28 Days of Connection: Mykel Dixon

Welcome to Bonus Day Four of 28 Days of Connection!

It is a delight to introduce you to Mykel Dixon.

Here is an excerpt from Mykel’s about page:

I’m tired of chasing someone else’s idea of truth or success, love or a great melody.

I want to embody the essence of my individuality. Expand the reach of my imagination.

And enjoy a messy and authentic process of growth in full view of everyday (r)evolutionaries like you.

I’m done with being held hostage by a world that champions conformity and pacifies truth.

I want to create a world that is honest in it’s intentions. A world that celebrates the power of diversity and is rich in tolerance, empathy & connection.

It is my hope that by sharing my unfinished self I might inspire you to seek, engage and express your unique calling.

I believe the answer to our unwritten future lies in remembering who we really are, embracing the entire spectrum of our being and taking action in accordance with our deepest truth.

I love Mykel’s energy, spirit and message;  he lives the meaning of the words (and songs) he shares and that inspires me to live my own, even though the details of our lives are so different.

Here is a small taste of Mykel’s energy via his spoken poem “Choice”.

If you are unable to view the video in this space, please click this link to view it on Youtube.

Here are Mykel’s answers:

1. What is your definition of love?

Love is everything. Everything is love. I find it hard to say much more than that. By defining it any more I’ll only make love smaller than how big and all encompassing it actually is.

2. What does it feel like when you are connected with love?

It feels like my soul is at home. Feet up on the couch under a well worn rug. Roast dinner in the oven with all the trimmings and I’m going to have thirds. I am watching a Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy on the box and the cool kids catch me and I don’t try to hide it nor am I guilty about it. And I even tear up…at the happy moments!

Everything is pretty and smells nice and feels soft. My eyes smile more than my mouth. I trade in walking for skipping and a tie for flowers in my hair. Little things become enormous and the infinite seems able to be held, in my hand and given away to anyone and everyone. Which I do, over and over again.

3. In your opinion, why would one choose to close to love? From that closed space, what is one practice or step a person could take to open to love again?

Seems like I close to love when I’m scared I’m going to lose it. Of course the irony is that by doing that I end up losing it. And the real deception there is I never really lose it after all. How can I lose love if I am nothing but love?

It feels to me like this is the game we are all pretending to play throughout our lives. Scared we’ll lose the things we love. Or scared we’re not loveable.

When I find myself closed to love (which is usually a long time after a started closing to it) I just remind myself that this will pass. When I’m in love I have all these wonderful practices and methods of loving and nurturing myself. But they are nowhere to be found when I’m closed. Just repeating to myself that “this too shall pass” gives me a little breather that maybe tonight, or tomorrow or next week I’ll be connected again and all this yucky, disconnected stuff I’m feeling will seem cute and innocent and insignificant.

4. How do you choose to cultivate love?

By taking the time to love and acknowledge who I am. Inside my own head. Or out loud in the mirror when no one is home. By actively engaging my deeper self, my inner child, my core (whatever you want to call it) and being nice to him. Telling him he’s doing great. He is a beautiful person with so much to give and has made such a difference already.

Speaking to myself like I would my own child. Building his self esteem, playing with him, celebrating his ideas and championing his creations. Building a relationship with myself and letting myself know that I’m on my side. I’m in my corner. I can count on me. I will always love me. No matter what.

I read this beautiful book last year and it helped too. I think you should check it out. http://www.amazon.com/Love-Yourself-Like-Your-Depends-ebook/dp/B0086BX8UE

5. May you share an experience of receiving unconditional love?

My mother. There is nothing I could do, say or be that would make her stop loving and believing in me. She is made of the same stuff of God. Maybe that’s just what happens when you have a child. Maybe God wasn’t unconditionally loving until he/she gave birth to everything? Interesting.

6.  What would you like us to know about love?

That it’s the best thing ever. And it’s all around you. And you should never hide it or apologise for it. You are completely allowed to be bold with your love. Of anything! Scream it from the rooftops. Paint it on your cheeks. Everyone standing next to you is waiting for someone else to make it safe for them to love. They’re not going to hurt you. They’re terrified of you. Let your love out. Be proud and loud with your love and others will find the courage to do the same. 


I’m Mykel Dixon.  MUSICIAN . WRITER . SPEAKER . LOVER . DREAMER . BELIEVER . I write music, drink green smoothies & occasionally own beach bars in Cambodia. Here I share my creative endeavours & powerful strategies for living your truth. This keeps me dancing my own path & might become the soundtrack to yours.

While I love Mykel’s way with words, he is an excellent musician. When you subscribe to his site, you receive a new original song, written every week for 50 weeks delivered free to your in-box. Mykel chose this song to share with us “Wounded Love”.

(He said: “It’s a song called “wounded love” but don’t be fooled by the title. It’s a glorious celebration that no matter how many times we think we’ve been beaten, bruised and battered by love, it’s never enough to keep us from wanting more! “)

If you are unable to listen here in this space, and/or you would like to read the lyrics and the backstory of this song, please click here to listen/read on Mykel’s site.

 Mykel’s website: http://www.mykeldixon.com/

Thank you, Mykel!

Dear Reader, in one of his answers, Mykel says we are ..”scared we’ll lose the things we love.” I know we have each felt this…and I invite us to focus on the positive for a bit…may you share with us, what are some of the things and/or connections you currently love most in your life?  (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence! 

(There are five ‘bonus messages’ in this series, so our journey together will continue a bit longer…one more message to complete the series) 

Much peace and abundant love,

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Comments on: "28 Days of Connection: Mykel Dixon" (4)

  1. This reminds me of “Star Wars”, Joy. When Darth Vader is looking at the dead body of his beloved wife, he understand that none of what he did made a difference. He could not protect her. At that point in the movie, someone says, “you need to let go of that which you are most afraid to lose”. I’m afraid to lose my children. My sister lost one of her daughters so I’ve experienced that loss very closely. And yet, and yet, we can only let our children go, knowing that they’re on their perfect journey. And that death is not the end of love. ?

    • What a powerful reflection, Maryse – thank you for sharing.

      Yes, I understand the concept of you “need to let go of that which you are most afraid to lose”. I understand your fear about losing your children, Maryse. Many people share that fear.

      May I ask, when it arises as a thought, what practice or technique do you use to move through it?

      In my personal experience when I get to the moment of “physically and energetically losing that which I really did not want to” and I breathe and move through the actual possibility of it, something in my world opens in response. That is what inspires me to release rather quickly – it might require *a lot of presence* but I know it to be possible.

      I sometimes literally move through the day with my hands wide open, and a breath and mantra – *may I release what is asked as what is needed is perfectly placed*. What really helps me is my practice of presence to unfolding within organic growth, honoring the natural cycles in connection and creation helps me to center when I am in a cycle of newness – releasing or embracing something my mind didn’t think it would be possible to do but my heart felt was in alignment.

  2. I center into trust, Joy. Not the trust that nothing will happen but the knowing that whatever lies ahead it will be perfect and I will handle it. And it could well be wonderful and keep getting even more wonderful. What I do too if I remember, is to consciously move away from fear and into gratitude. I do this by stating aloud what I’m afraid of and immediately saying thank you for all that I have. It helps me shift rather quickly.

    • Very powerful practice, Maryse – thank you for sharing!

      Trusting that what lies ahead *will be perfect* along with gratitude centers one right into peace and possibility – the space where everything truly is possible because we are allowing it to be!

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