Lana Mullaney: Home is Where the Heart Is

For the month of January, the theme of this site is an exploration of the energy of home.

Home as a sacred container in which we feel comfortable resting, creating, connecting, experimenting, celebrating.

Home as a physical body that transports us throughout our day, host to our heart, mind and soul.

Home as Mother Earth…as Universe...this place where we live.

Home as a heart experience not specific to a physical location….a feeling of comfort, safety, security, bliss.

As we feel into this energy together, you may find yourself quite comfortable with the exploration, you may find yourself at an edge. It is my request that you share from the space that you are in with an understanding that your perspective and experience enriches the quality and feel of this exploration, for all whom read and walk these energetic steps together.

Today, I am delighted to share this Facets space with Lana Mullaney!


Home is Where the Heart Is

by Lana Mullaney

The energy of our home ingrains itself in our subconscious and our emotional state ingrains itself within our home so it is hugely beneficial to address both for our personal development. Simple, yet powerfully positive domestic changes will bring abundance to all aspects of our lives.

The first step of Feng Shui practice is to generate a positive flow of energy. The greatest action we can take to acquire this is to declutter – disposing of any items which are neither useful or a joy to us and which cause stagnation. The most motivational time to start this process is when the moon is in its waning phase, a time of releasing the past and preparing for new opportunities and experiences.

There are three main areas in the home where extra focus is required. As fresh energy enters via the main entrance, pathways, halls and porches need to be clear, well lit and decorated with inspirational images. The centre of the home is where yin (passive energy) and yang (active energy) merge and balance before circulating around the entire home so it is essential this area be kept blockage free. The back door area needs to be kept clear and the door regularly opened in order for stale energy to leave easily.

Once the decluttering is complete and the home physically cleaned, it is important to space cleanse. Open every window to literally clear the air. Tibetan bells are excellent for ringing in the centre of each room to purify space, however the act of loud hand clapping also works to dispel any remaining stagnant energy and bring a renewed vibrancy.

The best area in the home for meditation and other spiritual practice is the northeast (either upstairs or down) – the sector affiliated to reflection and wisdom. The element of earth enhances the northeast so it is ideal to display crystals and have décor in colours of pale orange, yellow and brown here. As fire is the supporting element to earth, lighting candles will give an extra advantage to the ambience.

Every day I gratefully acknowledge the protection and beauty of my home and feel the walls closing in… as it wraps me in a loving hug!


Lana Mullaney is a UK Feng Shui practitioner with a moon sign in Libra, meaning a harmoniously balanced living environment is essential for her!

Lana’s website:


Thank you for sharing, Lana!

May you share, dear reader, have you used Feng Shui practices in your home? If so, may you share your experience? If not, are you open to exploring a step Lana has shared? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Jean Sampson said:

    This is a wonderful post for starting the new year! My goal is to declutter, declutter, declutter! But it is such an on-going process and one that, if you let slide for a little while, makes it seen that you have not really done anything! Living in a small house makes it really important to declutter—–and yet, it seems that the inflow always out weighs the out-go :) But I continue to set this as an intention so, it will be an on-going process and goal! Thanks for a great post, Lana and Joy!

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