“Divine Love with Skin on”

“…..As a radical act, I will not give up. I will be divine love with skin on.” – Anne Lamott

The quote is from (what I think is) a beautiful post that Anne Lamott shared on her Facebook page, yesterday (which might be a different day as you read this). A dear Facebook (and life) friend posted Anne Lamott’s writing, which was one of the first things I read this morning.

I find it heartening.

That Anne Lamott wrote something so beautiful. That my friend posted it. (I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who believe in, celebrate, and are, the energy and power of love!) That I read it. (I could have read anything else in the day.) That it reminded me of why I’m here and what I feel my purpose is, on a day I need reminding.

I promised myself I’ll focus on everything that feels heartening today. I need that focus to balance out what felt dis-heartening this past week. 

I shared it on my social media pages, along with this:

“I’m all for this kind of radical act!! Amen. Aho. May divine love touch you and move through you (if you wish) as daily life unfolds <3

True story *grin* I took this photo in the floral department of the grocery store.”

I’m sharing this with you, here, via my Facets of Joy site because if you are a reader of my work, you are likely a heart-centered, compassionate, and empathic or intuitive person and it might be that the energy in the photo, the quote or my words touches you in an encouraging or inspiring way (I hope it does! – that’s the motivation for sharing anything I do!).

As I write this, right at this point, I received two phone calls with news that feels shocking to me. Right after I wrote about *my need to focus on what is heartening*. Right after sharing the above quote on social media. So, this is my opportunity, then (two of them!) to *be divine love*. To myself, and through these experiences.

I now absolutely feel like the above quote was something I was meant to see, my ‘divine’ heart guidance from Universe, perfectly placed in a way I could well receive. 

Because of that feeling, I’m going to finish writing this, and keep on with my day, being present with, and to love, and allowing source energy to weave through it all, noticing where it’s weaving and how it feels as it does.

It would be understandable if I decided not to finish writing, or to ignore what I had planned to do (which really can’t be ignored too long, because it has to do with packing to move in seven days!), but I think divine love is asking me to remain present to my ‘focus on what is heartening’, while holding space for what is not as it unfolds simultaneously.

I also took this photo at the floral department. You can see the lovely rose that caught my attention and is the ‘star’ of the first photo.

I didn’t ‘need’ the bouquet of roses, so they remained at the store, and their beautiful energy stays with me, and ripples out to all of you (who are open to it!).

So many symbols of love in this short post! May the one/s that are meant to, touch you in the most perfect for you way!

Blessings and love <3

Much peace,


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