Connecting With, and Celebrating, New Moon Energy

Each month, New Moon is present within the cycle of Moon.

I have been blogging for around eight years now (through this site and previous ones). I love the energy of Moon so I typically write and share about the different stages of moon, sometimes sharing insight and guidance about the energy of New Moon in a specific month. I finally ‘got smart’ and decided to share the general New Moon information on one page (this one!) so that you can access it each month that you choose to! (This would be one example of organic growth probably knocking me upside the head – I needed a “bit of time” for it to flow through me *grin*)

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Understanding Your Thoughts About New Moon

We are probably all familiar with some associations around New Moon (although our associations might differ a bit). I don’t want to put ideas in your mind (because I’d like you to love Moon’s energy) but New Moon is called ‘dark moon’ and some people feel that moon has ‘abandoned them’ or is no longer powerful during this time.

It stands to reason, if you hold any of these associations, you most likely feel ‘wonky’ and ‘less than lovely’ when you are aware of New Moon’s presence. (When you are not aware of New Moon’s presence, I bet you don’t feel those dynamics, either at all or as strongly).

I invite you to examine your personal beliefs about New Moon energy. Perhaps stream out what you think about New Moon. I bet you find some surprises – thoughts you didn’t even know you were holding! That’s okay, simply acknowledge them and, if you feel they don’t fit, let them go (tear up the paper and throw it out and/or create a new thought that feels better).

If you are afraid of an energy, you are less likely to want to understand it, let alone desire to connect with and celebrate it.

As with any energy, understanding brings peace.

The Gist of New Moon Energy

In the past decade, I chose to learn about the energy of Moon because understanding her natural cycle helps me to understand natural cycles in my daily life.

Everything we create, every connection we make – follows this cycle of beginning with ‘nothingness’ (dark moon), growing from seed to blossom (the stages of waxing through Full Moon), losing a bit of its luster and breaking down a bit (waning through New Moon), then taking that energy and creating something new/fresh/different as the cycle begins again.

So you see, when we understand this, we might embrace the cycle more fully and resist it less.

Which means that we might:

  • feel ease and joy in the flow of the process,
  • trust in depth of connection
  • listen to our heart whispers more
  • experiment with creative expression
  • feel peace, in our physical body, in our home space, in our work, in our relationships, in our life.

We might blame (life, world, the moon) less and instead celebrate this precious gift of life we are experiencing.

The energy of moon teaches me about grace – the release of all that is no longer resonant, along with the embrace of all that is (eventually understanding that truly, everything, is a ‘blessing’ because it can act as a heart-opened and heart-healer, when I am centered and on-purpose).

Maybe this is why Moon’s energy sometimes scares us – grace can be a challenging concept and practice for many. And, if we also invite peace and possibility into the moment (which increases our sense of empowerment and often supports ease and joy in daily life, love relationships and manifesting), it can be overwhelming to our senses, until it becomes familiar (and fun!).

Manifesting with New Moon

Please understand that in my personal practices of presence and energy movement, I tend to create by choosing to embrace and celebrate fully (’embrace and celebrate’ life as well understanding the elements and variables in it).

I choose to embrace (create/draw into my space) by centering as deeply and fully as possible and naturally allowing that which isn’t resonant to fall away (during the joy of the center/embrace).

As far as manifesting, I truly manifest with joy. There are many techniques and practices for manifesting (and I teach an entire 4-week ecourse on it!).

The gist of my manifesting practice is to create an intention for how I would like to feel in a moment/relationship/experience and to celebrate that feeling (which then draws more of that feeling into my space).

Within the ‘complete’ manifesting practice are concepts such as understanding your patterning and healing your heart to remove blocks, as well as cleaning your area to make space for newness. For New Moon, though, I keep it ultra-simple and focus on embracing and celebrating what I ‘want’ (not on releasing what I don’t – that release happens within the fullness of my embrace).

This is how I teach and guide as well. It may differ greatly from what you understand and practice as embracing. I invite you to try it, if you wish.

The idea is that our body naturally resists newness – even newness we are intentionally cultivating. We tend to think that along with newness comes change that may potentially hurt or cause us to lose something we love. So we cling to the familiar (‘old things’) which closes us to the ‘new things’. To shift out of this natural process and feelings, I focus my attention and awareness on embracing and celebrating what I do want to experience, which dissolves fear and doubt and allows me to explore that newness with joy, peace, gratitude and comfort.

My way of releasing while centering and embracing works for me because it is gentle and not a shock to my system. It does require thought, intention, attention and awareness, which can take time.

