Words of Encouragement For Those on a Heart-Centered, Love-Based Path

I was moving through my day, today, when I had a nudge to share a video message (believe me when I say ‘nudge’ and ‘video message’ usually are something I resist, but I am surprising myself by following through with) on “Words Of Encouragement for Heart-Centered, Love-Based People.”

To watch the video, you may click the link above (which brings you to YouTube to view the video there) or you may watch, here, on my site:

One: I am learning to listen to my heart whispers, even if I feel vulnerable and if they don’t make ‘sense’. (This video nudge made sense, but sometimes the nudges don’t.) I am finding (and have consistently found in the last 15 years that I’ve been on this path) that following nudges leads to some sort of blessing, healing, opening, experiencing of something that I wouldn’t have had I ignored that whisper.

Of course, to experience that blessing, healing, opening, ‘something I might not have otherwise experienced’, requires that even if I feel vulnerable, I remain open to whatever ‘goodness’ flows back in.

Please take this an encouragement to listen to, and follow through with, your heart whispers. And, to thank yourself for listening and following through (that appreciation keeps your heart open, and it’s a gift to give yourself). Then, to be open to the blessings that flow in.

Two: I say in the video “I wish I could give you each a hug“. Yes, I’m a big dork, but it’s a genuine desire, because I know a hug from a centered, empowered, light and love-filled person can be ultra-healing, ultra-inspiring, and can touch your heart far more quickly than all of these words can.

What is possible for me to share with you, though, is my energy via video; while video isn’t my favorite medium, it’s as close to person-to-person, with geographical distance, as I can get.


I want you to understand that if you are a person who chooses to be love, light, grace, peace, etc., who loves living from a centered space, who may be a light-worker along with that, you are not alone.

There are many many people with the same interests, beliefs and ways of being, all throughout the world. They are usually humble, and most shy away from being seen (I’m sure you can relate!), but they are there, being love-in-action as they move through their day.

And, if we each choose to radiate our inner essence energy (that love and light) with clarity and strength,  we are more likely to ‘find’ each other and to feel that belonging in the connected-ness.

So, please, do radiate with clarity and strength and allow yourself to be seen and appreciated!!

I’m not saying that you ‘need’ words of encouragement, but if your heart says ‘yes, please’ and/or your mind is doubting the ‘effectiveness of being love’, this video message is here for you on my site, and via YouTube, for you to refer back to (and to pass the link along to those you feel would appreciate some encouragement).

Dear Reader: At the end of the video, I ask each person viewing to share in the comments there (but you can share, here, if that’s easier for you) how love (the being of love and/or the receiving in of love) has inspired you or enriched your life, recently. And, if you are love-based, centered, open-hearted, and/or a lightworker and wish to share that with me (and all who read here or view the video there), please do so we may celebrate together. I know when you share, it’s inspiring (to me, and others who may read or view, but not comment).

Much peace,


PS. If you are inspired to follow through with a heart whisper, and you’d like to share that with me, please do. I love hearing about personal experiences (and am inspired by them!!)

If you would like some personal guidance on how to hear your heart whispers and/or support as you follow through, I do offer personal coaching sessions.


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  1. Hi Joy—-This was a much needed message for me, especially that I am not alone :) Somehow, I can get into that “alone” space easily (being an only child without a family other than hubby, maybe?) and it is so good to be reminded. I had an unlovely, unloving moment on-line, when I really said something not loving in addressing a situation that really made my heart feel like it was being ripped apart. Anyway, I am trying to send love to all involved in the situation now (where the two young men cut the ears off of a dog to take a selfie). That took me beyond my limits and into a place of deep grief, anger and disbelief. Yes, I do know that only people who have not been shown love, who have been abused and who probably have shut down their hearts a long time ago, but I could not deal with what they did in a loving way. Anyway, it was really wonderful to see and hear your video and I am so glad you were nudged and followed the nudge. So much love to you, Joy! <3

    • Oh my goodness, Jean (about the two men and the dog). I can see how this would touch your heart and spark a reaction inside of you – that’s understandable and okay. We can be angry about abuse (or someone intentionally causing pain) and love can flow through (like *fierce love* as you spoke what was in your heart). Please do take the time to refresh your energy after what you saw, and your exchange, and if it’s possible to allow that to inspire you to open further to being love in your life, and the spaces you connect in. I want to stress love doesn’t ‘condone’ abuse, love places boundaries and speaks aloud (in this case, for the dog who couldn’t speak).

