Book An Energy Party

 This is your invitation to host an *Energy Party*!

What is an Energy Party?  A small gathering of six to eight friends who wish to share two hours of transparent connection.  Our combined energy sets the tone of the space and the natural flow of the time we share: enlivening, refreshing, healing, inspiring, rejuvenating, invigorating.   

While I facilitate the party, our time together is interactive.  There is a loose schedule so that participants who may be unfamiliar with an energy party may have an idea of the flow; rather than insist upon this schedule, we release expectation and allow for unfolding to guide our connection. 

We begin with a sign in and informal introduction. 

I guide the group to clear space and set intent by sharing a small, informal speech about the process of unfolding.  As I share this speech, I clear space and set the intent.

The host/ess and I participate in a ten minute energy session in front of the group.

Each participant receives a ten minute energy session, either within the group or privately.

In between individual energy sessions we will explore the concept of clarity and how it relates to creativity and the quality of  the moment.  We explore using different tools, custom to the group.

We share light refreshments.

We close with gratitude: sharing appreciation for the presence of each participant.

What do I need to provide?  A few connections who would enjoy two hours of sharing energy: laughter, peace, joy, creativity.  A small space for us to connect with each other light refreshments if you wish.

What may I expect?   A connection with the group that is gathered that will be like no other you have experienced yet..a light journey to the core which will enrich your life and enhance your friendships.

What will I receive?  Besides two hours of amazing energy within your space and a deeper connection with the people you will receive a complimentary two week clarity email session and other “freebies” as guests schedule services. 

What will my guests receive? An interactive conversation centered around “The Building Blocks of the Facets of Joy”.  A few precious moments to center and to experience connection beyond surface…a connection that may be life enriching, healing, jump start creativity.  A complimentary ten minute energy session during the party.  An opportunity for free prizes through raffles at the party and discounts on clarity and energy sessions after the party.  

How much does an energy party cost? An energy party is absolutely free!  Two hours of your time.  And light refreshments if you wish. 

How do I sign up to host?  Click here Yes! I want to host an energy party to request information to schedule your party. 

***Energy Parties are currently available in the So Ca area only..Santa Barbara county and counties south of Santa Barbara. 

I look forward to bringing an energy party to your area soon!  If you reside outside of this area, please click the above link and submit your interest***

If you would like to experience the Feel of an *Energy Party* but are not comfortable with the intimate nature, please review the causal option of a “Meet-Up”under Meet Up.  It is great pleasure! share energy together.