A Daily Whisper

Your heart whispers long to be heard.

When you listen to your heart whispers,

they gently nudge you to 

experiences full of depth and genuine connection.

“A Daily Whisper” is an invitation to explore the overflowing abundance in this moment.

As in the example above, I combine my original photos along with a short “whisper”.  You may use these prompts as you wish: meditate with, reflect upon, journal to, begin a conversation with another.

Whispers are complimentary and infinite (until you choose to unsubscribe). You will receive your first whisper within 48 hours of subscribing.

Whispers are shared once a day, mid-morning.  A burst of refreshment in a sea of noise.

“When I see “A Daily Whisper” in my inbox, I feel my body start to smile.  It’s a gentle, warm response to what will be a beautiful affirmation of how I am choosing to live my life.   It’s a daily calling to nod my head and open my heart to Love.” – Jan Grant

“I love to receive “A Daily Whisper” each day.  It is the first email I open each day. The pictures are so lovely and the words always fit the picture.  I save the email and go back to it for a quick pick-me-up.   Thank you for sharing this little moment of grace.” Tracy Folz 

While many of you might have experienced my guidance in an e-course; my role in this forum is simply to provide the daily photo and affirmation.  I offer my presence to receive  reflections from you that you would like to share, but I do not offer specific guidance through these whispers.

I look forward to amplifying infinite possibility together!

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Much peace and abundant love,