Opening this New Month and Tapping into Blue Moon Energy with Grace

Happy Blue Moon! Happy New Month!!

How are you feeling and doing with the energy of this weekend?

Blue Moon offers us some powerful energy to release to while the new month gifts us with a ‘blank slate’ to create anything we wish (woo-hoo!).

For me, it feels best to call in the energy of grace – tapping into flow to release with one hand while creating with the other.

When we keep our energy centered and grounded and focus on celebrating our steps, it is possible to feel peace, ease and joy even as variables swirl around us, in an attempt to align with our intentions.

Remember, when we are practicing presence, and choosing to create and honor energetic intentions, it’s our ‘job’ to keep our attention on centering our energy and celebrating our steps. This gives ample time and space for external variables to naturally unfold and be placed in daily life in wonderful ways, beyond what we can imagine.

So that all sounds wonderful, but how does it show up in daily life? How would one practice this?

I will use myself as an example.

Today, I had a deadline to meet. When I woke, I discovered that the internet was down. (Really, Universe?!)

It wasn’t in my control to bring the internet back up, so I decided to move through my morning ‘not focusing’ on the internet being down or on my deadline. I worked on a collage for a bit, wrote in my journal and painted my toenails a new color. (I love painted toenails but hadn’t done them in months – so that was a nice treat!).

While in the house, it was hard not to notice the internet wasn’t up, so I removed myself and went to the beach for a morning walk.

(I bet you are wondering why I didn’t go to a cafe?  I was listening to my heart. I create best from a space of comfort and joy which today felt like my home, not a cafe crowded with people and all different kinds of Saturday morning energy.)

I walked barefoot at ocean’s edge, in far enough that the waves would come up to my knees. I laughed because from what I know about pedicures, the last place to bring freshly painted toenails is over rocks, on the sand and in the ocean – but I like to ‘christen’ everything new with ocean water!


When I took this photo, I realized I was standing in fresh air, in sunshine, in flow!! That was far better for my spirit than insisting upon my way with the internet!


I also noticed, as I looked around, that the skies were vibrantly blue! Blue is the color associated with amplifying throat chakra energy, the center from which creative expression flows (helpful when one is on deadline for an article!).


One of my favorite places to take selfies is on this stretch of ocean. In this photo, I’m standing with one foot in the ocean and one in the sand, looking into the sun as wind tousled my hair. It’s about as tapped into the elements of the day as I could get!

Feeling refreshed, I brought all of that energy home with me and….a discovered that the internet was back up! So, I wrote my article.

As you can see, instead of worrying and exhausting myself trying to force external to align with my intention, I focused my attention on what I had control over. Instead of anxiety, I felt peace, joy, love and gratitude.

From there, energetic (and physical) doors opened and creative expression flowed (and I met my deadline – whew!).

A Few Steps to Increase Your Feeling of Peace and Possibility When External Doesn’t Feel Optimal

While inner work is cyclical, I can share a few steps for you to consider so that you may feel peace and possibility when you find that external isn’t shaping up like you wish it to:

1. Center.

2. As you center, create an energetic intention (meaning how you would like the experience to feel).

3. Celebrate your choice to center and create an intention. (As you celebrate, expectations fall away.)

4. Call in Source energy (amplifying trust and possibility).

5. Focus your attention on what is ‘right’ about the current moment.

6. Check in with your heart.

7. Remove your presence from the ‘stuck space’ and into a refreshing space.

8. Thank your self for removing your presence.

9. Create what your heart has asked you to.

As you work with these steps, your energy naturally shifts and expands. As your energy shifts and expands, you will notice that external variables begin to align with your intention. (If you do work with these steps, I invite you to share your experience in the comment section below.

My First Published Article in BellaMia Magazine

Oh, in case you are wondering who I was writing for:

I am ultra-excited to be a writer for BellaMia Magazine – a *free* online publication featuring many writers who I admire greatly! I had my first article published in the recent August/September issue that just came out this week.

I invite you to check out the magazine – I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely it looks and feels. Simply click on the BellaMia title link above to subscribe, so you receive the link to this and future publications. My article “Experiencing Peace and Possibility in Your Daily Life as You are Present to Beauty” is on pages 70-71.

Dear Reader: How are you doing with Blue Moon energy? Do you have a practice or ritual to open a new month? As you review the ‘steps to peace and possibility’ and my experience today with them, what speaks to you? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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