Stopping to Smell the Roses, The Real You & Full Super Moon Energy


“Every flower is a soul

blossoming in nature.” – Gerard De Nerval

As I was walking with my children from a busy parking lot through downtown, I noticed these beautiful, delicate and pretty, pink roses blossoming. I took the time to stop and ‘smell’ them….

Even though my mind sometimes says ‘you really don’t have time’ – when I take a few moments to appreciate and savor the natural beauty around me, my entire being feels refreshed and joyful – yes, even in the busyness on a downtown road.

Pink and green is known to symbolize heart energy, so smelling this flower is akin to breathing in heart energy – and I think we can all use a bit of that so I am sharing it!

It sometimes happens that we feel centered and on-purpose so think ‘oh, I don’t need heart energy’ but really that is an amazing time to breathe it in – because it naturally expands peace and possibility – energetic doors open *just like that!* (And maybe that is what we are afraid of  and why we don’t stop.)

But…what speaks to me most about flower blossoms is that they *naturally happen*.

There is a cycle and, within that cycle, the flower blossoms. They remind me of the feel of heart whispers blossoming – naturally, with ease and joy – not because we exhausted ourselves learning and healing while attempting to manipulate external…simply because we made the space and time to allow them to……

The Real You

I love what Alan Watts shares in this video “The Real You“. Especially this:

The real you is not a puppet that life pushes around. The real you *is the deep, whole Universe*.”

And this:

“You don’t have to know how to shine the sun, you just do it, like you breathe”. (Whoa…wow. And, I think allowing your heart whispers to blossom falls into this realm of being as well.)

Gratitude to Melanie Maddison – Intuitive Soul Art for sharing this video. I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie in person (she flew into L.A from England and our families spent time at the beach) and I love her energy and art! (You might want to check out her website.)

Full ‘Super Moon Energy

Today (the 10th) is Full “Super” Moon. If you are interested in the specific energy of this moon, here is a thorough reading via Mystic Mamma “Full Super Moon in Aquarius“.

Full Moon is a wonderful time to release anything that you feel is no longer resonant with your heart whispers / inner core values. The best way I know to release is to literally clear clutter/clean and to energetically embrace all that is resonant (what is no longer resonant naturally falls away).

Dear Reader: How does your heart feel today/currently? As you breathe in the heart energy from the rose  blossom and consider the message in Alan Watts video, what arises within? And, may you share, what is something that you would like to release to Moon and/or embrace fully in life?….when you share, you inspire.

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. My favorite thing about living in the Houston area are all the flowers, blooming year round. Very good for the soul. :-)

    • I didn’t know Houston was full of flowers – my dad and two siblings live outside of Houston and I equate it with humidity, Bethany. Thank you for expanding my view!

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