A Power Prism: Reflections of Source


My focus word for 2013 is *collaborate*.

My affirmation is: life is a collaboration with love.

I understand fully that my purpose in life is to be–and reflect–love and light.  I also recognize that collaboration amplifies that reflection.

I know that there are numerous eBooks available from various bloggers. yet few (if any) are available as a collaboration within a specific blogger’s community.  As one who tends to create in unconventional ways, I thought it would be wonderful fun to create an eBook with my Facets community. 

I asked two questions:

May you share with us a bit about what would you consider is the source of your power? And, what practices do you currently use to cultivate that power?


When doubt surfaces (does doubt surface?) what resources do you rely upon as you continue to  create? 

My role was to curate the messages, weave energetic applications and affirmations through the eBook, and prepare the site to launch our first ever Facets of Joy community Ebook!

The bulk of the content of this eBook is from the members of the Facets of Joy community. 

(And, I would love if my peers created a similar project with their community–if you do, please email me the link to your ebook and we will include it on this page in the media section).

An Excerpt

The Cherished Path by Tanya Levy – writer

Some days I clean and clear
To keep the ghosts away
Each speck of dust released
Tenders them at bay

Other times I write
A poem or a song
To keep my step joyful
All the daylong

Every day starts with
Pen to paper
Prayers of gratitude escape my lips
Quiet meditations to taper

I get my power
By what I see and know
On good days I trust
These signs to flow

Sometimes I stutter
The knowing is slow
On those days I paint, I write
I seek my Muse to show

Once I step foot
On that faith path to Source
I put my hand forward to touch
The great mystery of Life’s resource

I seek an opening, a window
When I stand at the wall
That all this sacrifice will pass
Treasures of presence befall

I hear blessed sacred offerings
I seek light to shine once more
My humble, human fears grow silent
I reach out to explore

This cherished path I follow
To look within and without with love
Each time I begin again
Is well worn from above.

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The Facets of Joy Contributors to the Book

My heart is full of gratitude for the entire Facets community!  

This community is an amazing group of diverse dreamers, do-ers, thinkers, inventors, creators, and explorers. 

When I posed these questions to this community, they responded with enthusiasm.  The following is a list of members who chose to submit direct messages for this eBook project:

Renee Avard

Suzie Cheel

Kristen D

Ricky Ferdon

Jan Grant

Tanya Levy


Anne McCarroll

Katy P.

Jean Sampson

Mignon Supnet

Vidya Sury

Brad V.

Todd Owen Waldorf

Molly Yarrington

Reviews and Press:

If you write about this eBook through your site, or choose to create a similar project within your community, please email me the link to your article and I will include it here.

A Power Prism – Free Ebook – Happiness is the Natural State – by Ricky Ferdon

Facets of Joy releases A Power Prism – Reflections of Source – Books, Blogs, and Bits by Mignon Supnet

Postponing Joy by Vidya Sury (oh my goodness,  I cried when I read this…a beautiful tribute to love and life!)

Collaborative eBook Project with Facets of Joy Community – This Magic Place – by Molly Yarrington

Paradise Found by Vidya Sury

Much peace and abundant love,


 Reminder:  Linger.  Savor.  Relish

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  1. I am so excited to see this! Yes, collaboration envelops all the love we can garner for happiness in our lives. I’ll be writing a post tomorrow (Jan 1) and will showcase this :-) Thank you Joy! Hugs and looking forward to 2013 with you!

    • Thank you, Vidya, for your participation within this community, and the beautiful message you shared in this eBook!

      “Collaboration envelops all the love we can garner for happiness in our lives.”—What a powerful affirmation!

      Happy 2013…with love and gratitude…

  2. Dear Joy,

    Community and collaboration are truly both gifts. Each day I am reminded that we are not lone islands. We are each connected and if we allow for the sharing and the friendships–life can certainly be more magical.

    Thank you for this community you’ve brought together.

    :) Mignon

    • What beautiful words, Mignon!

      I love the feel of this: *if we allow* for the sharing and friendships…life can certainly be more magical. We ‘control’ the depth and range of each experience, the overall feel, with our willingness to open to it.

      Thank you for your presence within this community!

  3. Hi Joy,

    I’m coming here from Vidya’s place to check out your ebook as I have no doubt about its content as Vidya recommended to all her friends :)

    Thank you so much and I’m very grateful for all of your generous hearts :) Collaboration has such a POWER with the love and kindness.

    Wishing you Happy and Prosperus New Year filled with much more Success and Love :)


    • Welcome, Mayura, and thank you for your kind words!

      Vidya is wonderful in all ways…I love her message and her spirit :)

      This is a wonderful affirmation: “Collaboration has such a power with the love and kindness”!

      Thank you for your wishes…I wish for you the feel of abundance and peace as you move through World creating and connecting :)

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