I Took MySelf on a Prayer Walk This Morning and This is What I Saw and Felt

What I’m currently processing in life are the myriad of variables that contribute to my feeling very unsettled here in this new-to-me town.

Most of those variables aren’t anything I can change. And, I’m not moving today.

I do lots of inner work. I do action steps to ‘plant seeds’ to affect change where I can. That’s all on-going.

Some doors will close. Some doors will open. And, it’s my ‘job’ (I feel) as I practice unfolding, to be ready and available to see which does what.

It requires faith.

To bolster my faith, (which I think is ultra-important to do, *especially* when I feel like I’m being stretched!), I do things that remind me of who I am and what I am made of at inner core.

For me, being in nature is where I easily and most enjoyably connect with source energy, the elements and my inner knowing. I usually find it refreshing and restorative in all ways, in all realms. Then, I bring that energy back into my daily life, letting it work its magic.

Now that I live in the suburbs, and it’s super-hot outside *always* (for real, that part is not an exaggeration!), it’s not quite as enjoyable or easy and fun to be outside.

So, this morning, before I got out of bed, I decided I was going for a walk, first-thing. At 7a, while still tucked into bed, I looked at the temperature, saw it was 75F, and that soon it would be 80F and beyond, and that inspired me to ‘get going’. I quickly changed my clothes, put my walking shoes on, and left.

I started with a slow pace. Breathing in the fresh air. Keeping my ear buds out so I could listen to the birds. Feeling sunshine on my face (*grin* then energetically deflecting the sun so I wouldn’t get too much of it!!). Feeling into connection.

I encouraged myself to notice the trees, flowers, the sky, patches of shade and a gentle breeze offering relief in the sweltering heat. Eventually, I put the ear buds in so I could listen to music that felt ‘right’ for this walk.

My daughter texted me, which was a great way to open the day, I felt like she was ‘energetically’ walking with me. In ‘talking’ she mentioned all of the things that weren’t feeling great or inviting about the day, and that she wasn’t sure how to move through the day, considering those variables.

Relatable!!! So so relatable!

What I do:

If I think about what feels overwhelming or not great currently, and ask myself, as I project to the future, ‘how will I get through this tomorrow, this week, this season, in a few months?’ it feels more overwhelming, and a bit impossible.

But, when I bring my awareness and attention back to this moment, this block of time (not even the whole day, just this, right here) and ask myself ‘what is the next best thing for me, right now, where I am, with what I have?’ and then I do *that*, my energy naturally shifts into possibility (which to me feels expansive and lightens the whole experience up, without having changed anything else).

When I do that all day long, I find the day feels far better than I thought it would, and usually there is something lovely in it, even though the variables that might feel uncomfortable are still there.

To be clear, I don’t think that being present means being there ‘only for’ goodness and love and light, so it’s important to me not to avoid or deny my feelings, or the experience I’m having if it’s constricting or heavy or dull.

I want to be very clear ‘this sucks’ *and* to do what I can with that, while also understanding there are some variables that likely won’t change today, so to move my focus to what I can do while in that, that lights my heart.

For me, being present means to give my attention to what is there, in my space with me, to understanding and feeling it while holding space for unfolding, so I also ask myself ‘while I’m focused on what I can do to feel good in this moment, what is one way to hold space for all of the rest‘ and then I do that.

It almost always is something about centering and also making sure my physical body feels safe and comfortable and any emotional pain is met with self-compassion and grace.

It’s all a practice. Of being present to the entire range of feeling, and to the specific variables in my space, creating this experience *and also* choosing to do something that feels right and good for myself, so that I experience joy, peace, awe, wonder, love, alongside it all.

So, I responded to my daughter with a shortened version of the above. “What can you do right now, to feel a bit better?”.

She responded “Eat breakfast.” Great! (It really can be as simple as that! I’m not saying that fixed the feel of her entire day, but experiencing options where before she felt like she had none is pretty cool!)

So, I continued my walk. Until I found myself at a large park, bordered by trees. I walked across the park, right to the trees (because I love them as much as I love the ocean, and I appreciated the shade!)

Sometimes I’ll ask ‘what is the heart guidance/what do you wish for me to know?”.

This morning, I just wanted to feel the collective energy. So, I didn’t pick out individual trees, I just viewed and felt them as a whole. (and I felt more whole!)

I stood there, nestled in the corner, in the shade, feeling grateful. This photo shows a bit of where I ‘nestled myself into’.

