A Gratitude Walk and Angels Among Us


pink cloud formation in the afterglow of sunset

One day last week, I had a few questions to ask Universe (about boundaries and shifting energy and love).

So, I brought it to the beach, because that is where I meet God / what I do.

Only, when I got there, it was so beautiful that I forgot to ask my questions!

Instead, I took a gratitude walk – each step full of gratitude for all that I was seeing, there on the beach, and also all of the love, support, beauty and care I had received and experienced throughout my entire life

After about thirty minutes of intentional gratitude – step after step of gratitude – soon I was even feeling grateful for experiences that hadn’t felt especially lovely or wonderful when I was in them.

I could clearly see how each past step had led to these of now and that clarity allowed me to feel genuine gratitude for each step. I couldn’t wish those steps away, be upset with myself for having chosen them, or even imagine having changed them, because ‘now’ would no longer exist as it did.

Before turning around to head back to the car, I asked Universe to show me a bit of physical support – something likeI want to see and feel Angels in my world‘. 


As you can see from the photo above, Universe answered me quite clearly and quickly! 

I think she’s a pink angel, gliding over the ocean. She definitely wanted to be seen!!  (And sometimes that is how obvious my Universal signs need to be for me to see it!)

Meeting an Angel

Speaking of Angels….I met one – in real-life!!!!


selfie with Nancy R. 

Nancy is a Facets of Joy community member whom I began connecting with this summer. Nancy was flying across the country into Los Angeles for a conference. She took the time to share her itinerary with me, along with the suggestion that we connect while she was here.

Although Los Angeles is quite a drive away, and my children were home on Fall break (meaning my schedule was overflowing!) “the planets aligned” and we had the wonderful experience of spending a few hours together – talking at my favorite local cafe and walking a few steps together on my ‘home stretch’ of beach.  It was such a delight to share this beautiful energy with Nancy!!

As we were standing at the counter of my favorite local cafe, Nancy said ‘this is a miracle’

It really was!!!

I can look back and see how events from last Fall through last week unfolded to allow this meeting to happen. (Actually, I can look back far beyond last year – to several years past and see how events had unfolded to allow for this meeting!)

Hugging Nancy, I thanked Universe for: the trust, faith, love and gratitude all interwoven through Facets; the internet and all of the technological variables that allow Facets to exist; the power of genuine heart connection via the web; the joy and magic of choosing to open our hearts to the element of surprise.

Time flew by as we spoke (what we spoke about was precious, and affirmed my life’s decisions and path and I am grateful beyond words).

It wouldn’t be possible if, in any of the moments in the last few years that doubt arose, I closed my heart (or Nancy closed hers). It wouldn’t be possible if Nancy hadn’t stepped forward to share her travel plans. It wouldn’t be possible if I was adamant about completing my to-do list for that day.

This is a very physical ‘real-life’ example of how trusting in Source and opening to create and connect from heart space, looks and feels. Magical – beyond comprehension.

Also – if you find yourself traveling to (or through) Los Angeles and you want to meet, please email me. I love celebrating heart connections!

*Divine* Jewelry


jewelry design and photo credit –

Sandy Maddalino of Starshine Designs (on FB)

Isn’t this gorgeous?! (and dragonfly is right there!!).

The night of meeting Nancy, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I discovered this designer via a friend (the friend was *delighted* with her purchase and had posted about it).

I messaged Sandy (the designer) right away and asked if she had a website to share with you.

Sandy’s response: “Its just a FB page for my business because I make everything custom made . I do have this one bracelet here and plenty more to show that’s not on my page yet. Basically, you pick a design of mine and choose what stones you’d like and we go from there, wrist size, little details you may want to add etc...”

So, I praised her talent and asked if she created intuitively.

Sandy’s response:People give me an idea of what they are looking for,  such as a color combo or a healing stone for their properties, and I feel them out and just go from there…. so I suppose ‘yes intuitively guided in a sense’ . Others just say make me something awesome and so I do. <smile>”

So, there you have it – if Sandy’s design and/or words speak to you, then please check out her FB page (there is a variety of beautiful designs!).

(To be clear, this is not an affiliate link – I simply love sharing artistic pieces that stand out!).

Dear Reader: What do you see in the cloud formation? And, as you process this reflection, what arises within for you?

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "A Gratitude Walk and Angels Among Us" (8)

  1. Amazing, Joy! I see an angel!

    • What was spectacular about this ‘Angel’ is that I watched the cloud formation take shape over an hour. Magnificent. I’m so glad you see her, Sandra – and so happy to ‘see’ you here, blessing Facets with your presence!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Wow, Joy, what a beautiful story and photo! Nancy looks like one of my friends (she died about 8 years ago, way too young). I think it is just incredible that the two of you were able to get together and have the experiences of being at your coffee shop and “your” beach! How beautiful!
    It will just make everything in the future so much richer when you interact on-line :) <3 What a beautiful life you live, Joy! <3 <3—–I notice that I used the word "beautiful" a bunch of times, but I MEAN it! :) :)

    • What made this visit possible, Jean, was Nancy’s decision to take the time to share her itinerary with me – and to be open to the way I practice unfolding (plus, I do believe Angels were in on it!).

      *grin* I love that you used beautiful so many times, then noticed – and I am glad you shared that with me! It *can* be beautiful, yes – mainly, because I choose to see and appreciate beauty as I move through daily life, and also because I am now learning to see and appreciate *everything* as beautiful. Keeping my heart wide-open results in a life full of magic and synchronicity and peace – as I have reflected here, with the intention that everyone who reads this will then be inspired to look for, and celebrate, beautiful heart connection in their lives.

      One day, I will meet you, Jean. Absolutely!

  3. Lorri Espinosa said:

    When I saw the photo, these words immediately came into my consciousness: “Leading with the heart, head in the clouds, feet on the ground.”

    Much love to you!

    • That is *so* gorgeous, Lorri – my heart is smiling! My boat (that the kids and I lived on) was named Ethereal Joy – and now my practice is learning how to bring all of that energy into my body, my daily life. When I read your words, though, you have described your essence and that is what brought the heart smile. Can you see and celebrate that about yourself? (I can and am celebrating your presence, here!).

      Love and gratitude to you!

  4. I love how the universe supports us, gives us those needed signs that we’re not on our journeys alone. What a stunning sky, Joy!

    Oh, my family took me out for a celebratory dinner to celebrate the book release — which came out the day before my birthday. It was awesome. We even popped open some champagne. :)

    • Thank you, Talon! The feel of your celebration sounds *lovely*. I am very excited to order your book and read it – I downloaded the Kindle sample to read as a gift to myself this weekend! I am *so* happy for you!

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