It’s Time to Take a Step Into Infinite Possibility, Grace, Peace and Joy, with Full Moon’s Energy #AugustMoon15

A little after 4a, I felt this pull to awaken.

After a long heart-stretch of a week, I really, really needed my sleep. But, I typically listen to my heart whispers, so I opened my eyes and saw moonlight coming through my window.

I got up to peek outside – thinking I’d bundle right back into bed and finish sleeping.

But, this is what I saw:


The view from my window, of Moon over our beach town

I felt Moon’s invitation to ‘come play’. It has been *forever* since I have seen Moonlight on the ocean!

So, I stepped into Moon’s invitation, got dressed and headed for the beach. (<<ooh, at the word ‘beach’, the word count was 111 which is a number symbolizing new beginnings and divine affirmation – feels like support of my choice!)

When I got to the beach, I gasped in wonder, joy, love, gratitude!!

I took a short video to share the magnificence of moon with you (to view the video on Youtube, please click here Full Moon Over the Pacific Ocean):

I stepped into the magic of Moon and a heart-celebration of elemental energy (the air, light, water, earth, and ether – well, being in the dark of night, illuminated solely by moon felt like the ether!)

I stood right there, barefoot in the sand, as the waves brought moonlight to my feet.

I breathed in the magic, Grace and beauty of moonlight and I breathed out all of the residual ‘stuff’ that is no longer resonant.

Then, I invited this magic, grace and beauty into my life and I asked it to manifest in physical ways that support the radiance of my heart light and the blossoming of my heart whispers.

I stood there for a long time – giving gratitude for my life and all in it.

Then, I walked.

As I walked, the sky began to lighten indicating that sun would be rising soon.


My selfie with Moon at dawn (it has been ages since Moon and I have been in the same photo!)

I kept walking. While I walked, I skipped stones (it’s one of my favorite things to do). With each step and each skipping stone, my heart felt lighter.

You see, this practice of ‘bathing in moonlight’, walking barefoot in sand, listening to the sounds of nature – is naturally heart-healing, grounding, energetically refreshing stuff!

Inner work doesn’t have to be ‘tough’ – although it can be – it can be as easy and fun as a walk at the beach, connecting with and celebrating elemental energy!

I invite you to feel into this for your own life. Where is inner work feeling tough (or maybe you are resisting it because you think it is tough) and how can you lighten that up for yourself?

After about one hour on the beach, I turned to walk back and with moon setting over the ocean on my right,


Sun began to rise over the houses (and town) on my left.


Nothing like a sunburst to open the day!

I invite you to feel into my morning adventure.

I listened to my heart whispers, I stepped into Moon’s invitation and what I received in return is precious, wonderful amplification of heart-light.

I couldn’t have planned it – I would have been ultra-grumpy had an alarm woken me on my day off; my mind would have been full of thoughts about how logistically challenging this would have been and how it really didn’t fit into my day.

To follow along with the day’s unfolding, later in the afternoon – with all of this energy – I sat down to write a quick article about the energy of full moon, but I ended up writing a pretty thorough guide to Connecting with, and Celebrating, Full Moon energy.

When you read it, you will see how it’s really best in ebook format. Remember, I meant to write a ‘quick something’ and this just flowed. It took a few hours but it didn’t feel long or draining. This is an example of how organic growth works in my life (and in my business).  I listened to a heart nudge to spend time with Moon and I ended up with heart healing, photos, a video, fun connection via the video on social media, a pretty thorough guide to moon’s energy and an article!

This is also a great example of the type of magic that is available to each one of us in our daily life. You might not live 1.5 miles from the beach but there is a place, either in out in nature or in town, where you feel connected to the elements – to that thread of energy that weaves its way through us all – and what you experience there lights your life in a myriad of ways.

And, when we feel that heart-light, all that isn’t resonant with it, is released – with ‘ease and joy’. Just like Full Moon invites us to do!

This is what we celebrate together via photo and short word reflection in my I Believe in Magic ecourse. The magic that lights your heart might differ from mine – sharing those experiences allows us to learn from, and celebrate with, each other.

Please also remember, this was a small portion of my day. In between my two hours in the morning on the beach and my writing in the afternoon, I went grocery shopping, quickly ate breakfast, participated in a three-hour conference, took a quick power nap (to assimilate the information from the conference) and tended to my social media outlets and in-box. All of that felt ‘magical’ and naturally flowed from my heart energy. None of it (except for the conference) was what I planned to do today, yet all of it was perfect.

And *that* is the ‘magic’ I wish for each one of us to experience: peace, joy, flow of creative expression, fulfillment, love and gratitude.

This post is my response to this writing prompt via Wolf and Net’s August Moon prompt:

In the light of the full moon my path is illuminated.

It’s time to take a step…

What is your answer? Please share in the comments below. Thank you!! 

Please remember, if Full Moon energy interests you, to check out my new ‘guide’ Connecting with and Celebrating Full Moon Energy.

And, if you are interested in I Believe in Magic – the new session begins September 18th (I pushed it back to accommodate my doctor’s appointments) with the theme of exploring heart energy via poetry.

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Hi Joy! Thank you for joining in :)

    • Thank *you* for hosting, Alana – it’s a beautiful prompt series! I was offline most of the month or I would have participated more.

  2. Joy, what a beautiful experience—thank you for sharing! I have watched the video twice and will probably watch again because it makes me feel like I am right there in the waves. Your article (I have read this post and the article) was wonderful and had some thoughts in it that will stay with me that I have never considered before, such as the new moon breaking down the old and creating the new with the rising of the full moon. I have used the moon in many poems, love having her in my window as I lie down to go to sleep (always say “good-night” to her and thank her for being my faithful companion for nearly 70 years. I would love to experience the moonlight as you did, in the waves, and walking with you until the sun came up. I am so glad that you had such a wonderful day, Joy, and that it started with an early morning walk with the moon!

    • Thank you, Jean, for being such a consistent commenter! That means a lot to me – I love to receive your insights on what I have shared!!

      Going forward I’m going to keep remind us of the cycle of moon and of organic growth in general because understanding it can help us to feel more peace and less resistance to the various stages some people find challenging.

      I love that you say ‘good-night’ to moon – how precious!

      I shared the video so people can feel into the energy that might not be in the same form (moonlight on ocean’s waves)in their geographical area. And, also, I believe and feel that Earth is a wonderful place to be – part of that experience is the natural beauty available to each one of us. When we feel how wonderful Earth is, we might be less resistant to be on it and more open about loving it (and more careful about some of our practices while on it).

      So much love and gratitude to you, Jean!

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