Claire Chilton Lopez: Are You Home or Do You Need to Move?

For the month of January, the theme of this site is an exploration of the energy of home.

Home as a sacred container in which we feel comfortable resting, creating, connecting, experimenting, celebrating.

Home as a physical body that transports us throughout our day, host to our heart, mind and soul.

Home as Mother Earth…as Universe...this place where we live.

Home as a heart experience not specific to a physical location….a feeling of comfort, safety, security, bliss.

As we feel into this energy together, you may find yourself quite comfortable with the exploration, you may find yourself at an edge. It is my request that you share from the space that you are in with an understanding that your perspective and experience enriches the quality and feel of this exploration, for all whom read and walk these energetic steps together.

Today, I am delighted to share this Facets space with Claire Chilton Lopez!


a plant outside of one of my favorite spaces – a space that inspires me to *move*in all realms – (Joy)

Are you Home or Do You Need to Move?

by Claire Chilton Lopez

Home. I love the feel of the word, but I hate to admit that my first thought was that old cliché, “Home is where the heart is.” It’s a beautiful sentiment, and, of course, I agree with it. After all, you can be at “home” wherever you are when you are surrounded by people you love. My next thought was not as cliché, but I like it more than the first.

Home is where you can scratch where it itches.

OMG! How many times have you had an itch….there….or there….or even there that you are dying to scratch but couldn’t because you were out among the masses? Out in public….with lots of people around? Or with someone in their home? Anywhere that’s not in your home and with anyone that’s not one of your peeps. It’s one of the most uncomfortable feelings I know of.

Isn’t it great to be able to scratch where it itches? To feel that comfortable with your surroundings and the people around you?

What about the “home” that is your body and mind? Are you comfortable there?

Lately I haven’t been comfortable in my body or my head. I think there are a few reasons for that. Some of it has been physical. I’ve been sick with the “crud” and it is taking me longer to recover than I had hoped it would. Although I’m over the worst of it (the stay-in-bed-feeling-miserable part) but I’m still not 100%. I don’t feel bad but I don’t feel good either. Just sort of blah.

I think part of it is that I received my 4th quarter royalty check for the book I published last year. The check was under $100. Actually, it was under $60. Altogether I’ve received about $200 in royalties……not even close to the amount I’ve spent. When I look at it from a purely monetary point of view, it’s pretty depressing. I think to myself, “Yeah but you wrote a book! And you got it published! And some people have actually bought it and READ it!” Who knows if it will ever take off? Who knows if anyone else will buy and/or read it? I did my part. I wrote it, and put it out there. I’ve done lots of marketing, but I can’t make people buy it. It is what it is. Bottom line, I figure that the people who need it have already received it or will at some point. I have to let the outcome go.

(Note from Joy: Claire’s book is Class Letters – A high school English teacher discovers surprising truths about her students when she exchanges letters with them over the course of a school year. Please click the link for more information).

The other piece of the puzzle, I believe, is that I’ve started a new profession (partially for my family’s long term business plan and partially because, let’s face it, the writing thing isn’t going to pay the bills any time soon). I’m still climbing a steep learning curve. I’m a little discouraged because it isn’t paying the bills yet either. But, again, I trust that it will…..if I do my part.

Here’s the deal: EVERYONE, at some point, doesn’t feel “at home” in their life. Next week, things should be brighter for me. I’ll feel better physically, I’m sure, because every day I feel a little stronger. As far as the writing and other business stuff, I keep showing up…putting one foot in front of the other….trusting that something will turn around, or that I’ll get some new understanding on the learning curve that will propel me forward. That’s really all I have to do….my part. But I have to do my part to the best of my ability. And I have to release the results. I can only plan the action….I can’t plan the results.

I can choose to take other action. Like finishing this post….like taking steps that move me higher up the learning curve… limiting my “pity party” time and shifting toward gratitude, hope and possibility. I can look for proof that the Universe supports my efforts… the feather I found today….or the email that hit my inbox with this message about an hour ago: “A person can transform, a situation can transform, even a planet can transform. Never lose hope. Under the proper conditions of love, faith and belief, transformation is quite possible.” These are the things that will help me feel more at home in my life and in my own skin. What about you?


Claire Chilton Lopez is writer, blogger, and former high school English teacher turned realtor. She has written two novels, several spiritual fables, and a number of poems. Claire enjoys travel, reading and riding motorcycles. She lives with her husband, niece and three dogs.

Thank you for sharing, Claire!

May you share, dear reader, what are some thoughts and/or practices that help you to feel more at home in your life and in your skin? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "Claire Chilton Lopez: Are You Home or Do You Need to Move?" (2)

  1. Jean Sampson said:

    Claire and Joy, I usually do feel at home in my house and neighborhood and even in my studio, because I live in the house I was raised in and my studio is in my old beloved elementary school, but, because of several issues I have as the result of aging, I have problems feeling at home in my body. So far I am able to deal with the main issue (vertigo), but it does take daily medication which I am really grateful for. I have to continue to remind myself how lucky I am to only have the things I have (physical problems) and that I have A LOT to be grateful for and I AM! :) I enjoyed your post, Claire, and love that you believe whoever needs to read your book, has read it or will read it. That is a wonderful way to look at it! :)

    • I *love* when you share your experience of living in the home you were raised in, Jean!

      Thank you also for sharing your challenge about feeling at home in your body. I am sure many reading can relate. I have Meniere’s Disease so I am completely deaf in one ear but, I am blessed not to experience vertigo. I understand medication may regulate it a bit but I have heard how debilitating it can be. I send love and healing energy to you!

      You seem to consistently center into gratitude – I appreciate the reminder!

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