Love’s Legacy


Love always remembers and ‘produces’…

even if the timing feels slower than what we’d like.

Something to consider:

The legacy we leave is the strength of our foundation of love which is ever-lasting – not necessarily the blossoms that grew within that foundation, which are ever-changing….

Sometimes, we become frustrated or discouraged because we feel we did our absolute best as we planted seeds of love, opened our hearts to connect and share creative expression but we don’t see external shifts or ‘rewards’.

We then doubt our ability to love, we doubt the energy of love, we lose trust in our heart whispers and in Source energy. 

We feel we don’t matter. We feel love doesn’t matter. That’s a challenging, but familiar to many, space to be in.

What tends to happen in my life, as I walk my heart-path, is that I plant seeds of love and I am so busy and focused on planting that I don’t always notice the blossoms that are actually right there….Or I notice one pretty blossom and I appreciate and celebrate it, then I don’t notice it’s attached to an entire bush of blossoms, sitting in a huge field of blossoms.

Until…I bring my focus back to the idea of resting. Of nourishing my being with rest – in all spaces, in all realms. Of knowing that I have given my best energy and the best of myself – that in those moments, my job is ‘complete’. My vision expands, barriers soften, edges no longer feel sharp, naturally….as I revel in peace while centering into love and gratitude – resting.

So, the shift into peace and possibility isn’t necessarily to plant more / higher quality / intricately designed seeds…..or to manipulate external in some way….it’s to center into and celebrate love, wrapping our entire beings in love and light, resting as we honor natural cycles of organic growth and allowing Universal Energy to ‘work its magic’.

The being of Love is simple, delightful, powerful….when we allow it to be.

Dear Reader: May you share with us an experience of feeling discouraged because you didn’t see or feel external ‘results’ of your hard work? What would happen/how might that feeling change, if you decide to rest a bit and allow the process to unfold, naturally with ease? 

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Jean Sampson said:

    For several years, two times a year, I have painted for a decorator who takes the work to a wholesale decorators’ show. Each year he has gotten more specific and narrow as to what he thinks will sell and what he wants me to paint. So far, nothing has sold for this year. I spent the summer doing work he requested (and I don’t really like) and I am now impatient to see if it will sell. I am trying to be positive about this but it is a struggle. I have decided to do a few more paintings and then just let it all go to the Universe. The entire experience has made me wonder if I should even be trying to make my living with art, even though I do enjoy teaching and doing MY OWN paintings. I am working on turning all of this around energetically and just being grateful that I was able to actually do the requested paintings.

    • I hear the frustration you are expressing in these words, Jean and I understand. What stands out to me is that the parameters set by the decorator have you wondering if you can make your living with art – but you then state you enjoy your own paintings. Perhaps because you mention a pattern of working with the decorator, there is something within the experience that is wishing to be ’embraced’/ opened to / experimented with?

      If we look at this energetically, let’s ask the paintings to draw to them buyers in this market … and then going forward perhaps you might want to explore different opportunities that don’t fit this pattern with this specific buyer … when you ask your heart, what message is being shared? That is the portal of peace in all of this.

      As you mention, ‘the miracle’ was (still is) that you opened your heart to this newness and vulnerability and are continuing to center and trust, even when your mind is unsure. That is really big! May you thank your self for all of that … and celebrate in some way. Thank you so much for sharing – I know so many can identify with what you are sharing!

      • Jean Sampson said:

        Thank you for understanding, Joy! You have been with me throughout this process and have been a wonderful support to me. I did one final (maybe) painting that I actually really LIKED :) :) So it is sort of a breakthrough—-actually I have liked the last 3 paintings! I have learned a lot and am understanding a lot more about how to paint for myself as opposed to how to paint for a commercial job, which I finally figured out that is what this is. So I am happy that I was able to keep going (even stopped working on one really fascinating piece so I could do these last 3 pieces!) That was a tough decision but fine once I made it. I am really re-thinking what I paint and asking which direction to go in, now that I am able to do my own work again for a little while. And I learned a little bit about using acrylics rather than my go-to medium , oil paints! Acrylics are cheaper and they dry fast so I could do them right up to the last day before pick-up. I really DID learn a lot this summer. Celebrate? Hummm—-maybe buy some new canvas, even though I really should not? That would feel really good because I am down very low in canvases. :)

        • May you manifest in some new canvases, Jean!! And, thank you for sharing this process – I bet you surprised yourself by actually liking the last 3 paintings (and may that ‘like’ draw in buyers who like them as well!). I love that you began exploring a new medium (acrylics) and I am excited to see how this unfolds for you…and what direction you choose to go in, now that you have your ‘freedom back’.

