March Full Moon Magic


Full Moon eve – rising over the beach

While many people make Full Moon wishes (I am among them!), the natural power of Full Moon is around the idea of releasing energy that is not resonant with the astrological energies of the month.

While we may embrace, release, vision, make wishes in each moment of each day; when we consider natural energies and tap into them, it makes amplifying energy and directing it with purpose a little easier.

Guidance on Readings

We also don’t “need” readings, we may simply release what we feel no longer works for us right now.

However, we may consider readings to act as signs and direction markers, if we wish.

In my personal practice, I vary my use of external readings.

If I am going to use a reading, I do so from one of these three sites only because I find the material thorough, accurate and trust the guides. There are many guides and quite a lot of materials one may tap into; I personally find it most effective to keep the incoming information simple by intentionally not reading tons of stuff.

I also believe that sometimes instead of relying upon our intuition and inner voice, we can lean on external sources, looking for affirmation and guidance instead of trusting what we feel. So, I ask you to remember when practicing presence and energy movement to turn all of that external information inward, exploring and integrating that which resonates and releasing that which doesn’t.

In my practice, when I use a reading, I will feel into the meaning, turn the reflections inward and journal or meditate to see if anything arises within. I tend to use readings to gather information as guidance for clients or if I am working on an unraveling an inner knot for myself; otherwise I don’t consider the readings at all, I simply celebrate Moon’s energy.

March Full Moon Readings

Excerpt from Marga’s Cosmic Almanac Newsletter:

“Ultimately, whatever fear, shame, regret, irritation, or other heavy energy stands between us and our ability to commit our energy to specific paths, is encountered this month. The opportunity is to be able to meet it, and where necessary, let it in deeply, seeing what message it has for us. And where possible, meet it and CHOOSE to stay centered in our own Heart.” –

Excerpt from Cathy Pagano in Mystic Mamma’s Full Moon in Virgo March 16th report:

Saturn in Scorpio can give us the discipline and focus to treat each other as we’d like to be treated.  Self-respect is key to accepting ourselves, both the Light and the Dark.  Self-respect gives us the courage to look in the dark and discover the treasures hidden behind the pain that keeps us in the dark.

Now that Saturn is retrograde, we get to look into Scorpio’s realm—we get to look inside ourselves and understand our fears, bind our wounds with meaning, forgive our betrayers and let go of our obsessions. We get to re-structure our emotional complexes and behaviors when it comes to relating with others.

So let go of your fears and insecurities, take a new emotional stand and act as if it’s really you until you feel it and it becomes a new way of being for you.  Understanding and accepting yourself is the first step…”

Excerpt from Soulstice Rising Ascension Notes

Love is who we are. Love may be saying no to certain people and things. Love is strong, sovereign and powerful. Love is Truth. Being Love doesn’t mean being a victim or a doormat. Love is action based on inner guidance/feeling. Our old patterns are gone…unless, of course, you haven’t let them go. The past is complete. If you are still dictated by the past, take a second look; are you really? Think of something you used to love to do or eat or see or experience. Perhaps think of a dream you used to have. Is it still valid? Do you feel the same? Many of you will see that what used to be simply does not hold your attention or vibration any longer.

Each one of us is creating our world moment by moment based on feeling. I ask in every instance, “How do I feel?” I’m sometimes surprised when I discover that what I used to enjoy, I no longer do. I move away from anyone or anything that does not inspire or in which I do not vibrate highly. This is my compass; my feeling-state. And I know that it is never wrong. Sometimes I just wait so I can truly see how I feel, rather than doing anything just because I used to.

Full Moon Blessing

Here is an audio recording of this blessing:

As you breathe in Full Moon energy, may you run it through your entire being….

May you consider the energy of commitment – to your practices of presence, your spiritual practices, your heart truth.

Please remember that life sometimes gets ultra-busy, sometimes we are handed unexpected external that causes pain or confusion and that which we are committed to is temporarily pushed to the side. 

I invite you to breathe Full Moon energy into each of those spaces….

If there have been moments in which you have lost sight of or connection with your commitment, simply invite Full Moon energy into that space. This energy is grace, forgiveness, love, gratitude – naturally healing, soothing, nourishing. 

Please thank your self for opening and inviting energy into these potentially tender spaces. 

Sometimes we feel shame or guilt because we don’t feel we met our own standards, which are often very high. Please release any shame or guilt you may feel.  

If there have been moments in which you honored your commitment, simply invite Full Moon energy in that space. This energy may then amplify trust, faith, courage, joy. 

