Full Moon Blessings and Grace: An Invitation to Feel Your Feelings and to Share Them as You Feel Them

The almost Super-Moon woke me at 3am this morning (it’s Full and ‘super’ – closest to the earth in 70 years – tomorrow, the 14th).

I opened the front door and stepped outside to peek at her. I breathed in her beauty and magic. When I feel into Full Moon, her energy (to me) is pure grace.

It feels like a great way to start this new week! Grace-filled.

It feels like an energy this world is crying out for. Grace.

You know, I am quite transparent in this online world (and in life). Well, I am enmeshed in an experience that isn’t directly mine so I can’t share the details with you. It began October 18th. A painful, break-my-heart-open times five trillion experience.

During that time, I’ve acted in ways I never thought I could (meaning positive, take a stand for what I believe in actions that scare me, that I’ve never done for myself but am doing immediately as I am ‘called’ while supporting a loved one through a really vulnerable and life-changing time).

It’s pure faith. In Source energy, in the power of Love, in the honoring of unfolding. Grace.

That’s really all I have as this experience unfolds.

I can’t control how it will unfold, if it will have ‘a good result’, how clearly any blessings show up in the muck.

I can only control my choice to center, to be present to my practices that connect me to light and keep my heart open, to hold space for the full range of feelings (not trying to stop the painful ones, but giving them plenty of breathing room), to call energy and support in, to give gratitude for what is ‘right and good’ in my life (knowing that this, too, will ultimately prove to be ‘right and good’, even though it’s not feeling so right now and has shaken me to my core).

That it coincides with the election in my dear country of the United States of America feels perfectly ‘right’. There is a collective heart-break.

As a human, heart-break sucks. I think we can all agree, we’d rather avoid it than lean into it.

As  a heart-healer, what I understand about this energy of heart-break is that it’s best (meaning supports the experience of peace and provides a point of connection and growth) to allow yourself to feel it.

Not to stuff down grief, despair, confusion, sadness, anger, pain, fear, doubt. Not to dim joy, peace, love, gratitude, wonder, awe.

But to allow yourself to feel it. All of it.

And, I think that is where grace shows up – in the feeling of it all. In the moments of uncertainty. In the showing up, ‘imperfect’ with zero answers and a smidgen of faith. In the showing up, connected to source, light shining brightly, open and sharing your gifts. In everything in between.

Personally, for you, and collectively for us, that range of feeling offers several points of connection. (Right? If you can say, ‘I’m feeling….angry’ – several other people might share their experience of feeling angry, too. Likewise if you can say, ‘I’m feeling….so sad’ – several other people might share their experience of feeling sad, too.)

I understand how vulnerable this might be – to allow a full range of feelings and to share them as you move through your day. It might run contrary to the way you were taught to communicate in your family, or the way your peer group currently expresses itself.

But this ‘don’t feel fear’/keep it all bottled in, ‘only share positive’ stuff isn’t working (that’s easy to see – is there peace running through that? usually not – it’s not working, then). If you want a different result, make a different choice. 

Choose love. Choose grace. Choose to hold space for your feelings and the feelings of others, with the goal of accepting and understanding – not shifting or changing. (or don’t choose any of it, but still share your feelings and your ‘why’s’.)

Sometimes, our mind wants a list of benefits to support making a choice that feels different from what others are doing. So, a few potential benefits from allowing yourself to ‘feel the feels’ and opening to share (with source, family members and loved ones, random people as you move through your day):

  • authentic connection,
  • friendships that enrich your life,
  • feeling loved and appreciated for who you are,
  • peace because you’re not resisting, you’re holding space for flow,
  • an open-hearted feeling because you’re not creating a barrier,
  • the chance for healing energies and possibility (for yourself and the person/people who are sharing with) to flow into this open-ness you’ve created.

What if feeling your feelings is new to you? Start with where you are, in this moment and do your best to identify what you are feeling. (Then I like to thank my feelings for being present and thank myself for being present to my feelings.) That’s it – just notice.

What if sharing your feelings is new to you? Start with journal writing or expressive dance or some sort of personal expression. Then, open to a person who you know has receptive, loving, space-holding energy. (And bless it all as you share.)

What if you share and you are criticized? Thank yourself for sharing (because that means in those moments your heart opened/is open) as you remove your presence from criticism and *do something to re-connect to light, to re-fresh your energy*. Then, moving forward, choose a different, more resonant space or person to share with.

What if you share and are met with love, compassion, kindness? Celebrate the heck out of that!

I opened by speaking of Full Super-Moon. Each month, Full Moon invites us to release that which we no longer want to her. What wonderful, auspicious timing that this month she is ‘super’ (big) – meaning she can take it, so give it to her.all of it. And allow her grace and magic to soothe the rawness you may be feeling, and to flow possibility into the spaces you feel stuck or think impossibility exists in.

Is this easy? Not always.

What I personally hang on to in the ‘stretch moments’ and what keeps my heart open through my tears is the knowing that *everything changes*. On it’s own, with no interference from anyone. And keeping my heart open means that as things change, I can feel peace, joy, possibility, even when external variables don’t seem to support it.

One note: This is a very simple article on ‘feeling your feelings’. It’s important to understand, especially if you are a beginner at this, that in these moments when your feelings are fresh, it’s not the time to understand them (yet) or to even try to shift them – it’s truly peace-amplifying to acknowledge them and give them plenty of space to flow. When you’ve felt them for a bit – sometimes days in a row – you will notice that some have dissipated on their own. What you’re ‘left with’ – after your natural, base reaction – is what you will then (at that time) do the work to understand and/or shift.

If you have any questions, please do let me know.

Dear Reader: As you read and feel into what I’ve shared here, it’s my intention that you feel encouraged to at least notice your feelings, then to reach out to connect with, and through them. In ways that feel comfortable and safe to you. And, that in return, your heart remains open, through all that you feel, and blessings pour in.

I invite you to share the full range of your current feelings, in the comments below.  Knowing this is a judgment-free, compassion-full space and your feelings will be met with that energy.

Super Full Moon blessings to you as this week unfolds! So much love and an extra dash of peace all-around!


If my way of being (open-hearted, compassionate, loving) resonates with you, and you’d like personal support in processing what you are feeling, please know that I do offer personal sessions. I am always delighted to work together to understand what you are feeling and to customize tools and practices to direct your feelings toward growing your intentions. My purpose in life is to be Love and this is one way that I fulfill that purpose.

PS. The inspiration for this article came from this post “Our Path is Lit via (in)courage, specifically this passage (and, yes, it mentions God – if that word doesn’t resonate with you, please substitute a source energy word that does):

“Let God use you to be a blessing. What a beautiful reflection you can be. Use the opportunities He gives you to shine His light wherever you go. Let His love shine from you. Let His grace shine through you. Shine with your words and your actions. With your entire life.”


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