  2. Mathew 6:28

    And why take ye thought for raiment?
    Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow;
    they toil not, neither do they spin:


    On this day of rest from my work of being around ‘The Stage’ it was so wonderful to see the legacy of your love Joy while viewing the photograph of your son Kevin after completing his very first professional performance on stage…

    That is just one example of *Love’s Legacy* that you have created…

    Thank you

    • Thank you, Rand, for your kind words. (Also, please note that my Instagram feed on the sidebar changes as I add photos – so the photo being referred to in this comment is no longer there – in case someone is looking…)

  3. Getting recharged by noticing love. Perfect. I got discouraged on Sunday after a 25 min conversation with one of my nieces. We used to be quite close but now she keeps her distance from the whole family. She’s about to have a baby so I was calling to wish her well (last conversation in April). She spent the whole time talking about herself. Didn’t ask once about my children, or my husband, or myself. Totally self-centered. It hurt. But staying in that space does not serve me. So I prayed for her and sent her love. And I’m holding the desire to one day be closer to her again. ?

    • Thank you for sharing, Maryse. I hear your discouragement and I do hope that your heart’s desire is answered. I also understand that when we hold expectations that others are unable to meet (because their energy and intention differs from our own) we run the risk of disappointment. May you thank your self for being love (and open to love) during your conversation…for that gratitude adds peace back into the experience.

      And may you understand that she might have felt your kindness and love, even if she didn’t express it in words (I don’t know enough about her specific situation, but I do know that something I have been working on for myself this month is around ‘be very clear with others on how I wish to receive in love; if I wish to be acknowledged in a certain way, to make sure to share that with those whom my heart wishes to receive it from’). I don’t feel it’s about who is ‘right and wrong’, it’s about how can we add more love into the experience – and it could be that love is about honoring our boundaries as we open our hearts ever further….

      I know many can identify with what you have shared here … thank you for sharing!

  4. Esther Kim said:

    Wow, this post totally explains the dream I had several days ago! I was in an apartment, which was apparently my apartment, that was full of flowers. I loved that there were so many flowers in there. There was also a tiger that I liked but was also rather afraid of. At the end I discovered that the flowers were planted and put there by my dad. I don’t understand what the significance of my dad is, but I see that it is a message for me to pay attention to what already has blossomed in my life. Sometimes I am too goal-oriented, especially in the personal growth department, and I wonder why I am not at another point yet (for ex, loving myself more unconditionally). I then feel like I am unable to actually get to where I’d like to be, and then feel bad about myself and my life. I realized that a lot of that was my way of thinking from the past, where I always felt like I wanted to do one thing, but was always forced to do another (as in what my parents wanted me to do). But clearly I have grown a lot, and it would really help to take a look at what has already blossomed in my life and appreciate every step I have taken, and the place I am in right now. I sometimes forget that this is in fact an exciting time in my life! Plus, it’s also a matter of learning to trust myself more, and seeing that whatever happens in myself or in my life is by intelligent design, and it is kind of impossible to know when and how things will turn out, as they are not necessarily how I think they should be. So thank you for the perfectly placed wisdom!

    • Your level of awareness is always wonderful to experience, Esther, thank you for sharing!

      It feels like your heart holds the answer * it would really help to take a look at what has already blossomed in my life and appreciate every step I have taken, and the place I am in right now* so please do remember to celebrate each step. What I find is that celebration (joy) is a wonderful manifesting energy and opens doors, naturally with ease. Plus, when we are celebrating, our hearts are open and we are not “fearful, in doubt, in limitation”.

      I also feel that setting goals is a wonderful practice, if we can incorporate unfolding and ease … and remember to celebrate along the way. Thank *you* for your perfectly placed reflection and your insights!

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