When You Allow Your Heart to Break Open / Standing in Radiant Light


At the moment of this photo, the heavy cloud cover hung over the town and only the very few of us on the beach saw this magnificence.

From this spot, all I can see are miles of beach, sky and ocean – one could, with the right boat and supplies, sail from that spot to anywhere in the world. Standing there is akin to standing right in *infinite possibility*.

Down on my knees at oceans’ edge to get ‘the shot’, I looked up, into the scene in this photo….

Tears streaming down my face.

I felt like I was in a Rumi quote:

“You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.”

My heart broke right open. I let it.

I don’t think we can look at this sunset and doubt the existence of Source / Oneness….or feel anything other than Divine.

It’s surreal to experience something so life-changing, to feel the essence and power of being fully centered in light and love, to understand and breathe in the fullness of gratitude and grace as long-standing barriers fall away….then to turn around to exit the beach and step back into daily life…

I get into the car and it’s still broken….

I drive home and there are still dirty dishes in the sink….

It is true (for me) that remembering my divine roots doesn’t change the physical variables in my space, but it does immediately (and naturally) change the way I feel about my physical life – enhancing the quality, which inspires me to keep centering, opening and celebrating through all that is ‘broken and dirty’. (And somewhere in there, all that is ‘broken and dirty’ evolves into a blessing – shame transforms to joy as labels fall away and genuine connection is felt.)

It is true (for me) that feeling energetically connected and supported allows me to trust fully in the process of presence to unfolding, to experience: peace even in moments of pain or uncertainty; love even in moments of great vulnerability and rawness; synchronicity and blessings even in spaces one might label ‘impossible’.

This is the ‘magic’ that I know is possible, because I live it.

(It’s also the ‘magic’ that I celebrate and invite you to participate in during each I Believe in Magic photo journey. The next one begins February 14th – I hope you choose to join in and share glimpses of the magic in your world!)

Standing in Radiant Light

Today, on Facebook, someone commented that I always have radiant light in my photos.

I responded:

This is because I literally, physically, spend lots of time each day standing in light. I intentionally place my body there to remind myself of my essence energy – who I am and what I am made of.”

I spent much of my life in spaces where I was criticized and punished for being and loving light; choosing to stand in light now is intentional – a naturally empowering way to heal and grow. (I choose to reflect light for the same reason.)

Sometimes, though – despite lots of inner work and re-patterning – I feel ‘not enough’. To shift, that, quickly and effectively, with delight and ease, I put my being in light-filled expansive spaces, with people who see and celebrate that light. It’s refreshing, inspiring and fulfilling, in all realms.

I intend for this Facets of Joy site to be a ‘space of light’ for you to experience reflections and reminders of who you are and what is possible for you.

I invite you to *stand in the light*, savor it, breathe it in, allow it to infuse your creations, connections and spaces.

Many in world focus on fear, darkness and all that ‘is wrong’; celebrations are saved for calendar holidays and completion of goals; it has become common to numb feelings and ‘bring energy out of your body’; people hide behind masks and walls and heart whispers are tucked far under barriers…..

I am here, reminding you (us) that there is another way that includes enjoying being *in* your body; connection with earth, people and creative expression; wonder, awe, gratitude at the beauty, kindness and love in so many spaces, yes even in daily life.

I have been told time and again that building my “Facets of Joy” business with offerings based in light and love won’t be sustainable for my family because not enough people in the world ‘believe in magic’ and want to experience the joy, delight and peace of integrating practices of presence into their daily life.

Yes, my classes are specialized, with names like “The Sanctuary of You: Understanding and Appreciating Your Body as Sacred Container“, “Creating and Connecting with Intention” and “Presence to Love Deeply in Daily Life” (all with new sessions in February and March) and many people *will not* register for them. That’s okay.

You see, I delight in creating small circles of connection and creation. I want each of us who choose to be present to feel comfortable sharing….to process the material, play with it in daily life, create whatever they feel nudged to, then check-back in with the group with their insights, questions and creative expressions.

(And, for those who prefer personal attention and guidance, I offer personal empowerment sessions in a variety of packages.)

I don’t question being on heart-path, that’s a given for me. I do sometimes question what am I supposed to be doing on my heart-path:

if not this, then please show me what;

if this, then please show me how’

You can use these questions in any space of life. If you do use these questions, I would love to hear of your experience with them, either in the comments below or via email – joy@facetsofjoy.com.

All of this is what I brought to sunset tonight. I spent the last two days working on my site, prepping the ecourse offerings and re-writing my coaching page (I hadn’t re-written it in two years – I love the feel of it now and I hope you do, too!). I brought all of the desire and feeling that went into it and I gave it to Source to bless.

I let it go…it will be what it will be…..

and will unfold as it is meant to.

And, then….the sky opened up….and my heart opened up right with it.

I don’t know with certainty what ‘it’ is all for, but I keep hearing my heart whisper, so I listen. And here I am. 

As I wrote this, the above photo was chosen as a featured photo by a big photo hub on Instagram – one that I had wanted to be featured on for some time!!! Woo-hoo!

When you allow your heart to break open,

then share from that space, *wonderful, magical, amazing* things


By the way, I love Instagram – I’m there engaging and sharing often throughout the day, so come say hello if you’re a fellow Instagram lover.

Dear Reader: There are so many layers to process in this article. As you feel into the energy of the photo and the message, what arises within for you?

What is your experience with the concept of unfolding and practicing presence – is this familiar and comfortable to you, something you are beginning to explore, or something new that interests you.

And, I would love if you may share a time when you created from a vulnerable space – how did it feel, what did you create, and what was your overall ‘takeaway’ from the experience?

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "When You Allow Your Heart to Break Open / Standing in Radiant Light" (2)

  1. I’m practicing staying open in the light right now, as you know. I’m very much aware that life is not black or white (mostly black or dark gray in my “old conditioning”) but contains all the shades of the rainbow at any given moment (mmm…I think I even wrote a piece about that a few months ago). I wrote but now I’ve finally made it an active part of my being. Light is always present when we choose to honor love and wonder. And it opens us in new ways that allow even more of the rainbow to get in. ?

    • When I read your comment, Maryse, and you speak of ‘rainbow light’ I am reminded of our chakra system. So, maybe what happens, when we ‘stand in light’, is that our chakra centers respond and that is why we feel centered and sometimes enlivened. Light is always present – even when our hearts are closed / vision clouded.

      I’m glad that you are practicing staying open. That’s powerful! May you remember to celebrate each choice, each step and to be kind to yourself when you notice something within is ‘closed’. (May we all do the same!).

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