28 Days of Connection: A Celebration of Love


A Complimentary Series

You may join in year-round

You and I share a common heart-wish: to experience the energy of love in enlivening, enriching ways.  

Our definitions of love may vary. Our expressions of love may vary.

Some moments are easy to live life through heart space – centered firmly into love.

Some moments we may be hesitant to live through heart space – it feels raw, tender, gritty and we don’t wish to open through that.

We come to this space of connection willing to explore the energy of love. We don’t have to “believe in love”, but we may….and we certainly want to.

Or we wouldn’t be reading a page called “28 Days of Connection: A Celebration of Love”.

The Energy of Love

I understand fully that Love doesn’t hurt. Fear might come in, patterns that aren’t conducive to cultivating Love might arise and disconnect happens. We often blame Love but actually, Love is an infinite energy – always available for us to tap into. We choose to open or close to it.

If we walk together we will have the opportunity to explore depth and range we might not otherwise have chosen. When we get to a potentially vulnerable space, we can encourage each other to keep walking. 

Your presence matters within this celebration. I want to hear what you think about each message that my peers share. I want to know your experiences. I want to feel all that you wish to share. I want you to feel the connection with each participant and their reflections….to feel all that you wish to feel as *your heart* opens, with Love.

The action of connecting with love, daily, amplifies the energy of love. By simply choosing to be present, we are amplifying Love – together. We are ‘being the change’. 

Thank you for choosing to be the change!

Series Format and Registration

This series is complimentary.   

You will receive one email per day at 1a (pst) for thirty-three consecutive days (there are 5 bonus messages in this series).

You may register at any time throughout the year.  You will receive your first message with 48 hours of registering.

I invite you to get cozy, take an energetic seat next to me, and let’s connect – with love. To ‘reserve your chair’, please complete this form:

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Support the Contributors

The energetic integrity of this exploration is significant to me. As a heart healer, I know that trusting me to guide you down a heart path is *huge*. 

I intentionally chose these men and women as guides; their energy, message and life experience resonates with my own. It is an honor and delight to share their voice and perspective with you!

Please visit their sites and support their work. They are living proof that when you create (and live) from your heart space, everything truly is possible!.

Jodi Aman – Heal Now and Forever Live in Peace

Vanessa Anstee – Vanessa Anstee.com

Lisa Beck – Lisa Beck Living

Kylie Bellard – Effervescence

Maria Bovin de Labbe – Maria Bovin de Labbe

Dr Alice Chan – Dr Alice Chan.com

Satya Colombo – Fierce Wisdom with Satya Colombo

Julie Daley – Unabashedly Female

Mykel Dixon – Mykel Dixon.com

Maryse Godet Copans – BluAmaryllis

Jenny Griffin – The Power of Change

Lindsay Hinton – Soul Inspired Wellness

Catherine Just – Catherine Just.com

Navjit Kandola – Tenderlogic

Carolyn Kirk – Walking Barefoot

Tanya Levy – Heartlady (on Facebook)

Brian Lottman – Wander for Truth

Jan Lundy – Awakened Living

Romy Maillard – Diva Mystic Magazine.com

Becky McCleery – Raising Loveliness

Vivienne McMaster – Vivienne McMaster.com

Sandra Pawula – Always Well Within

Sas Petherick – Sas Petherick.com

Anne Sophie Reinhardt – Make Peace with Food,Your Body and Your Self

Mia Saenz – Mia Saenz.com

Tracey Selingo – Woo Your World

Alisha Sommer – Alisha Sommer.com

Vironika Tugaleva – Heal Your Mind and Discover Your Inner Strength

Vidya Sury – Collecting Smiles


Your presence is vital to the energy and quality of this celebration! I appreciate your choice to be present and I look forward to spending the month together!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish