared to teach and run a business, and learn to use color by doing collage, which is all I had room to do in my tiny house—–but I learned to use color then! As they say, it is ALL good! Congratulations on finding the sand dollars! :) What a great affirmation!

    • Your reflection is overflowing with wisdom, Jean – thank you for sharing!

      “This alternative is to dim down your life and life energy” is what I had lived for much of my life, until the last decade, when I began centering into and using practices of presence daily.

      This balance between “public” and “not so public” is one many creators deal with…I am so glad we are both open to possibility, or *I* wouldn’t know you!

      It *is* all good (my typo said God, okay then that, too!)!

  3. I have felt the hints of armor removed. It started when I let myself drive up the 101 and visit Ventura and met you, Joy, and had a wonderful day, the wonder of meeting you and a couple in Ojai, enjoying so much the colors of the sky color changing behind the mountains of Ojai, the books I read, the views I had of ocean and quaint buildings.

    I figured the openness was something I could have in my “regular” life too, and being more open to say, the guy in Trader Joe’s, who is present and beaming, and to others in my day.

    Something seems to have shifted. Though I am a social worker by trade, in my personal relationships somehow instead of feeling I have to offer advice…I have noticed myself just offering empathy for what someone is feeling, “like I’m sorry you were hurt by that.”

    I recently felt contentment! – from helping someone. I love that my daughter is talking to me. That is a treasure that she confides in me when I get it and don’t preach.

    I would be very pleased to have the signs you had. Like on the day when I went to Ventura, I felt open to the universe and at the same time like my openness was responded to by it – it was a mutual endeavour.

    • Thank you for your presence, Claudia!

      First, it meeting you was a sign for me. I always attend my son’s class, but listened to a nudge to go to my favorite beach with my daughter…and there you were! You stepped out and asked for a photo, and the conversation was enlivening. So, my “takeaway” is to honor nudges and unfolding and when we step outside of our comfort zones, synchronicity often happens.

      Which is what you did when you honored your nudge to come up the 101 and to take the time for yourself and your spirit.

      I do believe that signs are always available…we do have to take the time to be present and aware and open…and to recognize that sometimes the signs point to a newness or direction we don’t wish to take, so we often bury our “sign reading” ability.

  4. Trust–that is the message for me. When I was at my cabin recently, this is the same message I got from the creek. Trust. That means dropping all the armor, as you say, being open and attentive, and patient. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • It is absolutely perfect to read your comment today, Galen – when I am in a space of choosing to trust, even though I am in unknown and unfamiliar and I have *no idea* where these steps are leading as I take them. Trust. Yes. Please.

  5. Joy, I literally laughed out loud with happiness when you found the heart stone:) Lisa

    • Lisa,

      *I* literally laughed out loud, too! I was being kind of not nice…like c’mon Universe, you really can’t do this…and it happened *just like that*. I love that I made you smile!

  6. Hi Joy,
    Such a nice story! You kept asking and you kept receiving – even down to a heart stone. Why do we think money is any harder to manifest – a piece of paper! Yet we do.
    I love the image of the sneakers covered with sand. Life is a poem at times – perfectly crafted to tell us all we want to know.
    What magic am I creating? All kinds of magic. I just need to get more focused! Like you.
    Happy Friday!

    • Thank you for your presence, Lori! It’s always fun to see you here! I am excited to see what you are creating and how it unfolds for you!

      I was focused because I was on the beach for a few hours which tends to be a magical space for me. I think because I feel comfortable to be vulnerable there and *magic* happens in that space of vulnerability.

      For me personally, money can be harder to manifest because I have a lot of conditioning and story around it – so it’s my goal to release that conditioning and create a new story!

  7. Joy, thank you for bringing sunshine to my life. I nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award. See my blog post for details. I love how bright you are and how you share your light with me.

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