I then celebrate my choice to embrace. Joy dissolves fear (and pain) – choosing to celebrate ensures I won’t ‘cling’ and opens the door to more possibility.

(What do I mean by ‘celebrate’? Sometimes I say ‘thank you for this choice and your presence to this practice’. Sometimes I reward myself in a simple way – like reading a few moments for pleasure, or viewing Instagram for fun. Sometimes, if it was a big embrace or required lots of energy and awareness, I buy myself a small token of my appreciation.)

I’m not afraid to embrace and celebrate newness fully, because I understand how it feels, I understand its purpose and I understand its part of the cycle of creating and connecting.

Choosing to celebrate is a way of encouraging and appreciating myself for my choice (instead of berating or criticizing myself – which sometimes happens for people during the fear of release).

Does embracing fully open your heart up for ‘more’ hurt?  Many people seem to thing so, because within a full embrace our ‘guard is down’. My experience has shown me that embracing fully allows me to experience a depth and range of connectedness that is beautiful, joyful, healing, heart-opening, magnificent – and along with that abundant blessings, synchronicity and affirmations from universe.

Because our guard is down, we are able to naturally, easily ‘draw more resonance in’. 

This, as with any practice, can be joyful and fun, when you allow it to be.

I ask you to consider that – perhaps bring it to your heart space and see how your heart feels about it.

And, please understand that when you practice embracing in an ‘easy, fun’ way, then those more challenging, sometimes potentially painful things we are invited to embrace (variables that don’t initially feel wonderful, usually around transitions and ‘loss’) won’t be as painful and can eventually serve as a point of connection/creation.

And, also remember, you may embrace/create/manifest at any time, in any way. Please listen to your heart and intuition and take your own preferences and style of learning and being into consideration.

My Personal Practice of Manifesting with New Moon

There are many ways you can manifest with New Moon’s energy. I consistently experiment with what way feels easiest and ‘best’ to me (because if it’s easy and fun, I am more likely to do it).

When it comes to manifesting with New Moon, I either choose what I wish to fully embrace (create and experience) or I choose what I wish to release (to make room for what I am manifesting) and sometimes both.

I write a letter to New Moon stating these things. I live by the ocean, so I take the letter to ocean’s edge, bury it where the moonlight hits the sand, then share gratitude for my life.

I breathe in grace, magic, infinite possibility and peace. I invite it all into each area of my life. I bless my children and I as individuals and as a family. I send that energy out to anyone who it resonates with.

New Moon Readings

I say this in each moon article I have written:

While we don’t “need” readings, we may consider the astrological energies within a reading to act as signs and direction markers, if we wish.

Please remember when practicing presence and energy movement to turn all of that external information inward, exploring how it feels to you as you run it by your intuitive knowing and your heart truth. You have the choice to integrate that which resonates and release that which doesn’t.

There is so much information out there. I recommend that you find a guide or two that you trust and that have a style that resonates with you and tune in to what they are sharing (and tune out what everyone else is sharing).

You can overwhelm yourself by reading and trying to apply *everything*. Allow your practice to be easy and fun.


One question I often receive about New Moon (or any elemental energy or practice) is can one choose to connect with and celebrate elemental energy even if they hold certain religious or spiritual beliefs?

Elemental energy is natural and ever-present. Choosing to understand the dynamics of the element is, at base, independent of your religious and spiritual beliefs and practices – and can even support your beliefs and practices.

The confusion seems to be around the idea of rituals and practices that some people use when connecting with elemental energy. You can understand the energy and how the cycle and season potentially affects you, without creating rituals or practices.

For example, you can look to New Moon and choose to embrace/create/manifesting something in your life and/or to breathe in grace, without creating a ritual or practice – your thought, intention and presence are more than enough to connect and celebrate with!


The idea of a ritual or practice is to connect with, tap into and celebrate the energy. 

If you do choose to explore and/or experiment with different rituals and practices, please remember to have fun!

Please also remember to not get caught up in the ‘rightness’ or ‘perfection’ of the ritual or practice (meaning, some people create a practice, then get caught up in the doing of the practice or feel guilty for not doing the practice).

The point is to connect with and celebrate the energy. We are completely missing the point if we get bogged down in the detail of a ritual or practice (or if that ritual or practice becomes a barrier to fullness of connection).

There are many styles of rituals and practices. Please understand that what feels good and right for you today, might feel boring or less resonant in the future – as you evolve, allow your practices to evolve,

Practicing can be as ‘easy’ as *I see you Moon, thank you for your presence* and as complicated as a multi-layered ritual involving many different tools and words. 

Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s not effective! (Likewise, just because it’s complicated, doesn’t mean it’s better.)


Thank you for reading through this information!

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