Following Threads of Joy, the Benefits of Trying Something New (and opening through the idea of mistakes)

In following threads of joy, this morning, I unexpectedly took myself out for breakfast.

If you know me, you know that I love to cook and am quite good at it, so I rarely will eat breakfast out, only because I can make what they’ve prepared and I’d rather invest my $15 elsewhere.

But. I’m working on trying new things, in all realms. When I checked in with my body it wanted to eat something I wouldn’t normally cook (without knowing specifically what that was). I felt that need would likely be met at my favorite breakfast cafe and I knew the experience was aligned with my intention to ‘try new things’.

So I let the power of intention over-ride my conditioning and off I went to breakfast!

The breakfast menu is quite extensive. I decided to try a ‘new to me’ dish. As I was waiting for it to be served, I centered and ‘coached myself’ through understanding that if I didn’t like the flavor, that was okay.

The point is that I checked in with my body, I listened and followed through with action, while being present to my intention.

The point is not that “I made a mistake or wasted time or money” (common thought barriers to trying new things).

Also, while I sat there, waiting, I read a bit from a book I brought with me, breathed in the fresh air (I was seated outside on a beautiful ‘blue skies and radiantly warm sunshine’ kind of morning) and….a few article ideas popped right into my head (which happens when I’m following threads of joy). I made a mental note of those ideas, blessed them so the ‘right ones’ would root and kept on being present to the joy in the moment.

One of those ‘article seeds’ was around the idea of not judging ourselves or the experience as ‘wrong’ (or a mistake) if the end result is that we didn’t enjoy the experience or it caused pain in some way. Which evolved into this article!

I loved my food! I don’t know the appropriate adjectives to describe to you how much I loved it. Like my senses said thank you and the sun shined more brightly and I felt ‘yes!’ this was a great idea!

(The dish was a tamale covered with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce! Whoa! Divine!)

So, I didn’t feel like I made a mistake, but I have felt like that in the past and sometimes that feeling stays with me long enough that it’s become a barrier to spontaneously and joyfully trying something new (like I did this morning).

I went about my morning and some place within that decided, on a whim, to try Facebook Live video with my Sacred Connection group. I just popped on, spoke from my heart, and then…..Ha!!! The video was sideways and couldn’t be edited, which meant it really wasn’t easy or fun to watch. So….I recorded it again, this time with the camera straight and tons of laughter, which really lightened it all up for me.

One could say I tried something new and I made a mistake. And people saw that mistake, so it was a public mistake – which could result in some pretty intense feelings like: embarrassment, self-judgment, shame, regret. Only I was centered and my intention was to play with the format, so none of those feelings came swooshing in.

What I loved most was the realization that in the morning I had been considering the idea that when you try something new and it doesn’t work it’s not a mistake and in the afternoon, before writing about it, I got the opportunity to live it (and that’s the power of thought and intention!).

Here’s what I invite you to consider about trying something new:

  1. The desire to try something new means that your heart is open and you are receptive. That’s really awesome for you!! Because that is when infinite possibility, synchronicity, blessings can swoop right into your space! (Please thank your heart for being open and receptive and thank yourself for being present to the idea of something new!)
  2. Newness means exposure to variables arranged in a way that you aren’t familiar with – which gives your mind and your senses something to engage with as you explore. So, you’re not bored and you are doing the ‘living of life’! Yes! (Please thank your self for giving your mind and senses something to engage with!)
  3. When your mind and senses are engaged, you are being present to that energy in the moment. Which is a point of connection! (Please thank your self for choosing to connect!)
  4. Your choice to be present to something new increases your clarity and understanding about the specific energies and specific forms they take. In general, whenever you increase clarity and understanding, the potential for increased peace, trust and joy exists (while fear, doubt, confusion subsides). (Please thank your self for choosing to increase your clarity and understanding and for opening to the benefits flowing in from your choice!)

Before you even know the end ‘result’ of your trying something new, you have already experienced these blessings! All of this is the point of trying something new; the result simply gives you information on the resonance of your choice.

If it’s resonant (it feels good and expansive and enriches your life in some way) awesome! Keep choosing similar variables!

If it’s not resonant (it doesn’t feel good at all, is constricting and/or temporarily blocks your desire to tap into flow and keep your heart open) , awesome! Keep choosing different variables!

In general, we are conditioned to label a choice ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in an attempt to measure something that can’t really be measured.

If it’s good, it was a ‘success’ and we generally feel great about our choice. If it’s bad, it was a ‘failure’ and we generally feel less than great about our choice. We often take it a step further and if we feel great about our choice, we feel great about our self. Likewise, if we feel less than great about our choice, we feel less than great about our self.

Quite conditional (and also very subjective!).

Drawing your attention away from these labels dissolves a bit of the energy in them, and opens your heart to continue being present to newness, with ease and joy.

You may notice that I put ‘please thank your self’ in parentheses following each bullet point. That might be new and different to you (unless you’re familiar with my work, then it’s very familiar!).

Thanking your self for each step along the way builds trust in your inner wisdom and sense of direction while that appreciation keeps your heart open to connecting. With this simple practice, you’re, in effect, inspiring and encouraging your self!

This gratitude isn’t conditional on something ‘working out’ (or not). It’s present as the experience unfolds, regardless of how it unfolds or how you feel as it is unfolding.

You are gifting your self unconditional love – naturally heart-healing and opening (the supreme benefit of trying something new!).

Dear Reader: As you consider what I’ve presented here, what arises within for you? I invite you to share a recent experience of trying something new and how that felt. If you haven’t tried something new and you’d like to share about that, please do. (when you share, you inspire!)

If practicing the power of intention is something you enjoy, you might be interested in participating in my September Online Energetic Intention Circle – which is open to add your intentions, through September 7th.

Much peace and abundant love,


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