What you can’t see from these photos is that my walk was along a busy residential road. This park was at the end of that busy road, across from and next to those residential areas.

What you probably can’t feel is how hot it was. How much different walking is, under the morning sun burning so brightly, and how good that shade felt.

When I tuned out the busyness and burning, and tuned into the energy of where I was standing, I felt peace. It required that I focus on what I was paying attention to.

I hope when you look at this, you feel peace, as well.

I liked the look of this little seed pod, all wispy, inviting me (and you!! if you’re reading this) to make a wish. So, make a wish!

While I was standing under the trees, I took a selfie for a photo forum I participate in.

*grin* Remember, all I did was roll out of bed and ‘out the door’. And, by this time, I was sweaty. I like to share the ‘real’ me, and this is about as real as it gets. Ha.

I thanked myself for walking and for noticing all of this. I thanked Universe for the feel.

I kept on walking.

I had the thought (that I always have each time I walk) that I walked ‘too far’. Because, now I still had to get back.

Some people prefer to look ahead to see how far they have to go, but I like to look at where I am and appreciate something in/about it. So, I looked to the sky (because that’s what I do when I want encouragement or inspiration).

When I was a block from where I’m staying, I saw this feather, pretty hard not to miss! From a spiritual perspective, a feather means ‘divine connection’.

I think this specific feather is symbolic of ‘remember there is more than you can see’ and something about being divinely connected and supported and source energy flowing through everything (and goodness flowing back in)…..

What came out of this walk was: the blessing of feeling like I was ‘walking with my daughter’ as we texted, the delight of elemental connection, the refreshment of moving my body and celebrating natural beauty, and a flow of creative expression. Naturally, unforced, quite joyfully so.

Some people ask me what I pray, as I walk. I usually start out with whatever is bothering, or exciting (or both) me most. And I ask to be shown possibility in it. Always to open my heart. Always to expand my capacity to give and to receive. Then circle back around to gratitude. Towards the middle of the walk, I start blessing everything, ‘bless all that unfolds from these steps/choices’, ‘bless the unfolding for my children’, ‘bless the week’s unfolding for those who love us and those who don’t’. By the end of my walk it’s pure gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(and, sometimes there is a ‘just get me back home, and I’ll probably walk too far again next time, but at least for now I’ll be comfortable’ thrown in towards the end *grin*)

Of course, this is really more about how I ‘walk through life’ than my morning walk through the neighborhood.

I’m not saying ‘you should walk like me’ or ‘this is the best way to walk’. I am saying, this is how I walk, I’m glad you’ve joined me for a few steps (as you read this) and…..

I hope something in this speaks to your heart and provides some sort of hope, encouragement, inspiration, as you consider your current steps, and what you might be walking through as today and this week unfolds.

I think the overall message to myself and anyone who reads is to remember to tend to what is important, and what is possible to tend to, in this moment. And, if we do choose to tend, to try to do so with as much love, compassion, kindness as possible.

Dear Reader: What is one way you bolster your faith? And, if you do enjoy spending time in nature and/or walking, what is one of your favorite places/spaces to do so? (please remember, it’s a space of non-judgment, and whatever you share is probably something another reader either experiences as well and/or will be inspired or encouraged by)

Thank you so much for your time and energy in reading through and being present! Blessings as this week unfolds <3

Much peace and abundant love,


Last week’s Lion’s Gate and yesterday’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse energies were pretty potent to tap into for healing and growing. This is a reminder that I do offer personal intuitive soul call card readings, which can be a good source of clarity and heart guidance.

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Comments on: "I Took MySelf on a Prayer Walk This Morning and This is What I Saw and Felt" (10)

  1. Joy,

    I love this! Thank you for sharing. And, one way I bolster my faith/trust in self and universe is to also be in nature/connect with my body through movement, which sometimes is walking, sometimes other activities. My absolute favorite place to walk is at ocean’s edge, along a long stretch of beach. And, I will soon be able to do that daily! After years and years of wishing for it, dreaming of it, envisioning it- I am moving to my very own little beach house that looks out on the Atlantic Ocean in two short weeks!
    And I am so excited to be able to have the experience then of walking out my door daily onto the beach!

    Thank you for this reminder as well, that I don’t need to *wait til then* to experience connection and inspiration from nature, as it is all around me even now. I also am temporarily living in a suburban space, which is not my favorite environment to be in, especially because factors where I live (a busy road, no sidewalks, etc) make walking daily more of a challenge, and i don’t *love* the environment I can walk in as much. Yet, there are still places to discover and things to love about the space I currently in. This is a good reminder of all of that, and that you can look around right where you are and find the good in it, and you have inspired me to go on my own gratitude walk this morning! So thank you!


