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In the current session of I Believe in Magic: 30-day photo journey, we are exploring heart energy by including poems from various artists in each prompt.

I discovered many poems that speak straight to my heart; this is one that inspired me to create something new:

Love Deeply by Henri Nouwen

Do not hesitate to love and to love deeply.

You might be afraid of the pain that deep love can cause. When those you love deeply reject you, leave you, or die, your heart will be broken. But that should not hold you back from loving deeply. The pain that comes from deep love makes your love ever more fruitful. It is like a plow that breaks the ground to allow the seed to take root and grow into a strong plant. Every time you experience the pain of rejection, absence, or death, you are faced with a choice. You can become bitter and decide not to love again, or you can stand straight in your pain and let the soil on which you stand become richer and more able to give life to new seeds.

The more you have loved and have allowed yourself to suffer because of your love, the more you will be able to let your heart grow wider and deeper. When your love is truly giving and receiving, those whom you love will not leave your heart even when they depart from you. They will become part of your self and thus gradually build a community within you.

Those you have deeply loved become part of you. The longer you live, there will always be more people to be loved by you and to become part of your inner community. The wider your inner community becomes, the more easily you will recognize your own brothers and sisters in the strangers around you. Those who are alive within you will recognize those who are alive around you. The wider the community of your heart, the wider the community around you. Thus the pain of rejection, absence, and death can become fruitful. Yes, as you love deeply the ground of your heart will be broken more and more, but you will rejoice in the abundance of the fruit it will bear.

For the class prompt, I asked us to feel into this line “The pain that comes from deep love makes your love ever more fruitful.” then to share the essence of fruit. To capture in one photo, or several, literal fruit and/or what ‘fruitful’ feels and looks like in daily life.

The fear of heart-break stops many from choosing to love – and often means that when a person does choose to love, they keep it at surface level, even though their entire being yearns to feel / experience *more*.  It’s common to feel as if you have shared love but when you look around your life, you don’t see the ‘fruits’ from it, so you think you have ‘failed’ at loving.

There are numerous teachings on ‘choosing love’; the question is how do we choose to be love in daily life? I invite you to share in a (free) roundtable discussion this Friday, September 26th at 5p (PT): Presence to Love Deeply in Daily Life.

When we choose to open to love, we are choosing to naturally shift from a base ‘reactive mode’ to an empowered creative mode; connecting and celebrating with universal energy. Choosing love is an experience of living infinite possibility. 

Choosing to love deeply is a practice of centering into source energy, releasing judgment and expectation, honoring boundaries with full acceptance of the energy within them, embracing the moment as it is, while exploring creative expression and opening to receive in all of the joy and abundance possible. 

That sounds wonderful and is quite ‘easy’ when one is removed from mainstream world and activity; it can sometimes feel challenging as one moves through daily life. Choosing to love deeply can feel quite vulnerable because we don’t know what will unfold from our choices; but, with love, we do know that as we continue to open our heart, our connections deepen, our trust increases, our abundance multiplies.

We feel peace and possibility *regardless of external* and that feeling is what inspires us to continue to open.

Dear Reader: As you think about the meaning and feel into the energy of the above poem, what speaks strongly to you? May you share an experience in which you chose to love deeply and that choice ‘bore fruit’? (when you share, you inspire!)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


Please remember to register for the roundtable discussion this Friday, September 26th at 5p (PT) “Presence to Love Deeply in Daily Life“.

Pre-registration (with a 20% discount) for the next session of I Believe in Magic: 30-day Photo Exploration is open through October 3, 2014. The theme of this session is *harvest, abundance and joy*. (This is the last session of 2014. )

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  1. Jean Sampson said:

    This is so beautiful, Joy. I always want to love deeper and with more and more commitment. I think that is really what we are here for. Everything else is just extra :). And learning to love is sometimes a rocky journey and takes you places you could never imagine. But when you ask to be taught about love, the lessons come in many unexpected ways. Love to YOU!

    • Thank you for the kind words and for your presence, Jean!

      I am learning that when I ask to be taught about love in delightful, wonderful ways the ‘lessons’ and ‘paths’ that are placed unfold to amazing, joyful experiences. I keep affirming that love is enriching – then it truly is, far beyond what I could imagine. That’s what I am ‘here’ to reflect and share :)

      Love to *you*!!

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