28 Days of Connection: Gratitude

Welcome to Day Seven of this series!

Within my ecourses, I take time to honor gratitude every seven days.

When participating within a series, we tend to absorb so much. Especially when the series involves energetic exploration of an element as potent and powerful as love which can often lead us to vulnerable spaces, sometimes unexpectedly so.


I thank you for your presence within this series.

I invite you to turn that gratitude inward.  May you thank self for registering for this series; reading each of the messages that you chose to read; thinking about and feeling into the concepts presented within each message; opening to explore and amplify the energy of love.

May you take a deep, cleansing breath; centering your being into gratitude.

If you are unable to view this video in this space, you may use this link to watch it on youtube.

Within this series, I have intentionally presented you with varying perspectives and I will continue do so. I invite you to consider what each author is sharing and bring it inward to reflect upon how their definitions and ideas feel and if they resonate (or not) and why (or why not). 

My intention is not to “preach” or even “teach”; it is simply to share consistent, positive experiences and reflections about love. To offer guidance as we energetically explore together. And, to open the door to conversation.

As a heart healer, I absolutely understand that if one has experienced loss – either within relation, of a tangible item or within an energetic experience – one might be hesitant to participate in this series. When heart is tender, mind often places barriers.

Within the questions, I asked each author to include *one practice or step a person could take to open to love again”. These are my peers and friends whom I trust to guide me, and I felt that offering real-world examples from people who live them might spark something with you.  Maybe there will be an idea that mind will understand and agree with and it will be *just the thing* to affirm to mind to relax the barrier and heart will open, maybe a tiny bit, maybe a lot.

If you feel triggered by something you have read, may you take some time to feel into any energetic spaces that are asking for attention and awareness. May you pour a little extra care into that spot.  Then, may you thank self for opening and processing and healing.

If you read something and it inspires you, may you take at least one step toward creating with that energy.

I also understand that many people feel they have not experienced unconditional love. I ask each author to share with us an example of unconditional love so that we may feel into that experience with them.  We may use these examples as invitations to look within our own experiences to examine them for the energy of unconditional love and to inspire us to draw into our lives unconditional love, if we wish.

Mind tends to deflect that which is unfamiliar, even if that energy/experience is beneficial to us. Reading many different examples of unconditional love allows mind the opportunity to become familiar and open to the presence of the energy, and often even the celebration of the energy.


Why this series, why these authors, why invest this time and energy on a love project?

Because as a heart healer, I hear of–and am exposed to– heart wounds daily.

And this is what I want to do:

I Want to Harness the Light and Hand it to You.

If you are unable to listen to the audio in this space, please click this link to listen on soundcloud.

“I want to harness the light and hand it to you…

To take sunrise and touch your heart…sunset and open your eyes… moonlight and nourish your soul…..

I want you to feel the peace of being wrapped in light….

I want you to feel the reality of infinite possibility, here, now…right as you are….

I want you to remember where you have come from, what you are made of…

I want to spark that mega-watt heart smile…so that you are *moved* to live your truth….not the stories you have begun to believe, the conditioning that often blinds you to your brilliance…

I want you to feel love, bliss, delight, joy…..

Because that is what you are…and when you choose to drop your barriers and live it, fully…you inspire us each to do the same.”

So, I ask you to share, if you may…as you have read this last week of prompts, what arises within? Is there a tender space? Is there an inspired space? Has a specific phrase or idea touched you? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!  

Much peace and abundant love,

If you would like to join us for the full 28 Days of Connection series – you may register here anytime during the month of February.

February’s Energetic Intention Circle is now open through February 8, 2014. There are complimentary as well as paid subscription options.  For more information, and to add your intention, please click the title link.

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  1. Love is always the answer and it is good to be reminded of it on a daily basis. It wasn’t until I had children that I understood the true meaning of unconditional love. I now practice letting this divine love infuse my other relationships as well. It’s been an inspiring journey. Thank you. ?

    • Thank you for sharing, Maryse! If you may share an example of unconditional love with your children, I would love to receive that! I understand the general energy of unconditional love as the mother of my children – it is a bond like no other.

      And may I also ask, is there a specific practice or technique you use as you expand the practice of being and feeling unconditional love into your other relationships? I ask because when you share, you inspire others – something in your experience or words might spark recognition and/or insight in another. Thank *you*!

      • When I want to reconnect to love, I meditate, Joy. I breathe deeply, focus on my heart, bring the loving feeling up, and stay there for a few minutes. Or I do something out of love, like giving a hug, calling a loved one, sending a card, etc. Tapping (EFT) about love can be helpful too.

        • Beautiful practices, Maryse, thank you for sharing!

          When I review all of the practices I have learned, the most effective, most expansive has been taking an intentional breath (or series of breaths). All of your practices are wonderful!

      • sorry, I forgot, an example of unconditional love for my children? Well, what about this? My son needs to figure out his summer plans. He’s a rising senior and I would like him to focus on his college application. But he’s got to move at his own pace and he doesn’t do things the way I would. It’s difficult for me as I see the steps and would like him to take them smoothly. Mind you, maybe for him there’re not steps but mountains. I’ve learned that love is always the answer. I tell him I love him and respect his choices. that I’m there for him if he needs help, but that I totally support his pace and decisions. Close that with a hug and a kiss. Lovely. :)

        • Wow, Maryse. Thank you for sharing this example. I have tears as I read. I did not receive this from my own parents and I aspire to share in such a way with my own children – which I think and feel we do share together.

          This is essential within unconditional love *totally support his pace and decisions.* – wow. Thank you!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Joy, I love your poem and the sound of your gentle and warm voice reading it! Thank you!
    What I am really receiving in this series is that, since we ARE love, we really cannot separate ourselves from love. I am holding onto that gem because it feels so true, I want to keep that knowledge with me at all times, especially when it does not seem like I am love or that love is even present. And, of course, I am always reminded to bring gratitude into every thought, feeling and situation. <3

    • Thank you for the kind words, Jean! I appreciate the affirmation.

      This is powerful *since are ARE love, we really cannot separate ourselves from love*. We do, though, and that causes pain which temporarily distracts us from the experience of joy and abundance and possibility. I would like for us to remember love is a practice of being – so each step *matters* and when we ‘mis-step’ and feel that disconnection, we may always re-connect.

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