The Magic of Manifesting and Synchronicity


my new obsidian

Do you believe in magic?

It is my experience that what we focus on grows.  When we choose to focus on clarity, perspective, beauty, light, texture, depth, range, we invite those energetic elements into our physical life and external opens to accommodate this flow.

External doesn’t have to be optimal and internal doesn’t have to be in alignment – magic transforms that perceived imperfection to the most extraordinary visual sign of trust and faith. – from I Believe in Magic: 30-day Photo Journey

Shadow Work

(If you don’t want the backstory, you can simply read the gold colored content and still get the gist of the message!)

I don’t wish to repeat my Fall Experience ever again in my life (the whole “I lent money to, and shared my home and my family with, someone whom if you Google his name with *fraud* next to it, information appears” experience. When he didn’t return the money and he removed his presence, myself and my children couldn’t help but feel like pawns in a game we didn’t know we were playing).

He stated clearly over a few weeks time that he was going to die if he didn’t get that money and I believed him  (still, he insists that was true) so perhaps you can understand that more painful than losing money, I lost trust in living an open-hearted life and in my practices of presence and energy movement.

The very *magic* that I spin daily is what intrigued him – he came in when I was most centered and he seemed to appreciate my peaceful sacred container of a home, the bond with my children, and the way we choose to live. I can’t tell you what his truth is, but I can tell you it feels awful to believe I was intentionally targeted for being open-hearted by someone who appears to do this as a way of life. It feels awful to be told that I saved his life and facilitated a turnaround but I am not worthy of being paid back because I am now a liability instead of an asset.

And, I can also tell you that I am writing The Con Cure:  A Recovery Guide for Heart-Centered People Who Have Experienced a Scam (tentative title). It is interesting to me (and quite sad) that many heart-centered people I have spoken to have been intentionally targeted and “used” by people who seem to specialize in it.  I now understand the dynamics and I understand heart-healing, so it is a joy to create this resource. I’m not going to cure the “con epidemic” but I am going to share healing techniques for those whom have experienced it.

I understand that I drew this *shadow energy* into my life. Because my intention is to experience an open-heart daily, I very much needed some strong guidance to go along with my healing. I don’t specialize in shadow work so I prayed for a guide.

While I was waiting, I channeled the energy of Kali, Sedna and Lilith (three quite powerful, fierce goddesses from different cultural and spiritual traditions).  I wanted to “burn away” anything within my energy that resonated with anything within *his*.  Having been raised with abuse, I understand there is residual patterning of “not enough” and I very clearly want to re-pattern anything not in alignment with centered empowerment and abundance in all realms. I needed more than my gentle *butterflies and glitter* to facilitate this process.

If I am to learn shadow, I want it to be with awareness and intention, not a “sneak attack”. And, I understand that shame breeds in silence, so I wanted to amplify my courage and strength to share my truth in public; my sharing invites others to speak about their experience and that shines light on something that pains many.

I share this with you so you understand the *magic of the synchronicity* of the following experiences.

In the midst of this – focused energy on awareness and understanding of shadow – I was gifted a full scholarship to Pixie Campbell’s “Goldmining the Shadows with Black Panther” intensive

Here is an excerpt from the class description so you can see how this is a direct answer to what I “needed”:

Goldmining the Shadows with Panther is a walk with the Dark Feminine, wherein we stalk our own shadows and call them out into the light for insight and transmutation. This session focuses on relationship skills and creating language for those times when shadow is present and mucking up the truth.

I trust Pixie as a guide and mentor and I love her energy so when I saw that she offered scholarships to single mothers, I wrote and asked for one. It took a lot of courage to write, but my heart very much wanted (needed) this class.

The material is thorough, the work can be intense, and wow – the timing is Divine. We are currently halfway through the session and my heart is grateful for this guidance!

A Gift in the Mail

One of the participants in the class mentioned that she was using obsidian. I understand that one “doesn’t need” stones or crystals to draw in specific energy; however I use them daily and find it very helpful when I am in transition to hold the stone on my being as a reminder/talisman.

I have many stones and crystals but hadn’t intentionally worked with shadow so obsidian was not in my collection. My mind also said I probably didn’t have the extra money to buy obsidian.

Each time I would intend to drive to the local metaphysical store, something would come up. This happened every day for about one week. I practice unfolding so I felt maybe this meant I was supposed to journey without it.

A few days into this, I opened Facebook to quickly ask a question and the first post on my feed was from my friend Tracey Selingo of Woo Your World. She was “powering up” her crystals in the sun. One of her crystals was….obsidian.

I gasped in surprise! I wrote something about ‘how synchronistic to see obsidian’. Tracey replied with a question ‘what do you feel when you see that stone, Joy?’. I replied “I want to hold it in my hand and in my pocket and on my being; but knowing you have it is akin to me having it, so I understand I “already have it”.

Tracey mailed her obsidian to me “just like that*! (the one in the photo…I am so in love with it!)

But, guess what?! It gets even better!

Tracey had a nudge to message me about my address. It turns out she had an incorrect address and I was able to correct it in time for her to return to the post office and fix it. When I gave her my correct address, she asked if it was close to a city she would soon be traveling to. It is!!! So, we will be meeting!!

And, that makes my heart happy, indeed!

Holding that stone, processing this class led me to create “The Con Cure”.

Can you see how each conscious choice to open and connect through heart-space leads to the next – a series of synchronicity? 

