Stringing Together Light-Filled Moments, to Create the Feel of a Light-Filled December: An Invitation to Notice How You Want to Feel as December Unfolds

Happy First Day of December!!

I notice that after writing my previous article “An Invitation to *Face Fully Forward Present to Possibility as We Open This New Month of November“, I was then very busy living that.

I didn’t expect to feel such intense, overwhelming grief when the toddler-love (that I was a caregiver for since he was six months old) and his family moved to Hawaii. But, there it was and I spent the first week of November weeping. I spent the following week training for my seasonal part-time retail job. And the next two browsing job boards and applying for permanent full-time jobs, and browsing apartment listings because our landlords asked us to move. All around my ‘regular’ daily life.

And, in that were glorious moments. Beautiful sunsets. A lovely Thanksgiving day (week, really!) with my kids. Attending a show all together – the first time since 2009-ish that we’ve all three been at a show (it’s own miracle). Monetary donations that gave me breathing room. Laughter.

Time and again, I find that when choosing to be fully present to the moment and what is in it, and what it feels like, and what I feel like while in it, I can (and do) simultaneously hold an entire range of emotions.

Grief and joy can exist side-by-side. And, I really believe that holding space for grief to unfold also allows me to experience deep joy and peace. And holding space for deep joy and peace to unfold allows me the fullness of presence to hold space for grief.

That was just one month out of the last ten! And, it was almost one of the easier months of the bunch.

(From what I’ve heard, lots of you can relate.)

It makes sense, then, that I woke this morning feeling in wonder, awe, gratitude that I ‘made it’ to December….heart still open, faith and joy intact.

I also tossed my ‘to-do’ list this morning in favor of sitting at my favorite outdoor table outside in the warm sun and gentle wind eating a piece of vegetable quiche I just made. I was going to journal but instead I sat here eating and breathing in the fresh air.

I would like December to feel light-filled. And I know that feeling starts within. If I can intentionally center into light, breathe in light and string light-filled moments together, the probability that I’ll experience a light-filled December is greater.

Dear Reader: I invite you to consider how you would like to feel as December unfolds and, along with that, what thoughts, actions, practices can you intentionally do to create and experience (and remain open to) this feeling/these feelings? (please share in the comment section.)

(And, if you know how you want to feel, but you can’t see how that will happen, I’m here to support you through that unfolding.)

Facets of Joy’s Six-Year Anniversary

Also, I missed acknowledging and celebrating my Facets of Joy six-year anniversary in November. It rolled right past.

I entered the blogging scene far before November 2011 (the month this blog was born), first with my blog about living as a single mom with two kids aboard a sailboat (which was around 2008/2009), followed by my blog “Unfolding Your Path to Joy”. I’m noticing that my writing has veered away a bit from my original intention of sharing the power of the gift of presence, living with one’s heart wide-open, and the ease and peace and joy of honoring the natural process of unfolding, in daily life and in daily life experiences. It might be have been a subtle shift, but noticing has brought my attention right back to it – and you’ll see my writing aligned right back with it.

2018 Year Overview Intuitive Soul Call Card readings

Along with that, I am so pleased to offer once again my Year Overview Intuitive Soul Call card readings.

I’ve updated last year’s information page to include this:

I realize that oracle cards have become extremely popular – almost mainstream. It might even be that you have a deck, and you routinely pull cards and/or readings for yourself.

So, what sets one reading apart from another? I think any differences are about the energy of the deck as well as the energy and skill-level of the person reading the cards.

The deck I use for readings is an intuitive soul call card deck, designed by Amy Oscar.

What do I bring to my readings? An intuitive knowing along with innate clarity, that has been with me since birth, and that I’ve honed via study and experience. It’s nothing I can turn off, or ‘amp’ up, it’s simply there – a part of me as much as any other body part. When you’re in ‘my space’ (energetic or physical), I sense who you are at inner core and any blocks around your ability to see and experience that in daily life. 

My focus in life is on how to be love, via sacred and spiritual connection and learning to live with my heart wide-open as daily, physical life unfolds (and honoring that unfolding). My intention is to experience peace and possibility within that unfolding. And, that comes through my readings – it’s natural and easy for me to the ‘big picture’ and to feel the overall invitation in a card spread and relate that to whatever you are questioning, wanting guidance on, or encouragement toward in your life.  

I love sharing heart guidance that gives you clarity, hope, inspiration, motivation, affirmation, a sense of support and direction!

Each Year Overview Intuitive Soul Call Card reading comes in PDF form, for you to refer back to as the year unfolds. The PDF includes photos of your 9-card year overview spread and your individual 12 cards for each month.

The Year Overview Intuitive Soul Call Card readings are $111.00. 

I invite you to browse the information page to get a feel for my style of reading and also to purchase your reading.

Two (free) Instagram Challenges

Lastly, I will be doing my best to be present to two different (free) photo challenges on Instagram for the month of December.  Here are the links to the challenges if you’d like to play along: Susannah Conway’s December Reflections and Jen Morris’ Deliberate December.

I invite you to check out my Instagram feed (one of my favorite social media spaces to create and connect in!). I love sharing photos. I love browsing through other’s photos. I am greatly inspired and fulfilled by sharing creative expression and connecting through the energy and words (wisdom) that pours through my own, and other’s, creations! (That’s one big stream of light to weave through my December!)

As always, thank you for your time and presence!

And, blessings to your heart as December unfolds to January!

Much peace,

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  1. Congratulations on your 6 year anniversary of Facets, Joy! I think I have been with you pretty much most of the way and it has been a wonderful adventure of finding joy and gratitude in each day, no matter what is going on. You have taught me so much in your loving and gentle way and you have given me some beautiful paintings by sharing those stunning sunsets with me. I love you and wish all goodness for you wherever you go and in all things you do. I know that so many are like me in having received many blessings from knowing you and from reading your blog. You have also attracted so many very open-hearted and creative people by sharing who you are so openly through Facets. Love and blessings to you, my dear, sweet friend, <3

    • Thank you, Jean!

      You have been with me most of the way – at least since my “Unfolding” blog. And, I appreciate your presence, and how our friendship grew, over those years!!

      Thank you for the kind words, love and blessings! Love and gratitude to you <3

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