Sharing a Bit of Love and Light to Open This New Month of September

If you’ve been a reader for a while, or follow me on social media, then you know that, for years, I’ve had an almost daily practice of walking at ocean’s edge at sunset, barefoot and wading in the water, connecting with source and elemental energy, while sharing prayer and gratitude.

I believe that my (our) inner core essence is love and light. Sunset reminds me of this in a magnificent way, when I choose to be present. Even if I’m feeling less than lovely, or not quite as open as usual, sunset shares radiance and beauty. It’s heart-healing, energy refreshing, whole-being fulfilling.

August was pretty full – of driving and appointments with my daughter – so I didn’t get to the beach very much at all. I missed my practice. (I also feel that driving and being present is ‘sacred and holy work’ as much as whatever happens to my heart, faith and being during sunset.)

However, with the intention of embracing *magic* fully, I moved mountains to get to the beach today for sunset. (By ‘move mountains’ I mean that after declaring I was going, I made sure to follow through by working out the logistics, and I ended up on the beach five minutes before sunset – not ideal, but I was there!)

I did what I needed to do, to be present, and magic met me! 

And, in that *magic*, creative expression began to flow. As I walked, and experienced this gloriousness, I took these photos. I explained to someone on social media, the only reason I take photos is to feel into and share this energy so that whomever wants to has a visual to feel into if they wish.

It’s the closest I can come to handing a person light (and sharing light is what I’m here on Earth to do). So, see, being on the beach at sunset is technically part of my purpose, then *grin*.

And, then, I came across this fun invitation from Effy Wild “Let’s Blog Along in September” and thought I’d play along.

So, here I am. Sharing a bit of light and love to open this new month of September.

Dear Reader: I’d love to know what is one of your favorite ways of ‘sharing light’? And, what is something you’re most excited to experience and/or create this September?

Blessings to your heart as this month unfolds! <3

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Joy, yes, you DO share light is SO MANY WAYS!!! I always delight in your photos from your sunset walks on the beach and sometimes art reults from seeing your photos!
    I think I share light when I teach and see a student really falling in love with painting or drawing and when someone in my class begins to discover the artist inside of us all!

    • Thank you for your kind words, and presence, Jean!

      I think you share light when you talk (or write, since that’s how we mainly communicate) about something you love and also about your painting process. I also feel your students are blessed to have you as their teacher!

  2. Joy,

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos…my little slice of ocean-heaven…for now. :-)


    • Awww, thank you for your presence, Molly, and appreciation of the beauty and energy of ‘ocean-heaven’, in general, and here, on my site!

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