Heart Guidance to Support You in Working with the Astrological Energy this Week and Some Tips on Changing a Constrictive Pattern

As you know, I am very much about understanding and tapping into elemental energy, and how to be present to (and in) the unfolding of daily life, with an open-heart.

As part of my personal inner work, I do keep updated on astrology as far as what energies are coursing through and when. I sometimes research for the general feel, sometimes I like specifics.

With this week’s strong energy – Mercury is going retroactive and tomorrow is Full Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse, and planetary movement has potential to wreak astrological havoc – I felt that I would like to appear in your in-box or social media feed with some heart guidance for you to feel into if you wish. 

I’m not sharing a specific link to an astrology report, today. I spent time in the last few days with various reports to get a feel for what to ‘expect’ (for myself, so I can work with the energy). You can look up your favorite astrologer to see what they have to say specifically about this eclipse and retro energy,

My take on it all is that you are likely to find yourself at your personal edge, and Mars retrograde gives you the opportunity to practice moving in ways different from your patterning, to create something new, that feels better and good to experience.

Well, from a spiritual perspective, my ‘take’ is that this is a great opportunity to notice your patterning, and understand who you are with it, and how that patterning affects your choices and what unfolds from those choices…then to love yourself, fiercely, consistently, as you move through each day.

We don’t ‘have’ to change anything. I want to emphasize that.

But, if we don’t like the way we feel in a day, or how a day feels to be in, knowing we can change something (whether that be energetically, physically, emotionally) often gives the encouragement to explore, or hold space for, change.

With that…..
In the last two weeks, I’ve found myself very aware of patterning I don’t like, and wondering how in the hell it came front and center and what it is distracting me from. (Right. Because if my attention is on how to manage pain from constrictive patterning and to move through it, my attention is then not on goals or dreams or anything outside of that pain – in those moments.)

I’ve found myself thinking ‘this sucks, again/still’ and whenever that thought flows through, I know that’s an opportunity to weave a different pattern, even slightly so, moving forward.

**If you are wondering where to start with inner work, any place that you think ‘this is constricting, unpleasant, sucky again/still’ is a great place to start.**

I respect the current flow of planetary energy, and understand it’s a great time to spin some magic in, so along with managing emotions around experiencing constrictive patterns, I wanted to (and did, and am) keep focusing on tapping into that energy and creating intentions and ‘planting seeds’ for my future self.

For me, that requires extra effort, but I feel it is worth it.

With that, I keep my attention on what is best for me in this moment, then the next, and I often find that constriction naturally dissolves.

I’ve become so used to pausing things that are important to me (like sacred practices and working on shaping my dreams into reality and taking time to simply be and to celebrate that being), that when I saw I was doing it again, that was my clue to stop and notice what patterning has come forward, and to do some inner work with it.

I am committed to doing these things that I had paused, these things that light my heart and my life and amplify goodness. That dedication, that desire to experience something new and different and ‘good’, is what is pulling me through from last week to this, to next and beyond.

Here is a really simple example: I love writing and sharing in this space. That is something I’d paused in the past and missed greatly. Even though variables had not been conducive to writing, this week, and it would have been understandable if I kept on not writing, my heart said ‘yes, write!’ and this ‘renewed’ dedication (an aspect of Mercury Retro energy I can tap into) brought me here, to writing this and sharing it.

So, maybe you can relate to my example of pausing what I love, and feel into that in your own life, and think about what you might have paused and give yourself time with that activity or practice. Even a bit of time. That’s breaking a pattern. And how simple it can be.

Some general advice on working with this energy

Let’s just break it down a bit.

If you ask me ‘how to work with this energy’, for yourself, I would say, in general, notice a specific area in which your personal patterning that you are aware of and do inner work with pretty consistently is present and might feel constricting.

Ask yourself, what is one choice you can make that would be pretty different (in that area) from what you usually do – with the goal of ‘breaking that pattern’ with that one choice. (So, you might not break the whole pattern, but that choice changes it for you!)

This choice doesn’t have to be ‘big’. It’s actually ‘better’ (as in easier to do) if it’s something simple and easy for you. And, if you’re in the mood and feeling like it’s ‘the time’, your choice can be as big as you want it to be.

In the moment of your choice, maybe say something to yourself like ‘I always choose this…and today I want to break that pattern, so I am intentionally choosing this….), to acknowledge that you are aware of your motivation in the action.

And, focus on something that you want that is accessible to you, in that moment. Right. For example, I like writing here, so I re-arranged the flow of a day so that when I did have free-time, I wrote – instead of doing anything else. So, I can’t currently say I ‘always pause what is important to me’ because here I am pausing everything else to do something that is important to me. In writing, I changed that pattern.

In my life, I bless my choice with something like ‘please bless this action and all that unfolds from it’.

And, then, make another choice.

Dear Reader: I’d love to know what resonates with you from this post. If you noticed you’ve paused something you love or that is important to you, and would like to give yourself time with it again, please share that. And, if you have any questions about the gist of breaking patterning, please do ask (especially if it’s a specific example from your life).

Thank you so much for your time and energy in reading through and being present! Blessings as this week unfolds <3

Much peace and abundant love,


Also, since I’ve moved, I have more time in my schedule to offer guidance and support via personal sessions. When I share my experiences, like this, I am giving you a glimpse into how I work with clarity and energy movement in my life, which is the same style (very gentle, compassionate, intentional) I share when working with clients in personal sessions.


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