I wanted expansion, I drew in shadow.  Lots in my external life fell apart but my heart opened further.

I wanted to release residual patterning so I began shadow work.

I was gifted a shadow class. (possible because I asked and Pixie opened her heart to share so generously!)

In the class, obsidian was mentioned.

Tracey was powering up her obsidian and opened her heart to share a photo of her practice. She took the time to listen to, and follow through with, her heart whispers – questioning my comment, immediately packaging her stone to mail it to me, checking back in about my address, noticing the city she will be visiting might be in close proximity to mine.

I listened to my heart whispers by commenting on her post even though I “didn’t have time” and responding from my heart even though the desire felt silly (it is “just a stone!”) and receiving the gift joyfully instead of deflecting it.

(I don’t advocate drawing in shadow, but if one is going to draw in shadow, at least allow magic around it!).

A few “mistakes” were made – yet, those mistakes led to openings and connection that wouldn’t otherwise have happened.

So, yes…I Believe in Magic and I share this with you not to convince you that my “way” is best but to invite you to open your heart – regardless of external – to see and experience the magic in every day life. I can read books and watch movies but it is hearing about ‘real-life examples’ that bolsters my faith and encourages me to keep opening on this path.

It is my hope that something in this experience inspires you to clearly ask for what your heart desires, encourages you to open to receive in unexpected delight and to remind you that everything is possible when we allow it to be!

Dear Reader: Is synchronicity something that is familiar and comfortable to you? If it is not familiar, is there an action step you may take to open to the possibility of experiencing it? If it is familiar, may you share an experience of synchronicity from your life? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


Pre-registration (with a 20% discount) for I Believe in Magic: 30-day Photo Journey is open through April 15, 2014.  I do hope you choose to play with us – it’s a lot of fun!

Pre-registration (with a 20% discount) for Presence to Manifesting Money with Joy is open through April 12, 2014. I know you have a generous heart and a desire to live your purpose in service and having more than enough money allows you to live the reality of your heart whispers, here, now

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Comments on: "The Magic of Manifesting and Synchronicity" (8)

  1. Isn’t it beautiful, this magic? And all because you just think it into action. :) So happy that the obsidian reached it’s rightful owner, joy.

    • Thank you for *everything*, Tracey! Sometimes we don’t know how what we have shared truly matters – this experience is unfolding into some pretty significant, powerful moments, affirmations of heart-path and practices of presence and energy movement. All that you have shared truly matters!

  2. Joy, these powerful synchronicities point you in a positive direction that really affirms your magic! And I’m grateful I read your post through this morning…I’ve now discovered two new wonderful guides through your sharing. Thank you!

    Love to you on your journey and new discoveries-
    Anne McCarroll

    • Thank you, Anne – it is always such a delight when you share!

      Yes, I trust Pixie as a guide – I am quite sure she is the only one I would trust to explore this depth of shadow with. It is an amazing journey – because I trust Pixie, I can focus on the process and the materials and journey to depth I hadn’t yet been. It’s powerful. I have also taken her mountain lion class – very powerful as well.

      I connected with Tracey through Amy Oscar’s Soul Caller training and forum. She appreciates magic and synchronicity as much as I – of course with a website called *Woo Your World* one can probably guess she lives a heart-path! There are many similarities in the way we choose to live and practice – her steps often affirm and inspire my own.

      Have you recently experienced synchronicity that you would like to share?

  3. Hi Joy, Interesting that I was catching up on blog reading and happened to come across this particular post of yours. I do a TON of shadow work (or, have over the past 4 or 5 years, and it’s like a regular, natural practice to me now) and actually I would recommend that it’s a vital component of life that we should welcome and hug in. You seem to have found helpers that resonate with you, but I will just share again that Robert Ohotto has a radio show you can listen to at which deals very deeply AND positively with the world of the shadow. I consider him a guru in this.

    • It is wonderful to “see you here”, Julie! When I saw your name pop up, I knew to pay attention to whatever you would be sharing – I trust your guidance as well!

      Quite honestly, my shadow work hadn’t come in studies or research but in my romantic relationships with men. I relate well, can accept and appreciate and even love my shadow, in what I see reflected back to me through them. Perhaps words don’t convey it well? because the relationships are wonderful, life-changing, I know very well when “he” appears he is my guide and I open my heart and my life – yet, in that I am well aware that is is shadow work. There have been 3 life-changing, amazing relationships in my life – spanning years.

      However, one can imagine shadow can take its toll on a relationship. And the dynamic is I am aware and processing and typically “the other” is simply relating. So, I decided to learn in a different way (phew – finally!!!). To shift the pattern and to study and research and do intentional shadow work as a practice of presence – this part now is intense because I journey often and its new to me – so there is lots to see and experience as I figure out “my way”. It is also exciting, because I am *shifting a huge lifelong pattern*! Now, when romance comes along, it “should be” romance – how refreshing would that be! – because I am intentionally working with shadow daily.

      I am looking up Robert’s site right after I close this comment!

      Thank you, Julie!! Love and gratitude to you!

  4. I’m sorry you had to go through that experience, Joy. It’s trusting hearts that get used. I love that you took that experience and strengthened your amazing spirit.

    • Thank you for your presence and affirmation, Talon!

      I don’t know if “trusting hearts get used” but I do know that sometimes wounded hearts cause (and accept) pain.

      What I truly desire in life is an open-heart; there are wonderful ways to ‘learn’, expand and grow – so I hold onto that affirmation as I move forward!

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