Links to Inspire Your Being and Refresh Your Energy


After last week’s potent ‘release energy’ , it’s best to take some time to intentionally center and refresh your energy. 

I am sharing with you a few links that touched my heart and inspired me – with the intention that they touch and inspire you as well.

Contemplative Poem

My online time is currently limited – when Maryse Godet shares a link with me to something she has written, I stop what I am doing and make the time to read it. Here is a short snippet from her recent poem, shared in Meditate Like a Girl magazine. (To read the entire poem, please click the title link.)

“Human Compass” a contemplative poem by Maryse Godet

Start again on the page
of discovery,
face wrinkled
and ready. Your book
is about dreams and
faith and a journey.
Talk about how your
harvest nurtures your
ending, how the sadness 
of leaving is tinted
with the
simple joy of


I read this article by Amy Oscar several times. Each time something new spoke to me. I understand the patterning of ‘loving, running away; leaving, coming home.’ – although my pattern exists with my business, not a marriage.

Here is a short excerpt from  “Lost ring.” by Amy Oscar (to read the article, please click the title link).

Now, I have a confession to make: Our marriage has been a long and bumpy road and for most of it, I have been secretly (and sometimes, openly) planning to leave this man. He and I talk about this now – this thing that I do – loving, running away. Leaving, coming home.

Last night, I witnessed (in the light of this moon of bright truth) that I’ve been using that leaving/staying question as a smoke screen. If I obsess about that, I wont have to face the real emptiness, the real questions in my life.

If I keep packing and unpacking my suitcase, I won’t have to unpack the trauma and uncertainty I grew up with, the loneliness and anxiety I still feel when I’m overtired or overwhelmed with work. The voice of wisdom that calls to me in the middle of the night – and my resistance to wake up and fully answer it.”

Chakra Satsang

After a week full of lots of interesting, not easy to understand experiences, my entire being needed a bit of refreshing. I met Brian Lottman last year as he was passing through town and I enjoyed his satsang so, when I heard he was hosting one locally again, I attended.

Brian used Livestream to share this satsang worldwide, so I will share that Livestream link (which is valid for three more weeks – Livestream  only holds archives for that long) with you. It is two hours but I felt so cleansed, refreshed and centered so I highly recommend you gift yourself the experience. Here is the link: Healing the Chakras satsang.

Dear Reader: I would love to know, what has inspired you this past week? It doesn’t have to be an article or something online – simply something that reminded you or your essence energy. (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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