      I’m glad the video message resonated with you! It’s common for heart-centered people to feel alone sometimes, so I wanted to remind us, as encouragement, we have each other (and by ‘each other’ I mean an entire world of people who choose love and express and share it in a myriad of ways).

      So much love to you!!

  2. Hi Joy!

    I don’t usually find myself inclined to watch videos online much, but *something* prompted me to check in on your site today, and to watch this video, and I *love* the energy that comes through with your words and presence here. Thank you for following your heart, sharing, and showing by example, how we can each be true to our own nudges and heart whispers…and connect with love and grace through listening and following these.

    The most challenging thing I find about this practice, besides simply facing my fears that surface, head on, is remembering to listen for those nudges and whispers…because they are indeed whispers…and so much else in this world can be loud and abrasive and shocking (like the news jean shared above, for example) and between that and “life’s busyness” it can easily drown out the softer heart tugs…yet, they are always there, when I quiet down enough to listen.

    There is something about this post- message-video- all of it- that has an answer to a question I’ve long been contemplating…that of how to make connection through the internet medium work for me in a way that feels aligned and resonant with the energy of how I like to connect….something that always seems to be *missing* in other online connections or methods is present here…and it’s not just the use of video…something else. I haven’t quite put my finger on it, but I know there is an answer for me here, in this experience of connecting.

    So thank you for this sharing from your heart.


    • Hi Molly,

      I’m glad that you chose to listen to your heart and ‘check-in’ here and watch a video, even though you don’t usually watch them! That speaks to remaining open to listening, and also to ‘breaking patterns’ with love and joy simply by trying something different. Thank you for your kind words in your feedback – it means a lot to me that you took the time to feel into the energy I was sharing and to respond!

      While facing fears head-on, is one way to open through fear, another way is to simply hold space for understanding the fear, while creating and connecting in ways that feel good (simply because ‘head-on’ can be jarring physically and energetically where holding space can be peaceful and joyful – although still a stretch that is felt).

      I do agree that so much in world can be loud, and I find that once you identify clearly how you’d like to feel in your body and in life as you move through the day, you can direct your attention and presence to that and it won’t matter how ‘loud’ world is, you’ll be able to clearly hear and feel your heart whispers because that’s where your attention is. Kind of like when you’re engaged in an activity that you thoroughly love and enjoy and external life unfolds but you don’t notice because you’re completely wrapped up/into/with what you are doing.

      Knowing that your heart whispers are always there when you are quiet enough might be great motivation/inspiration to give yourself that quiet time daily, and as much as possible throughout the day. If you aren’t making that quiet time, or are feeling ‘too busy’ that could be a sign that you are feeling reluctant to fully connect with your heart whispers and the fun of manifesting and experiencing them.

      I’m glad you’re feeling ‘an answer’ in what I’ve shared in this post! I never know ‘why’ I’m directed to do something or who it will touch and how it will touch them. So, that’s wonderful that it provided something for you!

      I will say that from the time I began this online journey through my first ‘boat blog’ a decade or so ago, through now, the ways in which I’ve chosen to share have evolved and changed, naturally, as I’ve evolved and changed. And, I couldn’t have planned it, nor do I believe in forcing a means of creative expression just because ‘everyone else is doing it’ (not that you’ve suggested that, but many in my field, working online feel that pressure for themselves). For me, the ‘answer’ to what shall I share and how shall I share it is always rooted in love and joy, while aligned with my passion and purpose. I feel a nudge and follow it, even when it doesn’t make logical sense.

      Blessings to you as your creative path, and the myriad of ways it heals and opens your heart and grows you, gently and joyfully, unfolds!

  3. Beautiful! Just what I needed today!

    • It’s lovely to ‘see’ you here, Sandra! I’m glad something in this spoke to you. Blessings as this season of Spring unfolds <3

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