Add Your Intention to this month’s Energetic Intention Circle


Thank you for choosing to participate in this month’s online energetic intention circle!

Here are the suggested guidelines for creating an energetic intention (also found on the circle ‘information’ page).

To begin:

May you find a comfortable space, either inside or outside.  If it is possible, may you bring light into the space– by either lighting a candle, looking at a radiant photo, or looking at the sunshine or moonbeams.

As you settle into your comfortable space, looking at the light, may you take a full centering breath: breathing in love and infinite possibility….breathing out gratitude and trust. 

(It would sound something like: I breathe in love and infinite possibility…I breathe out gratitude and trust.).

If you may then repeat this centering breath twice.  Take as long as you wish to relax into the comfort, light, and trust.

After the third breath, as you begin to relax, may you invite your being to vision how you would like this month to feel.  Your mind knows what it wishes to accomplish this month, your heart knows what it wishes to experience...envisioning the feel integrates mind and heart so that there is whole-body unity as you move forward creating and connecting.

May you hold the feel in your mind, in your heart, for as long as it feels comfortable.

When you are ready, you may capture that feel with words, a photo, a creative expression. It is yours to hold onto and refer to as you move through this month.

To submit your intention for this month, please complete the following: 

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Please share your energetic intention for this as much depth as you wish to share. Please take as much space as you need and be as specific as you would like.

You will receive affirmation of your intention via email by the 9th of the month.

Thank you for your presence to this process!  

I am honored to walk a few steps with you and excited to see how your intention unfolds as you create and connect.

Much peace and abundant love,