Please thank your self for opening and inviting energy into these newly opened spaces.

Please remember that your essence is Love and Light. Whether you choose to express that and align with it is your choice. If you have chosen to be anything other than Love and Light in the past month, simply release it to Moon and allow Moon’s energy to swoop in and refresh your own. You may choose to be Love and Light, now, here, as you are. 

Please know that your heart expressions wait patiently for you to be ready to share them. You have all of the skills you need to explore the creative process. As you open to exploring, resources, guides, materials will be perfectly placed for your use, along the way. Please trust the process. Please remember to enjoy the process. You may invite Moon’s energy into your heart to touch upon your heart whispers…the ones that are ready to blossom, will, naturally, with ease. 

May you remember to enjoy the process of creating and connecting as you move through World. 

Along with Full Moon energy, we are moving into Spring Equinox energy on March 20th – so please be gentle and kind with your self this week.

I invite you to center into your practices of presence and self-care this week. Sometimes when we feel intense energy, or shadow arises, we move away from our practices and care when that is the time to center deeply into them.

Centering provides the structure for healing, resting and refreshing.


Full Moon eve – nestled in the palm trees

Dear Reader: After considering the above, what energy/ies are you ready to release to Moon? Do you have a specific release practice or ritual? Is the idea of releasing to moon familiar and comfortable or new to you? (when you share, you inspire).

Happy Full Moon! Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


Full Moon Magic:

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Comments on: "March Full Moon Magic" (6)

  1. Jean Sampson said:

    At present, I am working on releasing jealousy and worry which, I just realized, go hand in hand together—at least for me, they do. I am using tapping and the mantra ” In the past, everything I needed was provided—I am provided everything I need in the present, and will be provided everything I need in the future. That really does seem to help!

    • Thank you for sharing, Jean! This morning, I was feeling into the idea of layers of release – wondering why as I unravel inner knots, do I sometimes show up releasing the same energy?! And I realized that there are layers – so it sometimes feels like I am ‘releasing the same energy’, but it is really a different expression of it and it all invites a deeper understanding and an opportunity to center and celebrate!

      Your mantra is very powerful – we can apply it to anything in life as a reminder to trust as awareness of infinite possibility brings expansion to this moment (withing expansion is natural release). *Everything I needed was provided – everything I need in the present is provided – everything I need in the future was provided*.

      For myself personally, I would remove “need”…which can potentially feed fear and simply use *everything was provided, is provided and will continue to be provided – and my heart is grateful for the knowing and experience.*

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    I like your modifications Joy. it does take the fear away!

  3. Joy,

    As usual, just when I ‘needed’ this message, I found myself here… :) Love that!

    In all the dramatic shifts and rapid-fire changes happening in my life this past couple/few weeks, I had failed to track or even notice the upcoming full moon, or have any conscious awareness of the readings and energies (as I normally do), but these energies have certainly been nothing possible to hide from…and it is here, in searching not so much for answers, but more for guidance/reassurance, that I came to this page this morning. And how glad I am that I did!

    I find the readings (particularly these, you have chosen to tap into) so helpful in giving me perspective, outside of myself, as I tend toward getting wrapped into my own head/thoughts/circling in on myself….and here, it gives me the space to step out of that, get a new perspective, and breathe and center into the energy around and within me, instead of losing my center (finding a process of grounding I am continually “working” on…).

    I find myself in this entirely new (and sometimes frightening) space of being given the opportunity to truly be seen as I am, and while I’ve been alternating between celebrating and reveling in it and turning away and trying to hide from it, I see this energy provides the *perfect time and place* for me to be where I am now, experiencing what I am *now,* and that somehow helps me to move with the energy, rather than resist it. Just knowing, being reminded that *all is as it ‘should’ be,* allows me to open more into this space that is being created for me to open into….and it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. Thank you for sharing this and your energy and spirit here and with me in all ways…

    Much Love and Light and Joy and above all else, Passion to you,


    • Thank you for your presence, Molly – it is always wonderful to see you here!

      I know that others reading your comment will identify, so I thank you for sharing your experience.

      Breathing and centering can be quite powerful tools – as you continue to explore this newness, breathing into resistance offers peace and centering in spaces you feel like hiding invites possibility.

      Please remember, you may take as long as necessary to breathe and to center – there isn’t anything that says we “must” move into newness or “celebrate”, although as you know moving and celebrating are wonderful manifesting energies. Your awareness is wonderful – I read your words and turn them inward to reflect upon in my own current experience.

      And, thank you for consistently reminding me of the energy of passion – right when I ‘need’ it.

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