    • Thank *you* for taking the time to read, and share your response, Molly!

      I’m glad we share a love of walking at ocean’s edge! It feels great to be reminded that others feel and experience life in similar (joyful and peaceful) ways as I!

      I guess you are moving sometime around *now* – woo-hoo!! Blessings as that unfolds for you! And as you experience your daily walks at ocean’s edge. I hope you take time to thank yourself for keeping the faith in your dream and all of the action steps, and trusting you did, while ‘waiting’.

      I’m glad you felt inspired to go on a gratitude walk and hope beautiful blessings flowed from that, and also, in general, through everything!

      Much peace,

  2. So beautiful, Joy. You follow your wisdom and it leads you well. I know this may sound nuts, but my life transformed when I realized that nothing on the outside could make me feel anything in particular (it’s actually what you share here, through practice). We feel our thinking, ALWAYS. Not events, not people. And our thinking changes all the time, which is great news because it means that our feeling can change too. That’s how we are built. Nothing to do. We can be ok with whatever we feel at any moment because it’s just Thought. Anyway, thank you for all that you are!! Love you!

    • What a lovely surprise to ‘see you’, here, Maryse! Thank you for taking the time to read, and to comment!

      What you’ve shared doesn’t sound nuts, it sounds like a great reminder that our thinking impacts the feel of life that we experience.

      Thank *you* for sharing bits of your life experience – it’s inspiring and refreshing to read and receive! Love to you, as well!!

      Much peace,

  3. Wow, Joy, I love how you walk and how you build life on the present moment when you are in it, leaving the past and future behind for awhile. I also love that you can text Kait and share the walk and the moment with her. I do want to remember the question, “What can you do right now that will be good and feel good?” And if you ask that several times during the day, you (and I) might have a better day, even amid the “sucky” stuff we might be dealing with. I love how you manage to make something good happen, if only in your mind and heart, during really hard times. Thanks for sharing your morning walk with us! Love to you <3

    • It’s interesting, Jean, that a reader commented on FB she was surprised I was texting, and she didn’t read past that. But, when I explained I was using my phone to take photos, so that’s why I saw a text come through, and that when I saw it was my daughter, it felt like a blessing to ‘walk and talk with her’, her thoughts changed and she told me she was glad to drop the judgment she was feeling….and here you are commenting you love that I was walking and texting with Kait!! Ha. My heart guidance in that is not to let outside opinions affect the quality of what I feel (or felt) in an experience. :)

      Thank you for the encouraging words! If you use this ‘what can I do right now that will be good and feel good’, I hope lovely energies and experiences flow through for you!

      Love to you!!

      Much peace,

  4. I loved going on this walk with you. And sharing your process literally and figuratively as you walked along. I especially appreciated your acknowledgment of being present for whatever is arising — the good, bad, and ugly. We so often tend to give appreciation for the good stuff, and to reject or ignore what we might label as “bad.” But it’s all here to be allowed and experienced. So thank you for that. You are one of the most emotionally honest people I have ever encountered. What a model you are for the world.

    • Thank you for going on this walk with me, Galen!! Thank you for the kind words! It’s great to be reminded that there are people, like yourself and many who read my blog, who appreciate peace and joy and love and practice being in, and celebrating, life in similar ways. Thank you for the heart-smile this morning :)

      Much peace,

  5. Aloha Joy,

    I loved being part of your walk / prayer / practice. I’m inspired by how you do this and I’m taking away inspiration to help me be more present in the moment too.

    It’s not super hot everywhere in Hawaii, there’s always the dry side and the rainy side, and some places can be more in the middle. Perhaps you’ll find another place that feels more comfortable to you.

    • Aloha, Sandra :) Thank you for being part of my walk!

      I noticed this morning, with the hurricane news, that I wasn’t aware of how populated O’ahu was – what a drastic difference between this island and the others! So, it now makes logical sense why I feel unsettled since so many variables differ here from what I enjoy and prefer in life. That understanding brings a bit of peace to it all (because not knowing why I felt so unsettled was a source of emotional pain for a bit). Comfort is a really big thing for me, right now, especially since I’m healing from PTSD from spring, so I’m working on different ways to fold the energy into each day (since it’s not currently part of my physical experience, so naturally and easily as it was before I moved).

      Blessings to you!

      Much peace,

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